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The White House visitor logs have uncovered a series of meetings between President Joe Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, and Dr. Kevin Cannard, a specialist in Parkinson’s and deep brain disorders, dating back to July 2023.

This revelation adds to the existing public controversies surrounding President Biden’s health and fuels speculation in Washington, D.C. about his potential use of his Delaware home to conceal other medical treatments.

The most recent meeting recorded in the visitor logs occurred on January 17 at 5PM and extended for up to seven hours.

As the White House visitor logs are not updated in real time, it is possible that additional visits remain undisclosed to the American public before the November election.

Dr. Cannard brings more than two decades of experience from Walter Reed Medical Center as a Parkinson’s specialist and has been providing neurology expertise to the White House Medical Unit since 2012.

Meanwhile, Dr. O’Connor assumed the role of Biden’s primary physician in 2021 and maintains regular communication with the president.

While the visitor logs indicate President Biden’s presence at the White House on the day of the meeting, where he hosted discussions with House and Senate leaders regarding additional funding for Ukraine, there is no confirmation from the White House regarding his participation in the healthcare specialists’ meeting.

This disclosure emerges amidst mounting scrutiny concerning Biden’s mental health, particularly following his initial debate with former President Donald Trump.

At 81 years old, Biden has faced inquiries about his cognitive well-being but remains steadfast in his determination to contest in the upcoming November election.

In a recent interview with ABC, he emphasized that he undergoes a cognitive test every single day as part of managing his daily tasks and responsibilities.

Dr. O’Connor previously provided a clean bill of health to Biden during an annual examination in February by ruling out Parkinson’s disease.

Despite these assurances, doubts persist regarding Biden’s cognitive abilities. Some Democrats have urged him to consider stepping down following a challenging debate performance and an ensuing interview that did little to assuage concerns.

In conclusion, revelations from White House visitor logs have unveiled multiple meetings between President Biden’s personal physician and a Parkinson’s specialist, raising further questions about his health amid ongoing public scrutiny and political debates about his fitness for office.

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