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In a surprising move, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of President John F. Kennedy and son of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president in 2024. Kennedy, a lawyer and environmental activist, is known for his controversial views on va–ines, which have been widely criticized by the left.

Kennedy said he decided to run for president because he believes the country needs a leader who can restore trust, integrity, and justice to the government. He said he would focus on issues such as climate change, health care, civil rights, and foreign policy. He also said he would honor the legacy of his father and uncle, who were both assassinated while serving in public office.

Kennedy’s announcement comes as a challenge to Biden, who is expected to seek re-election despite his low approval ratings and growing opposition from within his own party. Kennedy said he decided to run after witnessing the “failure of leadership” and “corruption” of the current administration, which he accused of being beholden to corporate interests and foreign adversaries. He said he would offer a “bold and visionary” agenda that would restore democracy, justice, and freedom in America.

While I personally don’t’ have anything negative to say about Robert F. Kennedy Jr., I’m certain that he won’t win or even become the nominee because of his stance on health and pandemic related positions. As you know, Democrats have bought into the lies hook, line, and sinker, and you simply can’t tell them otherwise. They are convinced that the world is one way when it’s really the opposite. They still think that masks are going to keep them from getting sick ever again and that what’s currently going around is still just as deadly as it was when it first started.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I personally think the JFK Jr. candidacy (as a Democrat candidate) is doomed from the outset. I sincerely doubt that his self-identification with Democrats (his choice), indisputably the party of chaos, open borders, Ukraine, shutting off American energy resources, reckless spending, rule by Executive Orders, on-going voter and election fraud, inflation, weaponized federal government agencies (e.g. IRS, FBI, ATF, CIA), J6 political prisoners, vaccines and mandates, the irrefutable demolition of the military readiness of our Armed Forces, defund the police, grooming of young children, pronouns, transgender physical mutilation of your body, indictment of a former president, spying on Americans, attempts to impose repressive gun control if not outright confiscation, no bail for criminals, sanctuary cities, anti-Christian, institutionalized racial preferences (employment and education) that marginalize Caucasians, government disinformation, denial of free speech, tech companies censorship of viewpoints, etc. And now at least one Democrat state is trying to legalize fentanyl for personal use. The list of horrors that the Democrat Party stands for seems endless. I doubt anybody that (by choice of political party) identifies with those values (i.e., self-identifies as a Democrat) has a snowballs chance in hell in 2024. Had JFK Jr. run as a Republican, then maybe, if not very likely, he would be enthusiastically embraced by the majority of moral and ethical Americans. I doubt that will ever happen as a Democrat. By running as a Democrat, he comes with the unstated personal endorsement of everything Democrats have done and currently stand for. Had he run as a Republican or Independent, I may have considered voted for him.

  • RFK, Jr. needs to kick Biden from here to kingdom come. He maybe the only way we have of getting rid of Biden and Harris.
    I will still vote for Trump, he is the only person strong enough to put this country back together again.



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