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A Utica City School District security guard sustained a gunshot wound to the head on Saturday in Utica, NY.

While attempting to intervene in an altercation occurring in the Proctor High School parking lot during a football game, he was shot and is currently reported to be in critical but stable condition.

WKTV Channel 2:

UTICA, N.Y. — Utica Police are aware of a video circulating on social media of the shooting at Proctor High School’s first football home game on Saturday afternoon.

It shows a school district security guard trying to break up a fight outside the game in a school parking lot off of Tilden Avenue.

“Shots rang out, and there was a Utica City School District employee, security officer, that was shot in the back of the head,” says Utica Police Chief Mark Williams.

Worried parents, whose children called them from the game, rushed to the school to pick them up.

There, they found an endless line of police cars.

Eight security guards and four Utica police officers were on duty at the game. The guards had intercepted a group of individuals whose behavior was deemed suspicious, attempting to enter late in the game.

In addition, metal detectors had been set up as an extra precaution; however, the shooting occurred in the parking lot. To date, no arrests have been made, though law enforcement personnel are pursuing several leads.

Watch the news clip:

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  • “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget GOD.” Psa 9:17 KJV CAN’T PEOPLE “SEE” that this nation and this world will NOT survive w/out the ONE thing that the govt’s of this world have KICKED out of schools and Govt buildings and our world around us! There is NO thought of GOD/Jesus in their thoughts! Yet, HISTORY proves HE is the ONLY way out of trouble ! The only way to peace on this Earth!

  • Apparently, bible-thumpers speak only to other bible-thumpers, as I haven’t memorized the passages they reference and have no desire to do so. What I DO know is that, absent criminal provocation, shooting people in the back of the head isn’t considered courteous behavior and may be interpreted as unlawful.

    As for peace, I’d note that of the four traditional professions, only one, the warrior, is willing to hazard his life and that of others to attain the objective of making his profession unnecessary. The others (medicos, religious clerics, and practitioners in the legal field) merely assure their continued necessity, at no hazard to themselves or their subordinates.

    De Oppresso Liber

  • Tragic & horrible. HOW did this happen since NO-ONE in NY is allowed to carry? Oh wait,they are ILLEGAlly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why I LEFT NY!



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