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A Colorado funeral home owned by a married couple is facing 260 criminal charges for their alleged actions, including abandoning nearly 200 decaying bodies and misusing customer funds.

Jon and Carie Hallford, owners of Return to Nature Funeral home in Colorado Springs, were discovered to have stored bodies in rooms filled with decomposition fluids and insects.

Complaints from neighbors about a foul smell led police to investigate the property. Customers who paid for eco-friendly cremation services were allegedly given concrete dust instead of ashes.

The Hallfords are accused of using customer money to purchase expensive vehicles and cryptocurrency. They are now facing charges involving forgery, theft, money laundering, and abuse of a corpse.

The couple also stored bodies in another location in Penrose.

The funeral home had financial difficulties and unpaid bills before being raided.

Text messages presented during a hearing indicated that the couple tried to cover up their financial problems by moving bodies to the Penrose site.

One grieving mother is still searching for answers about her daughter’s body, as she hired Return to Nature for cremation services but has not found her daughter among the remains at either facility.

“They would have still had plenty of profit if they had done what they were supposed to do,” Stedman said after hearing court testimony.

According to other relatives of loved ones under the care of the Hallfords, the couple dismissed their suspicions.

When Tanya Wilson’s family received what they believed to be her ashes, her brother Elliot approached Carie Hallford and expressed doubts about their weight.

Elliot then took the ashes to another funeral director who confirmed that they did not resemble typical cremated remains.

Similarly, two other families who received suspicious ashes mixed them with water and found that they hardened like concrete. Samantha Naranjo also learned that her grandmother’s body had been abandoned for over a year.

“It’s unsettling,” she told KRDO in November, following the Hallfords’ arrests. “I can feel my grandmother’s pain and suffering. It’s unspeakable. How [can] you do this to people at their most vulnerable time?”

In late January, Jon Hallford was set free from the El Paso County Jail after securing a $100,000 bond. However, Carie is still detained under the same bond amount. Carie’s arraignment has been scheduled for March 21st.

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  • This happened in north Georgia a number of years ago and all the perps got was a about 8 years in prison and a fine. Should have been loss of all property, money, and life

    • Do you not realize that we are in the very last days of the end times? That Armageddon is just around the corner? The scriptures tell us that people will behave this way at the end of the last days, and people certainly behaving as the Bible describes.

  • There is a Very Special Section of HELL reserved for Scum like this. 1st I hope they Rot in Prison among the General Population so the other inmates can enjoy abusing them during their remaining years on Earth. I can only pray that Bread and Water is still in use at the Prison they get sent to. it would be nice to serve them 2 out of every 3 meals 2 slices of bread and a 8 ounce cup of room temperature water.

      • George Floyd was a drug addict who would still be alive if he followed the orders of the police. Defund black lives matter because they don’t give a crap about anything but themselves. Saw that one guy was burned in his own car, he deserved it.

    • Hell is a figment of false religion and does NOT exist. God would not have made a deal with Satan to torture people. God is a god of LOVE. He is just and kind. Your false religion has been lying to you my friend.

  • The name “Return to Nature Funeral home” did not arouse any questions?

    Return to Nature means LET THEM ROT!



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