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Tova Noel, a former prison guard implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, is now facing accusations of assaulting a fellow worker at her current job at Montefiore Einstein Advanced Care in Westchester.

Legal documents show that Noel was charged with neglecting her duties on the night financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide while in her custody.

Tova Noel was the federal correctional officer on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. (Photo: Getty Images)

In 2019, the Bureau of Prisons took serious action in response to reports that prison guards had falsified log entries to make it appear as if they were regularly checking on Jeffrey Epstein’s cell every 30 minutes when this was not actually occurring.

The warden of New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center was temporarily reassigned and two staff members assigned to Epstein’s unit were placed on administrative leave.

This came after one of the guards admitted to being distracted by activities such as “snoozing and online shopping” when Epstein allegedly committed suicide in his cell.

Mayda Roman, 52, has filed a lawsuit in Westchester County Supreme Court alleging that Noel, her former coworker and now a medical office assistant at Montefiore Einstein Advanced Care in Westchester, physically abused her.

This abuse reportedly included punching and ear-pulling, and took place in front of other coworkers.

The alleged incident was not captured due to the surveillance cameras at the facility malfunctioning. Roman claims that she became anxious and fearful after being subjected to such behavior from Noel.

Additionally, during a routine patient data entry task, Noel accused Roman– who is Latina– of racism.

When Roman brought up the physical abuse during a meeting with Human Resources, she was suspended and later fired while Noel remains employed.

Roman expressed her shock and disappointment at having been treated so unjustly by someone with such an extensive criminal past; it was only after her termination that she discovered Noel had accepted a plea deal two years prior to avoid prison time.

Her attorney Christopher Berlingieri seeks unspecified damages on behalf of his client for what he deems as unacceptable treatment of someone known for their hardworking nature.

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  • what an outrage! This low IQ ape …no doubt, a quota system hire causes trouble and mayhem wherever she lands. Now, she physically abuses fellow employees…..and when the victim seeks help, the victim is fired and the perp is retained. That’s Democrats for you. This is her reward for helping off the guy whose testimony would put Bill Clinton and his pals in prison.

    • She wasn’t smart enough to negotiate a sufficient amount to take care of herself for the remainder of her sorry life.

  • Ms. Noel is set for life….if she keeps her mouth shut about Epstein’s ‘suicide’. That jailhouse ‘suicide’ was a Deep State operation to silence Epstein and provide cover for a lot of VIP’s who were involved in the sex ring/extortion/blackmail operation being run by him. Follow the money. Did the guards get their homes paid off? College fund for their kids? Large sums of money deposited in off-shore accounts? Who shut down the surveillance cameras that night? Money talks — or keeps people quiet.

  • It would be good to take care of the safety of the victim of former security guard Jeffrey Epstein. Because her dismissal is not the worst thing that happened to her. She, too, may one day be found hanged, like Jeffrey Epstein. After all, the “prison guard” is free, he simply changed his place of work.

  • There are a few things they could get her on but that Soros bought DA might give her some kind of award for lying cheating and stealing She falsified an official log a document She cheated on her duties and she was not doing her job So she was stealing hours from the people The thing is if she lied about what she did and didn’t do What else might she be lying about Don’t check bank records check purchases and you will find out where the money came from She got paid and I am quite sure that whatever happens she will not have to go to jail She may not lose her job It really makes you feel like a true American You know you serve your country in the hope that somehow you can make it a better place to live I served 10 years in the Marines and I know there are many good people in our country I just hope when they see this kind of things you realize there is something very wrong going on in certain judicial systems

  • Could we, maybe, be informed (one day) about the nature of these “plea deals” as well as the identity of the “Law Officer(s)” involved in them – plus, of course, this “prison-officer’s imprisonable OFFENCES”?

  • We the people with one Eye and Common Sense knew the Government was covering up and Lying too for a men to say would commit Suicide and with all what he had No way! and all that went on to make it look like a Suicide is the Hillary Way too

  • What is it with all these cameras not working at places this woman is at when something goes down??? Sure, looks like some kind of a pattern to me.
    Just my opinion is anyone else think that way too. Sure, seems odd that all.



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