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Left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin has never hidden her disdain for former President Donald Trump or his supporters nationwide.

…and we all know the feeling is mutual.

This was evident again when protesters disrupted her show in Huntington, Long Island, over the weekend to express their disapproval of her.


If you recall in May of 2017, Griffin created international news when she famously participated in a controversial photo shoot with artist and photographer Tyler Shields, posing with a bloody severed head of what is supposed to be President Trump.

Griffin reportedly made light-hearted comments during the shoot, suggesting that she and Shields may have to leave the country to avoid potential legal consequences once the pictures were released.

And that’s not all.

She has also been known to suggest other ways to literally kill Trump:

Prior to that, the comedian and television personality created a satirical campaign advertisement in which she continuously instructed the then-Republican presidential candidate to “fuck off.”

Looks like things aren’t going so well for Kathy since she came down with a severe case of TDS…

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Trump needs to be President again if for no other reason than to watch this a-hats red head pop like an over stuffed pinata.

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  • I used to like her. The nice guy that I am, I’ll help her move to Canada when Trump is reelected.

  • Hey, nothing is too good for this street walking pos. (I’m sorry, I apologize to all of the street walkers out there I did not mean to disrespect you)

  • What the liberals call their “comedians”, are to normal people sychos, non of them are the least bit funny.

  • Griffin the she/male devil is starting to stink like PURE desperation. Truly pathetic at what lengths these hasbeen losers will go to just to get a shred of attention.

    • Griffin uses Trump like her mother used a pork chop! Her mother hung a pork chop around her neck so the dogs would play with her. Now Griffin wears Trump so people will pay attention to her. So sad that she recognizes that she is so irrelevant that this is the only way people know s he exists.

  • What the Hell is wrong with Communist Democrats to hate President Trump so much that they think it’s funny to stick a syringe full of air and stab President Trump several times to kill him.?
    That worthless POS Kathy Griffin must stay up all night and think of ways to kill Trump thinking it’s so funny that the Demon audience who payed to get in to see the Evil Bit**
    attack Trump and laugh hard.
    That Fugly thing looks as if her face is melting.
    Has anyone noticed that Communist Democrat voters are so full of hate that their so ugly you don’t want to look at them or is it just me.?
    It’ll be a great day when Evil people such as Griffin, Joy Burphard, Whoopi cushion, all the Communist Democrats in Washington DC, every Hollywood Communist Democrat have died at the hands of the Illegals and removed from the surface of Earth.
    Vote for President Trump in 2024 to get America back on track and Start building that wall and begin a mass deportation of the Illegals.

    • Very very UGLY woman. If that’s what she is. Or it. The only LOSERS attending her shows are all FREAKS WEIRDOS PEDOPHILES LIARS CHEATS SNAKES !!!
      Yeah, and just look at the whole DUMBASSCRATS party. They are all STRANGE looking FREAKS AND WEIRDOS !

  • Someone should do the same thing on Kathy Griffin the way she did on Trump by holding up a severed head of her but I know nothing like that will never happen.

  • Makes you wonder what Trump ever did to Kathy Griffin. The woman needs help she’s mentally unstable.

  • It would be nice if this so-called comedian skank would fall off of a cliff,……..literally. Too bad lynching is now a thing of the past. This pos is a prime candidate for a hanging.

  • Such a threat to any human being by injecting a syringe full of air ? In my many years I have read about the many wild-maniacal form of tortures levied upon most unfortunate humans . As Marc Anthony of the then Roman Forum stated : Oh judgement thou art fled to brutish beasts and men ( in this case women ) have lost their reason . OH Sanctimonious Heaven where in the sanity of mind thrives & concocts such a deplorable and demonic method of treating ANY human being or indeed even animal to such a demonic fate ? This somewhat mentally abrupt form of a human being by name of : Kathy Griffin whom I personally have never heard about might need some form of mental healing and most likely psychological assistance. History speaks for itself : “When excessive freedom of either voice or action destroys order it WILL be the passion for order to destroy freedom” . Then again there is always the possibility that this enraged form of a human being is seeking publicity for her own position in this spectacular form of neuro-psychology. None the less it has been known that wishing harm upon others has in many but many cases reversed onto the sender of such horrific wish.

  • Can’t wait to see her go bankrupt she a disgrace. Hope she looses everything she owns and has to live in the streets. Disgusting pig. Love to see her face when Trump is re-elected



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