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On Tuesday, Hamas authorities reported that Israel had allegedly bombed the hospital and killed more than 500 people, yet no evidence has been presented to substantiate their claim. Consequently, Tlaib’s reaction appeared to reflect pro-Hamas propaganda instead of being based on factual evidence.

“Israel just bombed the Baptist Hospital killing 500 Palestinians (doctors, children, patients) just like that,” Tlaib reacted.

It has been confirmed that Israel did not bomb the hospital as previously thought. In reality, a rocket launched by terrorists in Gaza fell into a parking lot at the hospital compound and resulted in fatalities.

There is no evidence of the casualties reported by Hamas. Furthermore, it appears that the hospital sustained minimal structural damage, if any at all.

When asked to retract her unfounded allegation on Wednesday, Representative Tlaib declined to comment and refused to accept responsibility for her inaccurate statement.

“I just asked @RashidaTlaib multiple times why she hasn’t deleted this tweet—and whether she has seen evidence that refutes it. Rep. Tlaib refused to say anything as she rushed from the House floor to a car waiting to pick her up outside the Capitol building,” reported John McCormack of the National Review.

“Tlaib wouldn’t respond just now when I asked if she had considered taking this post down, after Biden said he believes Israel didn’t bomb this hospital,” reported Max Cohen of Punchbowl News.

Unfortunately, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has not retracted her claims, despite American intelligence confirming that Israel did not strike the hospital.

In fact, on Wednesday she reiterated her allegations. Conversely, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who had also blamed Israel for the bombing of the hospital, retracted her accusation later on Wednesday evening.

However, she shifted responsibility to the Associated Press for her conclusion. The AP report which Omar referred to as a source of information was from the Gaza Health Ministry which is under Hamas’ control – a fact that Omar likely knows.

ICYMI: Ilhan Omar Claims 10 Year Old Photo From Syria Is of ‘Hundreds of Dead Palestinian Kids’

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Take the Squad, put them in the Gaza Strip and leave them there. Maybe the. They will see the truth that Hamas are the terrorists. And put their children there also. See how these nasty unreal people are and maybe they will survive the bombings

  • Tlaib is a flaming rag head. She needs to be deported as a terrorist and a danger to Americans. The people who voted for her should be sent along with her. Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

    • Deported sooner as opposed to later. This is the scum currently destroying our nation. Her people were “invited” into our nation when Obama reigned. Now we are suffering the consequences from these primitives who will never assimilate and merely lead to our destruction.

    • Minnesota and Michigan have large numbers of these of those same Bloodlines and IDEOLOGY as Tlaib. There are places in those States where American citizens cannot go without being beaten and robbed. Many refugees and many on full welfare and many scams of Government largesse.

  • Why in the name of common sense, is this malfunctioning hateful, anti Israel bigot able to hold any political office in our Country?

    • The better question is why did leftist ijits decide we needed to allow any of the practitioners of that ideology to enter the US for purposes of residency after over an 150 + yr ban?

  • What the hell is going on here? Who the hell is telling the truth? Well, the main stream conspiracy news media is definitly lying to us, that much is certain. The main stream conspiracy news media is owned by the banksters who are hell bent on destroying this nation. They are dividing this country with thier lkies and disinformation. I am amazed at how many people are sucked into the lies. Why do so many people believe everything they say? Can some one explain that to us? The truth is out there and is just a keystroke away. How about trying “”. Or are you afraid of the truth?

    • Your website even blames Israel for destroying the hospital. you are no better than she is. you are just a rabid anti-Semite who is pretending to be against the IslamoNazis.

      You are no better than the “Squad”. if there was any justice, the Squad and its associates would had never even reached this far, plus I-Slamic mosques would all be on watch, Ilhan Omer would had never been able to come to the US as her background would had been exposed

      Do you really hate Jews/ Israel so much?!

  • Congress needs to EXPEL these anti-American squad fraudsters, rescind their citizenship and EXILE them to Gaza; let them join Hamas and enjoy the same elimination process that gang of heathens receives,

    • Talib is a US citizen by birth so she can’t be deported. Omar can, and should be deported. Talib might be leaking information to Hamas, in which case she can be prosecuted for treason.

      • Talib is a citizen, but she can be arrested for sedition had Obama-Biden 3.0 had kept the PLO on the terrorist list. she is a member of them as she once proudly stated.

        under our rule of law, she supports an entity that is against us. The PLO aka PA along with Fatah have kidnapped and murdered Americans here and abroad. Her grandfather came from Syria originally and her father supposedly was wanted for ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

        Never Forget, Never Again.

  • This POS needs to be removed from any and all committees!!! She’s more than likely giving away top secret info to hamas!!! She is a traitor and terrorist sympathizer!!! It should be removed as a cancer then brought up on charges of insurrection for leading a protest IN the capitol!!! Trump supporters get jail time for an alleged insurrection!!! Terrorist supporters get nothing!!! We learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on 9/11!!!!!!

    • I just read where Omar and Tlaib will not be permitted to sit in on discussions and all that is planned involving this War in the Middle East. They both should have their citizenships removed for their vile lies and rabble rousing and waving the Despicable Palestinian flag. They could put our Naval ships in great danger, along with our brave military on board these vessels. The Perverts of Hamas need to be sent to Allah and the 76 Goats for the perverted Murders they caused, killing innocents in their beds and the babies they murdered and then beheaded.

  • They are an open cancerous sore on our nation. They are nothing more then enemies of the U.S. stationed within our capitol. They should be jailed for insurrection just like the people on Jan 6th. Stop with the double standards.

  • These anti-semantic official’s who spew their hateful rhetoric must be censured and removed from their elected position by being charged with sedition and hateful lies.

  • She’s nothing more than a Fu**ing Muslim POS liar as all Muslims are.
    Not to be trusted, just like the Muslim lieing homosexual Barack Obama.
    They teach hate towards America, and Isreal, to all Muslims right here in America, and our joke of Communist Democrats allow this to happen.

  • Nothing new….just a lying Muslim being the trash they are. In case folks don’t know Muslims can lie to nonbelievers at any time.

  • An honest person confronted with the fact they had been illegally slandering a nation and its people would do the responsible thing and correct themselves and apologize for the mistake. A corrupt lying partisan zealot with no integrity would take the Tlaib way.

  • Radish Tlaib should resign from Congress and return to her revered homeland as a show of solidarity and to demonstrate her sincerity.

  • Question: What would have happened to Trump if he had stood outside the Capitol and made the same pro-Palestinian/anti-Semitic remarks Rashida and several other members of the squad have made over the last week?

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  • Rashida Tlaib should not be allowed in the US Congress. She is not qualified. She is a TERRIORIST!!! Why does she live here when she hates the USA?

  • This is a problem WE have we are the only country allowing foreigners into our Government and into our Congress WHY? Like the “ Squad” as they’re called are really dumb!! When theses people come to the United States, and become citizens The leave their Country Why? When you come here you’re “American” you go with our laws and our customs. Don’t change our Country because yours did work. You can always go back.
    I fought for my country did you NO! All they know is Talk about Bull Crap!



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