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We are now just two decades removed from 9/11 and it is becoming increasingly clear that the events of that day forever changed America.

We all have different memories about how we responded to one another with kindness after such tragedy befell our country, but there are some things we did like coming together as one when needed it most which reminds me so much why this country is great, or at least, was great.

Now, 20 years later we are at each other’s throats.

A very scary event happened recently that was very reminiscent of 9/11. A passenger on a JetBlue flight that was flying from Boston to Puerto Rico for some reason became very agitated and tried to rush towards the galley area into the cockpit for whatever reason he felt necessary.

He assaulted the flight attendant and shouted Allah as he tried getting to the cockpit. Did you catch that? He shouted Allah.

The man, Khalil El Dahr, a Muslim man, tried opening the cockpit door to do who knows what.

Well, maybe there have been a lot of “air rage” incidents of late, what with the continuing erosion of basic services and steady increase of humiliating, irritating, and unnecessary covid regulations on flights, but is “air rage” all that is involved here? Might not El Dahr’s saying “Allah” in a “raised tone” suggest that he may have had motivations similar to those of another noted “unruly passenger” of the past, Mohamed Atta, who reminded himself before his September 11, 2001, hijacking operation to “shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-believers”?

Sullivan actually does hint at the possibility of this when he says that “the frequency of these” air rage incidents “can mask attempts to test the system. Sometimes those who test the system can ask to be shot in an attempt to see if they can draw out a Federal Air Marshal.” A trained and seasoned terrorist would want to draw out Federal Air Marshals, so as to aid in their future identification and neutralization.

This incident demonstrates yet again that the Biden administration is lying to us when it says that “white supremacists” are the biggest terror threat this nation faces today. But one thing is certain: Biden’s handlers will take no notice of this, and will continue to lie to us.

Can you imagine being on this flight? As I’ve thought about this, I don’t think that there is any way that I would not have rushed this man immediately. We’re not having another 9/11.

I know that being here at home behind a computer it’s easy for me to say that, but in all reality, I know what’s at stake and I don’t think I could let something like that happen. I may fail, but I’m at least going to try and save the day.

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