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At least $300,000 was granted by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations to Gen-Z for Change (previously known as TikTok for Biden) in 2022, for the purpose of producing social media content that would both support President Joe Biden and advocate for radical leftist movements.

This information was revealed by public documents reviewed by the New York Post.

The Open Society Foundations had already provided $5.5 million to Accelerate Action Inc., another nonprofit dedicated to helping citizens organize politically, especially within minority communities, in 2020 and 2021.

According to the latest publicly available tax records, Accelerate Action was the only nonprofit to donate funds to Gen-Z for Change, an organization that uses social media platforms to drive progressive change and promote causes such as climate justice, workers’ rights and economic justice, gender equality and reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, Indigenous rights and racial justice.

Gen-Z for Change is strongly advocating for universal health care, eliminating medical debt, instituting red flag laws pertaining to firearm ownership, and banning voter ID laws.

They are also in favor of granting asylum to all refugees, abolishing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, defunding the police, ending cash bail, and opposing conservatives’ attempts to prohibit critical race theory curricula from public schools.

“Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin created a tipline for teachers, including ‘critical race theory,’ in their curriculum. Critical race theory, a sociological framework, is weaponized by Republicans to sensationalize a huge nothing-burger. Simply put, Republicans do not want an accurate depiction of race relations in the United States. So, to avoid making teachers’ jobs more difficult, and to troll bigoted Republicans, we created code that people could use to spam the tiplines with lyrics of songs or whatever they imagined,” the group boasted.

Last year, Biden’s administration informed Gen-Z TikTok users about the United States’ endeavors in Ukraine, and they were invited to the White House to observe Biden sign the Inflation Reduction Act. However, it is unknown how this group has spread out Soros’ resources according to The Post.

Upstate New York Republican Representative Elise Stefanik mentioned to the outlet that, “George Soros is financing the next generation of far-left activists on a platform that is under China’s Communist Party.”

The Open Society Foundations emphasized their commitment to promoting civic participation by asserting that “more, rather than fewer, voters, including among younger and historically marginalized communities” should be empowered through free and fair elections.

Despite multiple requests for comment from the Post, Gen-Z for Change’s founder Aidan Kohn-Murphy did not respond.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • This man is the Anti-Christ and Joe Biden is Satan’s disciple. he follows his orders from this guy and the WEF, Klaus Schwab. All of them need to go straight to hell

  • Why do we tolerate this NAZI in Our Country besides the MONEY he gives to the Democrat Party of Criminals? Is he actually a Citizen of Our Country? Come to think about it the Democrat Party is the Spawn of the NAZI PARTY so Soros fits Right In! Remember, America Destroyed the NAZIS and We can do it again! MAGA!

  • George Soros should have been in Prison along time ago for all the things he has done to corrupt government and aid in the destruction of America. He is no better than a criminal and Hitler him self. He is trying to buy his way into our government by aiding the politicians and then he has control . Rich and nasty bastard that he is should never have been allowed to be in the United States and get away with what he has done.

  • Something need to stop this , Soros thinks he can legally do thIS to by Biden’s way back as the leader of destruction . Soros is not a citizen of our great AMERICAN COUNTRY . And should not have the ability to by someone’s way into office. And he has no right to try think he belong here. Why since there are for his arrest from other country’s for him , and they know where he is why don’t they come and get him as soon as possible ⁉️

  • Do as Terrorists do, assassinate Soros by a highly skilled Snipper or bomb his home, someway he and his Son should be publicly hung and have their heads cut off.
    Soros AKA Satan and his Demon spawn Son have caused too much destruction to the United States and Constitution, that if nothing is done about it We The People will be slaves to the Communist Democrats.
    I don’t think anyone wants that except the low IQ Communist voters that keep voting Communist Democrats in power.

  • Here’s a run down of the Communist Democrats and what they stand for;
    *Authoritarian in rule Dressed up as Democracy
    *Rewrite History for political purposes
    * Change election procedures to ensure Democrat Advantage
    * Control language and thought processes
    * Need a State run Media
    * Legalize Repression
    *Create Intimidation
    *Creat Enemies of the People
    * Destroy the nuclear Family
    *Destroy traditions and customs in the Civil society
    * Destroy Capitolism
    * Support Racism, Anti Semitism and Groupism
    * Attack the status Quo of existing society
    The Communist Democrats Hate America and if We The People don’t do something NOW we will be Destroyed and We lose our freedom and freedom of speech once and for all.
    Get with it America, We need to stand up fully armed and go after all Communist Democrats and rid this Country of the Evils that’s infiltrated our Government.
    Remember, the blood shed could be theirs and if We allow them to continue then the blood shed will be ours and our children and grandchildren.

  • Soros was and still is the money and influence behind obama and FJB. He was the one behind all the illegal foreign ‘donations’ that came in by mail to the obama campaign in 2008 and other ‘dark money’ that has financed the campaigns of numerous radical leftists all across America. He is the real ‘Dr. Evil’. He is single-handedly trying to destroy our country.

    • He and everything he is involved with should be investigated and attacked and destroyed by an elate military command as if it was and invading army leave no stone unturned we must make America free from this master of terror one way or another, if we don’t America will be just another shit hole country we still have time to reverse the damage that this criminal has done.

  • Critical Race Theory is not an ‘accurate depiction of race relations’. It is theory, not history. The word ‘theory’ means an untested hunch, or a guess without supporting evidence. It is a theory rooted in the darkness of Marxism, a tool for dividing the nation by race to create a communist revolution.

  • Every time Joe Biden opens his mouth he demonstrates his inadequacies. I give our young people more credit to have enough intelligence not to be swayed by propaganda by Open society Foundations.

  • Soros is the criminal that destroyed many countries currencies and “on the lam” from France.Of course the Democrats here in America adopted this filthy rich criminal.Their party if full of criminals from petty crimes ,sex crimes and racketeering etc



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