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Many are reporting that the succulent meats served during the COP28 Climate Summit were in poor taste or even a snafu committed by a group of people who are starting to demand that the world stop eating real meat.

It was definitely in poor taste but it wasn’t a snafu. This was by design.

The United Nations has been advocating for reduced meat consumption for years and is set to publish its first-ever global food systems’ road map during the COP28 climate summit.

However, the summit itself will offer a variety of meat options such as The Hungry Hub, Philly Jawn by Ghostburger, Swaggers, and Mattar Farm Live Cooking.

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This blatant display of hypocrisy has been reported by Fox News.

According to The Business Standard, this road map will advise nations that over-consume meat to limit their intake while encouraging developing countries with under-consumption of meat to improve their livestock farming in order to combat nutrition challenges.

So, we have rich people flying in private jets to stay in luxury accommodations in Dubai where they eat high-end meat products that they want to outlaw.

Did they miss a virtue signaling opportunity? Of course. But the message from all the opulence wasn’t intended for us. It was intended for the attendees.

In short, the narrative they delivered was that there’s no contradiction between wanting the rest of the world to live in poverty while eating lab-grown meat and cricket burgers while still allowing the elites to live luxurious lives.

That message was well received by attendees and will be spread to the rest of the elites.

In other words, they don’t have to worry about their own lifestyles being harmed by the draconian mandates being proposed.

Those mandates are for the lower classes.

The elites will be just fine.

Long-term storage beef from real American ranchers! No mRNA vaccines EVER! Veteran owned and operated.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • In the Bible it says Everything that walks upright and creepest on its Belly shall be Meat for your Belly too who should we listen too??

    • Yes, and these men who consider themselves gods will be judged by God and then they will never have to worry about global cooling again.

    • Where do you find that? In the health instructions it lists foods to avoid, such as pig and bear which carry parasite eggs. Dr Hulda Clark (atheist) in the book Cure to all Cancers listed the same meats to not eat to avoid cancer. Dr Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in medicine twice, he discovered the cause of cancer. (1944) Oxygen deprived cells mutate to replicate anaerobically, without oxygen. We call those cells cancer. When they are not controlled by your immune system, you have trouble. I think toxins from the parasites block oxygen to the cells. I think because it’s more acidic. Peters vision with the unclean things referred to US, Gentiles, being clean. The idea the Messiah died to clean pigs is heresy. People doing what the Bible says not to causes disease and poor health. Same with his instructions on sex, it’s not healthy for men to have sex with many partners, other men or animals. Of the 512 “rules” for health all but one make perfect sense today with our knowledge of germs. The don’t wear linen woven with flax. I wonder if it’s a bad translation. Or if that would hold in moisture causing more leprosy or other fungal issues? I have never even seen an item of clothing made of them together today, so not an issue for me to follow all of his instructions, though I consider these health issues not like the 10 Commandments which I believe all humans are to attempt to obey and imagine if everyone did, we’d live in a paradise today.

  • The WEF, UN and Biden administration are our worst enemies.
    When our guns are taken, the America our forefathers fought for is over.

      • America, a Civil War should have already started due to the disregard/destruction of the Constitution and the Communist Democrats and Rinos implementing higher taxes, Open borders, deadly Fentenyl, Rape, murder, high theft rate, massive spending and giving $ billions to Ukraine without regards to the American people, Child sex rings, indoctrination in Schools, threatening the Supreme Court, election interference, forcing Americans to take the deadly Jab, Weakening our Military, opening America to attack, fake charges on President Trump, Communist Democrats getting kickbacks, Spending $ billions on fake climate change, Higher prices on food, shutting down oil and forcing Americans to buy EV’S and solar panels, trying to outlaw washing machines & ceiling fans & gas stoves & fireplaces, ending the 1st & 2nd Amendment, starting to rewrite History. All to remain in power.
        And so far We The People haven’t done one damn thing about it.
        The Communist Democrats and Rinos the Domestic terrorists and Enemies of the United States still have another year to finalize the destruction of America once and for all. Yes a Civil War should have been stated the day they stolen the 2020 election, and one person can’t do it alone. As an Army veteran and retired Police officer I’m ready to join forces now.

        • When will Americans say this is to much? It’s America being dismantled but by bit piece by piece. Of course the government isn’t going to take guns away in one decisive vote they know that won’t work but they can and will take away rights to anything else a little bit at a time and what kind of resistance can the average gun owner mount with a limited amount of ammunition. How many gun owners can afford to stockpile 100,000 rounds of ammunition for At-15’s and Glocks to use even then what organized group of gun owners will you join with to bout up a resistance to government overreach? The answer is none any group allowed to build any significant number of members you can bet is either operated by government agents from FBi CIA etc or has covert members in them that have infiltrated it it all the way up and down its ranks. But even if the group has 100,000 members what can they do against against and organized trained armed force of soldiers with air cover and mortars and large artillery pieces with troops battle tested in urban warfare or Airforce fighter bombers to attack Rural conclaves of any sizeable force. Thinking that We as Americans are safe from government as long as we have our pea shooters is a false confidence at best.

          • Papa, I’ll take my chances and I’m willing to die for my family and friends for freedom the Communist worthless shit bags in that shithole Washington DC have started.
            Hopefully my death will send a message to all other’s that our real enemies are the domestic terrorists, Communist Anti-American, Democrats and Rinos in Washington, who’d rather have Americans, suffer and starve while the Communist eat well and use electricity and heat to cool and warm their Multi million dollar mansions.
            Our children are in very grave danger and as parents and grandparents, “most of which won’t do anything to protect them and lay down their firearms” I was born in the 1950’s and grew up knowing what freedom was like until today and I’ll lay down my life knowing that the pain and suffering my grandchildren will go through under a piece of shit Dictatorship will cause. That’s my personal promise to myself, family and friends.

          • I disagree. When the shooting starts, we take their guns and ammo as we eliminate them. I also expect a sizeable number of current Military would not follow illegal orders. The top brass have been removed if they were Constitutionalists over the last few years, Check it out, they know they are pushing it too hard, thats why they are after President Trump he was pushing against the globalist agenda.

  • I cannot eat the plant base food. I love my steaks, pork chops, bacon, chicken cornish hens,
    They can keep their artificial garbage.

  • The UN and WEF have not been and are no longer relevant. They need to banished and /or removed. Stand alone entities that offer no solutions, only methods to enslave the world for their own benefit. Time to wake up and effect change.

  • GET the UN out of the USA and them our with John Kerry and others that go alone with the BullS@@@ and also get the USA out of the UN too the Lord Said everything that walks upright and creeper on its Belly shall be Meat for your Belly so Shut up Already we rather go by the Lord than these misfits Period

  • The American people are pansy asses. They let Biden and his disgusting party getaway with murder, taking their freedoms away and murdering babies. The liberal women are the worse. But most disgusting are the husbands of these liberal women. A bunch of cowards, pussy whipped and couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. teenagers telling their parents what to do. Republicans don’t have the balls to save America. Too many rinos and stupid women worrying about pronouns !



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