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The prosecution is expected to present their case before a grand jury this month, as indicated in a new court filing.

Dave Weiss, the former US Attorney from Delaware who has been appointed as Special Counsel, is leading the investigation against Hunter Biden after the breakdown of the Department of Justice’s plea agreement.

CNBC reported:

Federal prosecutors plan to ask a grand jury to indict Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, before Sept. 29, they revealed in a court filing Wednesday.

The charges that special counsel David Weiss will seek against Hunter Biden were not disclosed in the filing in U.S. District Court in Delaware.

The filing comes six weeks after a planned plea deal for Hunter to resolve charges of tax and weapons crimes fell apart when a judge questioned its conditions during a hearing in that court.

Last month, Hunter Biden appeared in court in Delaware to agree to a plea deal offered by the Biden Department of Justice for his alleged involvement in drug use, prostitution trafficking, and multi-million dollar pay-for-play and bribery schemes with foreign officials from China, Ukraine, Romania, etc.

Despite facing charges related to tax fraud and a gun charge, he was only charged with two misdemeanors and will not serve any prison time. However, the sweetheart deal soon unraveled after the judge questioned prosecutors about it.

Two weeks after the initial charges, federal prosecutors reported that discussions regarding Hunter Biden’s plea agreement had reached a standstill.

In a court filing, they declared that an upcoming trial was imminent, and stated that the place of prosecution would be either in California or D.C., not Delaware.

“Venue for these offenses does not lie in Delaware. Rather, venue for these offenses and any other related tax offenses lies either in the Central District of California or in the District of Columbia. The information was filed in this District because the parties had previously agreed that the Defendant would waive any challenge to venue and plead guilty in this District. However, during the July 26, 2023, hearing that the Court set on this matter, the Defendant pled not guilty. Since that time, the parties have engaged in further plea negotiations but are at an impasse. The Government now believes that the case will not resolve short of a trial,” the filing said.

“Now that the parties are at an impasse, a trial is in order,” they wrote. “Venue must be proper for each count of an indictment.”


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  • Had those charges been brought against any ordinary American Citizens you’d be placed in a dungeon and never see the light of day.
    But because Hunter’s a Communist Democrat like his daddy Joe Biden, he gets a pass. A two tiered Justice System at it’s finest.
    I’m not crossing my fingers on this because I believe he’ll get off, and that’ll pass off even more People.
    We The People will go to jail with a fraction of what the Biden’s and the Communist Democrats and Rinos have done while the Communist bastards get a slap on the wrist.
    I’m sorry my friends but I don’t believe in or trust our Government any more.
    Just like comedian George Carlin once said, America has the most corrupt Government in the world.



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