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Once again, the radical left, the mainstream media, and the black community as a whole jumped the gun and assumed that cops shot an innocent black woman simply because she was black.

They were spreading the narrative that an unarmed pregnant black woman was shot five times by police in Kansas City last week while fleeing from them.

One example of this nonsense came from Torraine Walker…whoever that is. He has a blue checkmark by his name so he must be someone important to somebody.

But let me show you just how unable people like this guy are to admit that they were wrong about something.

Andy Ngo, as well as several others, tweeted him a still shot of the woman holding a firearm as she tried to flee…

Here was how this guy responded:

And yet armed Cletuses and school shooter Chads get arrested alive all the time, even after threatening cops with their weapons. I wonder what the common denominator is in those cases?

No “You’re right, I was mistaken.” No “Oops, I see that now.” Instead, he tries to justify it.

Some people are even claiming that the image was photoshopped. I guess because black people are always innocent and never commit crimes, right? They commit crimes just like anyone else does. Don’t justify a criminal’s actions.

For the life of me, I do not understand what these people really think is going to happen when they do things like pull a gun on a police officer. Do they think that they’re going to get away with it? Even if she successfully shot and killed each officer at the scene, they have body cam footage, and there are surveillance cameras in other areas, and there are dash cams in the cars. She’s going to get caught. And then what? She’s going to prison or life or she’s going to be executed.


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  • It is sad that a person has to lie and try to blame others for the lack of common sense or dignity . If a person is guilty they will lie and try to get out of the mess. If they are innocent they will not run from the police. We as a Nation have had more than our share of this same idiotic shaming of the police starting with the actions of George Floyd. That was the one thing that has changed this whole black lives matter issue. Not to mention the fact that if a criminal is guilty they will do what ever to get away. Sorry for the death of anyone but if they fight and try to get away sometimes the end is their choice.

    • I didn’t believe that my brother was really receiving money part time on-line.. their sister’s roommateS has been doing this less than nine months and recently repaid the mortgage on their mini mansion and about themselves a Land Rover Defender.
      I went here…………

  • Most of the hate comments come from the uninformed. The real problem is they are uninformed because they choice to be. No ethics; no integrity; just good demorats doing what they do best.

  • What ignorant people… 1) they buy into seeing the world through a race filter and then 2) they conclude it is OK to brandish a firearm at the police.

    They buy into the “Orangeman Bad”, but enjoy jobs and low gas prices, celebrate his ouster, and now wonder why the cost of living in America has skyrocketed, and nothing gets better for them. And THEY don’t trust the police? Heck, I don’t trust them as they can’t tell truth from fiction… they’re driven by “hate” that their leaders have brainwashed into their hearts.



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