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James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group has just unveiled shocking hidden camera footage in which a CIA contractor appears to discuss a conspiracy among intelligence agencies to keep information from former President Donald Trump.

“I have evidence that exposes the CIA, and it’s on camera. I am working on releasing a story that I believe is the most important of my entire career,” O’Keefe said last week.

O’Keefe Media Group unveiled the first part of their series titled “Exposing the CIA” on Wednesday.

In the video, a project manager working in cyber operations disclosed to an undercover journalist from OMG that the Director of the CIA was withholding information from President Trump.

The contractor, known as Amjad Fseisim, who holds a top-secret clearance and works as a program manager in Cyber Operations, is captured on video alleging that high-ranking officials such as former CIA Directors Gina Haspel and Mike Pompeo actively worked to prevent sensitive information from reaching President Trump, going so far as to brand him a “Russian asset.”

Following the release of the video, The Gateway Pundit’s Christina Laila reported on the accusations made by Fseisim. In the recording, he is heard stating, “The executive staff, including the director and his subordinates… deliberately kept information from him [Trump] because we anticipated he would disclose it.”

Additionally, the video suggests that the intelligence community utilized FISA warrants to surveil Trump and his team both during and after his presidency.

Fseisim claims in the recording that they have been monitoring everything.

O’Keefe added quoted the CIA contractor saying, ““We steal it [information]” and “We hack other countries just like that,” Amjad, who states he currently works on the CIA’s China Mission Center, explains how intel agencies obtain information. He also describes a broken intelligence system where “We don’t share information across agencies” because the CIA is “very reluctant” to share information with the “careless” NSA.”


President Trump was approached by O’Keefe’s Media Group (OMG).

When asked about his reaction to the video, Trump expressed dismay and scorn for Fseisim’s actions.

“Well, it’s shocking to see how stupid somebody can be. If this guy is for real, you want to get rid of him. CIA, Central Intelligence Agency. This is not an intelligent guy to be openly talking to a woman that walks up and starts asking him questions and talking that way. So he may be bragging or showing off to some young lady. I have no idea spoke, but I’d get rid of him real fast. If he’s for real, get rid of him,” said Trump.


The CIA has strongly denied accusations of withholding information from former President Donald Trump and stated that the individual implicated in O’Keefe’s undercover operation has been dismissed.

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida is taking swift action to address a concerning and significant story.

He has promptly requested the Weaponization Subcommittee to initiate an investigation into the recent shocking report released by James O’Keefe’s OMG Media Group.

Gaetz has shared a copy of the letter he sent to Representative Jim Jordan, Chair of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

In his tweet about his formal request for an immediate investigation, Gaetz said that the undercover video that was released only hours ago, “contains video evidence that American intelligence agencies withheld intelligence from President Donald Trump before & during his presidency and used Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) authorities to spy on President Trump.”

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  • This isn’t even REMOTELY how this should be handled! This is a cover up.

    Where is the investigation of whether what this guy said was true? Who is holding them accountable? If this guy spilled the beans to some woman he doesn’t know, who else has he talked to and about what other secrets?

    Again, what they’ve done is a blatant cover up.

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  • This goes beyond anything that America’s intelligence agencies has done to a sitting President.
    Jim Jordan needs to act now and subpoena the CIA director and the tapes for America to hear.
    If this is true then the CIA director and the idiot that informs a stranger of what they did must face a conviction and incarceration for life.
    While the CIA informs a Moron like Biden on confident top secret information who’s been selling Sensitive classified documents to the Communist Chinese for millions of dollars then the CIA should be defunded and all needs to be brought in through a Subpoena and questioned.
    Americans nolonger trust the Communist Joke of a Government and should defy any laws or executive orders signed by the Communist Anti-American pedophile Biden.

  • What else is new? All of this is so tiring. When Trump wins in NOvember which he will by a landslide, then he can turn this mess around that Biden has created.



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