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A gripping bodycam video from Ohio captures the harrowing moment when a police officer was struck by a car, propelled onto its hood, and fired shots as the vehicle embarked on a chaotic spree.

In the afternoon of Wednesday, Columbus police officers endeavored to pull over a 2015 Toyota Corolla that had been reported stolen in Lancaster, Ohio.

Police vehicles raced through a residential area in pursuit of the stolen car. Eventually, the vehicle stopped at a gas station and then began circling around. Despite repeated verbal commands from law enforcement to stop and show her hands, the driver defied their orders. Spike strips were deployed at the exits of the gas station.

The bodycam footage exhibits an officer cautiously approaching the stolen vehicle with his gun drawn. The Columbus police sergeant instructs the driver to halt, but she instead shifts into reverse.

The dramatic bodycam recording unveils the abrupt instant when the woman abruptly accelerates and crashes into the officer. He is flung onto the car’s hood and responds by firing 12 shots into its windshield and hood.

For several seconds, despite being carried away by the speeding car, the sergeant manages to maintain his grip before eventually tumbling onto the road. The fleeing vehicle subsequently collides with two cars stopped at a red light further down.

The driver identified as Holly Graham sustains gunshot wounds to both upper thighs and one in her lower torso.

According to reports from Columbus Dispatch: “As officers begin evaluating Graham’s injuries and applying tourniquets to each leg, Graham repeatedly requests her water which she claims is in her car’s center console.”

Graham allegedly states: “Water is best if you’re trying to help me.”

She can be heard saying: “I didn’t (expletive) mean to hit him,” according to sources cited by Dispatch.

Reportedly the 32 year old, Graham asks: “Does anybody have an (expletive) cigarette? Seriously, does anybody have a cigarette?”

Graham is taken to OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital.

WSYX confirms that “late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, Graham was in custody on a warrant from 2020.”

Graham now faces charges of felonious assault on a police officer.

The injured police sergeant was hospitalized but released on Friday. While his identity remains undisclosed, he has served with the Columbus police for a decade.


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  • Deadly assault on police officers has been going on now for years starting when that Anti-American Communist Muslim Obama was in Office.
    Those who get caught knows they’ll get off by a bought and paid for Communist George Soros DA, and Judge. But if the officer shoots and kill one of them the Communist liberal media will falsely report that officer killed a black person who’s an upstanding pillar of the community.
    It’s always the same narrative.

  • The Anti-American’s that call themselves Democrats are destroying The United States with their actions and policies, shown daily.
    The Anti-Police violence started under barry seotoro and has gotten worse since then. The Democrats support criminals more than law abiding Citizens at this point.



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