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To hear the radical left talk, guns are the worst part of any society. Guns do nothing but kill people. Of course, that’s not true. However, in an effort to disarm the population, the left keeps trying to sell that bogus theory.

The truth is that bad people with guns are solely responsible for the bad things that happen when they have a gun. The opposite is true when good people use their guns for the right reasons. The left-corrupted mainstream media tells only one side of the story.

Every time some wacko with a gun does something, the newspapers, and airwaves are filled with horrible stories about how bad guns are. Rarely do they ever mention the shooter’s alarming degree of mental instability. Invariably, these people are crazy.

But rather than discuss the emotional imbalance that caused a person to commit a crime with a gun, liberals attack the gun. It’s a senseless argument, but they keep using it. The fallacy of the argument becomes clear when the opposite happens.

When a good person legally carrying a firearm either prevents a death or stops a crime, the left refuses to talk about it. This is true even when the law-abiding person stops a gun wielding criminal.

This exact situation happened recently at a small diner in Houston, Texas. Just before midnight, surveillance cameras at a “taquería” in Houston showed an armed robber wearing a black ski mask. The man was going from table to table, robbing customers at gunpoint.

Someone could have easily resisted and been shot. Certainly, if not for the quick actions of a legal gun owner, everyone would have been robbed of their valuables. But that’s not what happened on this night.

According to the Houston Police, a Good Samaritan shot and killed the armed suspect. He then collected the money from the robber and gave it back to the victims. While the man has not been charged with any crimes, the Houston Police still wish to speak with him.

The only thing the police know at this time is that the person is bald and drives a 1970s-1980s truck. The truck doesn’t have a bed. They insist the man is not being charged. Customers left the restaurant before police arrived. A subsequent report said the robber was carrying a BB gun.

Certainly, the mainstream media will twist this part of the story. The facts are simple. A masked man waving a firearm entered a restaurant and robbed people. A “hopefully” legal gun owner saved the day. But we have a hunch that eventually this to will somehow be the gun’s fault.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • If every criminal met that fate, crime would be practically non-existent. But then, wardens, prison guards, public defenders, city and state attorneys, and judges would all be doing different jobs. And let’s not forget about all those security-based companies making billions annually.

    Our home and vehicle insurance rates would plummet. Stores could lower their prices since they no longer need to raise them to cover the cost of loss due to theft. Hiring security guards would also be unnecessary – another savings.

  • Read man y comments on another site and want to say that after someone Adrenaline starts pumping through Your body a person loses some control of shots fired. I am sure his heart was pumping really fast and with one thought which was to eliminate the threat and if You have not been in such a situation ask a person that has been in it. Watch A movie where a person has had to fire and the one is walking tall with Rock where a woman empties the gun and was still trying to shoot after weapon was empty



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