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On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that Joe Biden is not responsible for securing the US border in the face of an influx of millions of military-age men from high-risk regions.

Since Joe Biden took office in January 2021, over 10 million illegal immigrants, largely consisting of military-age men, have entered the US.

These individuals are from dangerous parts of the world such as the Middle East and Africa.

The issue of illegal immigration has been a source of concern for many Americans, with some expressing fear over the reported incidents of rape and murder committed by undocumented immigrants.

These crimes have sparked a heated debate on the effectiveness of border security measures and the responsibility of the White House in addressing this pressing issue.

The notion that illegal aliens are perpetrating heinous acts such as rape and murder against innocent Americans has evoked strong emotions and triggered widespread alarm.

Many individuals feel that these criminal activities have contributed to a sense of insecurity and fear within communities across the country.

And what does the White House say about the invasion and carnage?: It’s not Biden’s job to secure the border.

It is literally Biden’s Constitutional duty to secure the US border.

“The president has the authority to do something about this unilaterally – Congress is in a divided government – why isn’t [Biden] doing anything?” Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich asked Karine Jean-Pierre.

“Why should he have to do it unilaterally?” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Jacqui Heinrich replied, “He took unilateral action before to undo [President Trump’s border security]!”


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Doug Goldsmith

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  • So Karine Jean-Peeeverywhere,said it’s not Pedophile Communist Joe Biden’s job to secure the border.???
    But, blames President Trump, for the massive influx of military age men entering our country.???
    I’m wondering just how many stupid idiots actually believe that bullshit, and how many of those dumbasses are going to vote for that Illegitimate, brain dead, child hair sniffing, Diaper loaded, destructive POS.??
    Are the Communist Democrats going to create a new Military with murdering, rapeing, illegals to kill Americans.?
    And we will see the Republicans complain about what the Communist are planning while doing absolutely nothing.!!
    We can now officially blame ourselves for allowing this to happen to our Children and Women.
    Americans have shown the world that Americans, are afraid of the criminals committing Treason against her Citizens and will do nothing to stop them.
    I won’t let my family, especially my young grandchildren be subject to such criminal activity lead on by the Communist Democrats and Rinos, I will take out as many as I can before I’m killed.
    Fuc* Joe Biden and every Communist Democrat and Rino.

    • “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”-OBAMA

      “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” — Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008

      Translated: “we have to use the correct pronouns, celebrate transgenders in women’s sports, tear down historic statues, rename schools and streets after serial thugs, vilify our founding fathers, support reparations, feminize the milifairy, allow in more illegal aliens, terrorists and Somalis and play the race card.”

      “We have the chance to do even more, but that only happens if we send Joe and Kamala back to the White House in November,” Obama stated. “So, we’ve got to keep working.”-MulatObama

      • You are so right but millions of brainwashed supporters of Dictator Biden and the DemonRats think he’s doing a wonderful job!

        • KJP is what was labeled as mentally retarded. That is when you were aloud to speak the truth. Now days they are referred to as Democrats. But their mental condition has not changed just the label.

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      • The queer that was the commander in chief for 8 years is the one who started all this BS and pinned his hopes on Hillary the pimp continuing it to complete the degradation of this country to the level of his home country, AFRICA! His plan was interrupted by TRUMP and the country had 4 years of respect and prosperity. Now the idiot in chief is letting our first black, non American president pull all the levers in continuing the downhill slide of the country. It’s just obumers 3rd term as pres but they are trying to make up for the growth the country showed under TRUMP by speeding up the destruction.

    • IMO – they want a non citizen militia so when the illegal orders come down to fire on protesting or uprising American citizens they will do exactly that, whereas a US military person would disobey an illegal order like that.

    • We must get Trump back into the White House to stop this southern border crisis. He built the wall and will finish it when he is President again.
      Biden has tried to destroy America. He has ruined the economy, the military and the border. We must get him and his crony’s out of office.

      • I agree with you 100%. Biden isn’t really running our country, Obama is. He wants to destroy our country for power and money.

    • Democrats exist in a fantasy world. Projection of their evil is a prime tenet for their goals.

    • I’m with you my friend I’m a Vietnam veteran and yes I will fight for my family and go down that way God help us ????

  • “There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration,” Biden then adds.”

    “Directed an immediate halt to construction of the border wall along the U.S. Mexican border and called for a review of the legality of funding and contracting methods used by the previous administration.”

    “Directed the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to take appropriate measures to fortify Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and ensure that the so-called Dreamers be protected from deportation.”

    “Revoked the prior Administration’s orders to exclude undocumented individuals from the census and apportionment of Congressional representatives.”

    “Address the root cause of migration: This executive order will focus on providing support to Central America to stem the flow of migrants to the US-Mexico border and provide other pathways to migrate to the US without journeying north.”

    “Review the legal immigration system: This order will work to promote immigrant integration and inclusion, according to the White House, and re-establish a Task Force on New Americans. It will also spur a review of the public charge rule which makes it more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal status if they use public benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps and housing vouchers.”
    “Biden ended Title 42, a pandemic-era rule that allowed border authorities to quickly expel migrants without processing them for asylum.”

    “The Biden administration also suspended Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, which required asylum-seekers to wait for U.S. hearings in Mexico.”

    “Biden launched a ‘parole program’ to admit certain people coming from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela.”

    “The Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to allow Border Patrol agents to cut razor wire that Texas installed on the U.S.-Mexico border, while a lawsuit over the wire continues.”

    “The Biden administration has welded border wall gates open near Lukeville, Arizona. This allows migrants to freely walk through the border wall and into the Arizona desert.”

  • And what does the White House say about the invasion and carnage?: It’s not Biden’s job to secure the border.


    Just how stupid does the WH think the American people are?

    • they don’t “think” they know how stupid at least half of the people are – the ones who get their disinfo from mainstream media outlets.

  • Charlie Daniel’s sang it like most of Americans feel.
    Listen to his song Simple Man.
    Who knew everything he sang about would be happening far worse today..

  • Mr. Bidon, who is the President today? Who has been the President for almost 3 years? You are! Mr. Trump is not the President right now, you are, and if anything is screwed up, please take the blame and more on. As President Truman said, “The buck stops here.” Meaning his desk. The people are sick and tired of a President that blames everyone else for his boo-boos, and it seems that is all you do is blame President Trump for everything, except you. I realize, that’s all you did while in the Senate, nothing to help anyone except yourself, No honest man can or is willing to blame some else for his mistakes.

    • Ma’am I would hardly describe what Biden has done as boo boos. His administration is a train wreck. He was going to address the root causes of the migration to this country. That was Harris’s job. Both are stupid and could not fix a flat tire on a bicycle. The Idiot takes his orders from somebody. Would like to know who but got a good idea. Biden cannot process what he does and says mentally. Obama and his radical cronies have used this situation to do some of the things he was a coward to try when he was in office. It is imperative that people vote and get these morons out of Washington. Time is running out to start fixing stuff that Democrats intentionally screwed up.

      • I agree with all that you said, especially about Obama and his cronies. I always felt that Obama should never have been President. I always felt his background was phony and just a biography that the Dems created. He was in the basement, then fixed up and put on the selling floor. I knew the first time I saw his face and heard his name that this was going to be trouble for the country, but I also knew that the Dems would get him to the Presidency. He is not what he pretends to be.
        He picked Biden because he knew Biden was a fool and would make him look better. Now, he is having his third term and using this useful idiot to do all the things he couldn’t because that would only make him look bad or evil.
        The American people have to step back and take a long, hard look at what is happening in this country. Doesn’t it all look and sound so familiar with what Obama was trying to accomplish. It’s more than a coincidence.
        We need Trump back in the White House!

  • No one could possibly believe the raving of a senile old poop. Next thing he will be blaming on Trump is his speech writing.

  • The person you are seeing on TV is not Joe Biden–fake Joe–actor with latex mask-signature different, teeth different, hair different, attached ear lobe–and ther Republicans know all about it from day one.

  • The focus is on Joe Biden, but the policies are coming from the Marxist puppeteers who, for the most part remain anonymous; and even if Biden is replaced, they will continue to exercise their control to bring about the NWO. Remember Rahm Emmanuel’s famous axiom: “Never let a crisis go to waste”? The illegal invasion serves their purpose very well. Random murder of innocent Americans, chaos and destruction in our cities, homeless squalor, health crises, and, of course, more votes for Democrats, have all been part of the Obama plan. Then Trump came in 2016 and set them back a few years and really got them mad. Quite frankly, I don’t think our country has much of a chance, even if Trump is elected in November. He’s going to have far more of a mess to clean up than he did in 2016, and with all of the RINOs who are on board with the NWO and will fight against him, we’re going to need to replace some of them and also take control of both houses of Congress – and that’s a long shot, IMHO.

  • I guess we can now assume that the cocaine found in the White House is being shared by several people.

  • So this is the guy that needs help walking, mumbles when he talks and has trouble remembering what day he is in?????? Get serious fool!!!!!!!

  • Biden has done nothing but give away taxpayer money on his bullshit All worthless fucking dick head Biden blames everyone but himself Biden doesn’t know anything about leadership His idea is I said you do it

  • I kept saying that Biden is an agent of Satan. People snickered.
    I have NEVER seen such in-your-face wickedness as I have from Biden and the DemoRats. Anyone who is not “woke” can see it.
    The same goes for the Mozlems and their supporters. (pro-Palestinian protestor’s).
    The same goes for the entitlement-mentalitied, whining, demanding Blacks, and their constant yap, yap, yapping about reparations and racism.

  • I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that Mr. Biden would use President Trumps speeches as his own. Why? He lost one election run for President because he stole comments from others in papers he produced. He has already stolen writings and quotes from others as President, What not steal from President Trump? He’s been doing that for years. In Mr. Bidens early years in the Senate was he or wasn’t he a member of, or very close to, the KKK? President Joe needs to retire and make a few people happy. At this time in his life, why can’t he take up knitting and rocking in a rocking chair. Would be better for his marble sliding around in his skull.

  • hmmm… biden lies again ! surprised ? chuckle !
    worst president (yes, lower case !)
    Remember, he’s been corrupt and criminal for a very long time… not good !

  • Three and a half years and Biden couldn’t fix anything that he claims is Trumps fault. Biden is a walking disaster and all democrats should be indicated for destroying this country. It’s a shame one group of assholes have that much power to destroy the greatest country in the world. Biden’s belong in prison.

  • this affirmative action press sec. needs to go, she is terrible at her job, even worse than psaki, she was only picked because she is female, black, and lesbian…MERIT OVER SKIN COLOR YOU RACIST SCUMBAG BUYDEN

  • No one but the dumbest Democrat would believe anyone but Biden caused border problem. He’s probably blaming Trump for crapping his pants too.

    • Ya every time he does his little shuffle he shit his DePends and is trying to get away from the smell ????

  • Between Biden, Obamas, Clintons and Bush American people better wake up. Biden is so insane it’s not funny. Obama with his nasty feet on the President desk giving Biden orders and trying to get his disgusting wife into the White House so he can completely destroy America. You fools out there that are too busy screaming about climate change and disfiguring children better stop your stupidity and get rid of Biden and help America be the great nation it used to be. As soon as Biden eats his ice cream his brain goes dead and stupidity comes out of his mouth. White House staff is nothing but socialist babies who know nothing about America and her history. Obama knows nothing but hate for America because he was not raised in America and educated in other country to hate freedom, white people who gave him everything he has now. Democrats are out to destroy America and with the help from the youth in America ! America’s schools system are corrupt and had installed nazis in every school to dumb down the children in America. Your children are now last on the list, not knowing how to read,write their own name, no math because Obama said two plus two is five and teachers union backed him on this crap. Now Obama has his gang of unamerican pukes are going after your children to turn them gay or transgender. Why? Because Obama is gay and he is married to a man claiming to be woman. Every one knows it but media has so many cowards, unamerican unmoral subcreatures that the people who are on the border of insane believe these lies. Good luck Americans because if you keep Biden in office kiss your life and freedoms goodbye.

  • The Biden administration must think the American public is really stupid. It is Biden who keeps the border wide open and refuses to allow the border patrol to enforce our immigration laws. It is Biden who has arranged to have even more foreign nationals flown directly into the U.S. It is Biden who is granting them all sorts of amenities and providing incentives to invade our nation. It is Biden who has suggested that foreign national should be allowed to vote in our elections. The Trump administration did none of this.

  • KJP is what was labeled as mentally retarded. That is when you were aloud to speak the truth. Now days they are referred to as Democrats. But their mental condition has not changed just the label.

  • IMPOSSIBLE! Trump SECURED OUR BORDERS! YOU Biden Stopped Building the Border Wall!!
    You flew in ILLEGALS in the middle of the night! You had people cutting the wire fencing Abbot had put up to protect Texans and WE THE PEOPLE! YOU Biden, are 100% responsible!

  • KJP please explain to me in detail a reasonable, rationale how this is Trump’s fault. Makes no sense and denying the truth won’t prove your conclusion. You are a stooge.

  • Blaming The Donald for Biden’s border situation is so hilariously stupid that it’s amusing us rather than shocking us.

  • She has a point!

    The illegal alien invasion started to get real bad under Obama.

    Then TaaRump betrayed us!
    WTF was the National Security Declaration in 2017-2018 when the GOP held all 3 branches of Government that permitted you, under law, as COMMANDER IN CHIEF, to come down hard on the illegal alien invasion using US troops? Nothing!

    Rex Tillerson was right when he called you a, F#@king Moron!
    You only built 450 miles of wall on the 1,954 mile border!
    You did not deport all illegal aliens when you could have!
    You did not go after Hillary as you promised. Instead you even said, “they were good people!”
    You did not get Russia to leave Ukraine …before …the full scale invasion happened!
    You left enough of ISIS alive in Syria to justify staying for the oil. You even said on video! …Look it up!
    You did not clean up the Deep State Swamp as you promised.

    TaaRump was then …and still is …Dangerously Naive! You vever understood what you could and could NOT do under the law!

    Vivek or even MYSELF should be President! We both understand WTF has to be done!

  • Well, we have a Nitwit who is supposed to be the President. I call him NumNuts! I hope he enjoys his ice cream as he fiddles away with the United States Safety and Freedoms. I wonder if in his lineage was Nero who burned down Rome?

  • The Dems haven’t finished with their persecution of Trump. They probably have a long list of phony charges still to be filed.
    I’m waiting for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (God forgive me). And maybe Joey would say that he was there and could prove it.
    This senile old fool is an embarrassment on this country and I’m sure Obama is laughing about it every day.
    The day Obama got elected, I knew and felt that this country and all the good Americans would be in for trouble and heartache. God help us and please help Trump get back in the White House.



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