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The 2024 Presidential race is already heating up, and it looks like the Democratic Party may be starting to doubt Joe Biden’s candidacy.

According to CNN, top-level party officials and donors are growing concerned about Biden’s slow campaign pace, and they’re even reaching out to possible replacement candidates who they feel can better defeat the 2024 GOP nominee.

Polling shows that former President Trump will likely win the Republican primaries for a third time in a row – but is his opponent ready?

Biden has said that he will be running for re-election in 2024, but some Democrats fear that his heart isn’t really in it anymore. He has been struggling with fundraising from both large donors and grassroots Democrats – something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by party members.

As one senior Democrat told CNN: “It’s a crapshoot, this election, and when it’s a crapshoot, you have to do everything possible. It cannot be done when the guy’s 80 years old and has his day job.”

Age has always been an issue for Joe Biden on the campaign trail. He was 77 during his 2020 run against Trump; if he were elected this year he would already have become the oldest president ever sworn into office at 78 years old.

With three years of aging between now and 2024, many Democrats worry that Biden won’t have enough energy or stamina to face off against Trump again (should he choose to run).

This concern seems legitimate considering what we know about the four years under Trump’s leadership. Politics aside, there’s no denying that Donald Trump moves fast with no signs of fatigue or aging.

Compared to the Donald, Joe Biden seems much slower paced – especially after all these months of dealing with multiple scandals, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, Covid 19 lockdowns, starting a new war and lots of vacation bicycle ‘rides’.

There is speculation that Biden may only be running just so other potential candidates don’t have too easy of a time winning over Democrat voters right away, almost like he knows he doesn’t stand a chance against someone like Donald Trump (who would hope for an aged opponent).

There is even talk among some Democrats about waiting until after November 2023 (when Biden turns 81) before announcing another candidate at all, making sure their final choice can bring something new to the table while also being able to keep up with any surprises thrown at them by Republicans.

But whether or not you believe Joe Biden can handle running another presidential race come 2024 is besides the point, what matters now is how seriously other potential Democratic nominees should take their chances if they want any chance of competing against Donald Trump in yet another election season.

Despite what CNN reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere thinks about this being “conspiracy thinking,” it looks increasingly likely that someone else could soon replace Joe as head of the Democratic Party ticket – so watch out folks.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Communist China Joe should have never been brought into the 2020 election even though the Communist Democrats and Rinos stole the election, from day one Biden has shown just how incompetent and very stupid the Communist Democrats really are and since day one the whole world has been laughing at America and making jokes.
    Only the dumbest brain dead morons in America will continue to vote Dumbasscrap in 2024.
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  • Hell, Biden didn’t have enough energy to face off against Trump in he last election much less the next one. If you remember right he hid in his basement to campaign while Trump hit the road and made stops all over the nation to over capacity crowds that were sell outs. Millions of MAGA hats were given out, did you ever see any form of Biden hats being given out, The Democrats already had the cheat process in before the election even took place and protected the accused rapist, pedophile, corrupt, demented old fool by keeping him in the basement so he didn’t make any glaring mistakes on the road, like trying to start a fight in an Auto Manufacturing Plant. This is just an Obama 3rd term to complete what he couldn’t destroy in his 8 years in office, which elections are now under scrutiny as well. Remember Obama is neither black nor white, Christian nor Muslim, Natural born or not, is married to a woman or not, he is an enigma of questions which have never been satisfied to anyone who has a brain and used is. Ever since Obama was in office our nation has experience the most racism, crime, illegal immigration, and softening of the economy since the 1960’s. Are you happy with the attacks on your Constitutional Rights today, on the lack of Law Enforcement by our Justice Department against the very officials who run this nation today, with the invasion of thousands per day by aliens to cross and demand our support each day, with people like George Soros who have financed and encouraged through is Open Society Organizations to soften the criminal behavior, actions, and punishments by cities ignoring Federal Laws, with soft bought out District Attorneys and Judges? If not, then lets change things starting from the top down multiple levels at election time.



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