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There’s nothing I love more than seeing Democrats get what they deserve. This finally happened to Nasty Nancy Pelosi this week during a recent event where she was ridiculed and shouted down.

During the event featuring Pelosi and economist Paul Krugman at The City University of New York’s Graduate Center, a disruptive heckler called Pelosi a “warmonger” and a “sad old drunk” before being removed by security. The heckler accused Pelosi of having a bad obsession with getting the United States into war while she was speaking.

“You know Pelosi, that’s a very good place for you, in the depths of hell,” the heckler began, and continued to shout over the booing crowd as security quickly surrounded him to remove him from the venue.

“For some reason, you have a very bad obsession of getting us into war. Hey, why is it that you did not admit that there were no WMDs in Iraq? You lied us into a war in Iraq. You got us to invade Afghanistan. Now over 90% of those people are impoverished and are dying,” he shouted. “Why don’t you tell the truth about Nordstream? You’re leaving millions of Germans without energy! You have a knack for getting us into war! People like you should be arrested. You are a war criminal!”

Pelosi just sat there like a fool and I’m sure she was embarrassed. Wait…what am I saying? This woman doesn’t know what shame is!

“Hey, Congresswoman! I came to see a warmonger, but you’re a sad old drunk. What happened?” the second protester asked. “When you went to Taiwan, were you looking for Ukraine? Did we blow up the Nordstream on accident or on purpose? Did you know about that?”

Seriously though…you’ve got to see this:


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  • I can’t believe that there are still people who support that old, rules-for-thee-but-not-for-me lush, Pelosi.
    I will never forget what she said in regards to the Obama bill:
    “Well, we have to pass the bill first before we can find out what’s in it.”
    What a nasty, deceptive old slut.

  • I like the technique of each taking their turn and getting as much said as possible before being ushered out. There should have been more there, each taking their turn, to keep the witch silent.

    piglosi deserves so much more than just those minor interruptions.



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