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The tension between Israel and Hamas has once again escalated, with the recent kidnapping of an Israeli citizen by the terrorist group.

As the world watches closely, one journalist’s actions have caused quite a stir and ultimately led to her termination from a major news outlet.

Briahna Joy Gray, known for her outspoken activism and controversial statements, was fired from The Hill after she was caught rolling her eyes during an interview with the sister of an Israeli hostage held by Hamas.

In a statement released by The Daily Mail, Gray shared that she had been let go by the outlet.

“It finally happened. The Hill has fired me,” Gray said on X on Thursday alongside an image of her notice of termination from the outlet.

The incident occurred during an interview with Leah Goldin, whose brother Hadar Goldin was killed and taken as a hostage by Hamas in 2014.

As Goldin recounted her family’s pain and struggle over the years, Gray could be seen rolling her eyes multiple times.

This behavior sparked outrage among many viewers, who saw it as disrespectful and insensitive towards the Goldin family’s suffering.

Social media quickly lit up with calls for Gray to be reprimanded or even fired for her actions.

The Hill, a popular news outlet known for its political coverage, took swift action in response to the backlash.


In a statement released by the outlet, they expressed their disappointment in Gray’s behavior and confirmed her termination.

“We at The Hill do not condone any form of disrespect or insensitivity towards those affected by tragedies such as this. Ms. Gray’s actions during the interview were unacceptable and do not align with our values as a news organization,” the statement read.

This incident has sparked discussions about journalistic ethics and professionalism.

While journalists have the right to express their opinions, they also have a responsibility to remain impartial and respectful when reporting on sensitive topics such as this one.

Gray’s dismissal from The Hill has also raised questions about accountability for one’s actions on social media and in public platforms.

As an influential figure with a large following, Gray is expected to be mindful of her words and actions, especially when representing a major news outlet.

It is no secret that Gray has been vocal about her political beliefs, often causing controversy with her statements on social media and during interviews.

However, this latest incident has brought into question whether her activism may be crossing the line into unprofessionalism.

As news of Gray’s termination spread, many took to social media to share their thoughts.

Some praised The Hill for taking action against disrespectful behavior while others defended Gray and criticized what they saw as censorship of free speech.

Regardless of differing opinions on the matter, it is clear that this incident will continue to spark debates about journalistic integrity and professionalism in today’s politically charged climate.

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