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A thief made a critical mistake when he attempted to steal a phone from a lawyer who practices jiu-jitsu at a Taco Bell on Junction Blvd.

Security footage captured the incident, showing 28-year-old Kyle using his martial arts expertise to defend himself.

While enjoying a cheese quesadilla, Kyle was targeted by the thief, who was unaware that Kyle held a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Kyle’s skills swiftly thwarted the criminal’s attempt to steal his phone.

Video footage from Taco Bell’s security camera shows Kyle swiftly taking down the thief by grabbing his head and forcing him to the ground.
In a Reddit post, Kyle recounted that the thief had approached him from behind, demanding money or valuables.
Upon refusal, the thief made a grab for Kyle’s phone.
The incident unfolded as Kyle was seated near the door, with the thief attempting to escape with his phone in hand.
However, Kyle reacted promptly by getting out of his seat, restraining the thief, and ultimately reclaiming his phone from the ground.

The defeated thief got up and fled the restaurant, with Kyle keeping a watchful eye on him. “He was saying, ‘I’m good, I’m good.’ I figured that he just wanted my phone and wasn’t willing to fight anymore, so I let him go,” Kyle recounted.

Reflecting on the incident, Kyle mentioned, “The cops never came, so if I held him there, then I’d probably still be there. I’m a purple belt, I started in January 2018. What was going through my mind was probably thinking ‘oh s**t, I need to take this guy down,’ and then realizing I could have been stabbed.”

The area has seen a surge in criminal activity, with the New York City Police crime data indicating a notable rise in robbery, felony assault, and larceny in the vicinity of the Taco Bell.
Year-to-date figures show a 42.2 percent increase in robbery, a 30.2 percent rise in felony assault, a 6.7 percent uptick in grand larceny, and a 10.8 percent increase in petit larceny within the 115th precinct.
The attempted theft at the Taco Bell is just one among several crimes occurring in this area.

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