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In a bold and decisive move, Congress has shut down Attorney General Merrick Garland’s attempt to claim executive privilege in the ongoing investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion probe. This decision has been met with widespread support from conservatives.

Congressman Bishop has delivered a crushing blow to the Biden administration and their attempts to hide behind the shield of executive privilege. This comes as Merrick Garland, the current Attorney General, faces charges of contempt of Congress for withholding tapes from Joe Biden’s interview with Special Prosecutor Robert Hur.

During a recent hearing, North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop did not hold back in his scathing criticism of Garland’s claims of executive privilege. In words so simple that even President Biden could understand them, Bishop laid out the truth for all to see.

“Executive privilege cannot be used to cover up wrongdoing,” Bishop declared, cutting through any excuses or justifications that Garland may have been trying to use. “It is not a cloak of secrecy to protect those in power.”

These powerful words struck at the heart of the matter – that the American people deserve transparency and accountability from their government, regardless of who holds the highest office. And yet, it seems that this message has been lost on the Biden administration and their allies.

For months now, Democrats have been attempting to shield Biden from any scrutiny or consequences for his actions. From his disastrous handling of the crisis at our southern border to his questionable dealings with foreign countries such as China and Ukraine, it seems that every time Biden is backed into a corner, someone pulls out the excuse of executive privilege.

But no more. With Congressman Bishop’s strong stance against this abuse of power, it is clear that Republicans will not stand idly by while Democrats try to cover up their misdeeds.

And let’s not forget about Robert Hur – the Special Prosecutor tasked with investigating potential corruption within the Biden administration. It was reported last week that tapes from Hur’s interview with Biden had been withheld by Garland under claims of executive privilege.

This attempt to obstruct justice did not go unnoticed by Congressman Bishop and others in Congress who are dedicated to upholding the law and holding those in power accountable. The fact that these tapes were kept hidden raises serious questions about what Biden may have said or done during his interview with Hur.

One can’t help but wonder, what is Biden and his administration trying to hide? If they truly have nothing to hide, then why not release the tapes and let the American people see for themselves?

This latest development in the ongoing saga of corruption within the Biden administration only serves to further erode the trust that Americans have in their government. It is a sad state of affairs when those in power believe they are above the law and can use executive privilege as a shield to protect themselves from any consequences.

But thanks to Congressman Bishop’s powerful words and unwavering stance against this abuse of power, it seems that justice may prevail after all. The American people deserve better than a government that operates in secrecy and hides behind excuses.

As patriotic Americans who vote Republican, we must continue to hold our elected officials accountable and demand transparency from those who serve us. It is time for Democrats to stop playing political games and start putting the best interests of our country first. And if they refuse to do so, then it is up to us, the American people, to make our voices heard at the ballot box.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Good luck. With all the Republican wussies in both the House and Senate, Biden and his administration will not be held accountable, for anything!

    • Well said John, I’ve been saying that the Spineless, gutless, do nothing, complaining Republicans will allow the Communist Democrats to continue to destroy America and the Constitution until the election.
      And if the Communist Democrats steal the election the Jokers of the Republicans won’t do a thing as usual.

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  • I’m 72 this month and wonder if this “country”, not really a country, countries have borders and only allow citizens to vote, anyway I wonder if it has EVER really been a great country. When I was a kid I thought the cia, fbi, congress, all of that was on the side of Americans, thought cops would protect law biding citizens, not stand by and watch the likes of antifa and blm beat and kill and destroy business’s then arrest good people for not wearing masks. Government and military are full of commies and trannies and even the party that is supposed to be the one on normals side is a bunch of weaklings and cowards.




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