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Katie Greifeld of Bloomberg News, whose social media bio claims she lives in New York City, posted the image, which quickly went viral.

Greifeld appeared to be filling up her car at an Exxon station, according to the image she uploaded. When the pump reached 7.360 gallons, it shut off and informed her that she had achieved her maximum fueling limit.


Greifeld, a leftist journalist, hasn’t revealed much more about her famous snap, but it’s likely she filled up another vehicle on the same day that the message was sent.

The question is who imposed the prompt? The gas station or the bank?

What’s strange is that no one has come up with an explanation.

On March 7, 2022, left-wing think tanks like the CT Mirror demanded that America begin a gas rationing program:

We obviously need a crash program for renewables, but that can’t be done with a snap of the fingers. We have to cut back on the amount of fuel we use. Rationing is the best way to do it. The U.S. did just that in World War II. The Office of Price Administration ran the program. You’d get paper cards that you needed to hand over with your money to buy gasoline or fuel oil. We don’t have to use cards now. We have computers and apps that could keep track of who gets what.

Keeping homes warm in winter and lights on at night will be number one priority. It will be painful to some. Jet-set vacations and amusements that use lots of fuel will be low down on the list of priorities. Life will change and there will have to be self-sacrifice.

How about liberal states like New York and California imposing these laws, similar to COVID restrictions? Why wait for Biden to make the first move? Are they scared?

States, like they did with COVID limitations, can enforce gas rationing policies.

But they won’t because, if they thought people fleeing blue areas during COVID was bad, imagine how bad it would be if gas was rationed.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • Let the Dimm Wits be the first in line, if this happens. They deserve everything they voted for, well before conservatives.

  • The shortages shouldn’t be a surprise. The previous administration had accomplished increasing manufacturing capacity and improved supply chains during the four years that President Trump served and he made us energy independent. The Biden administration however destroyed all the previous administration’s accomplishments and removed the executive actions that made our economy great with the obvious results. It’s not an accident!

  • THIS is A reason that our founding fathers gave us the 2nd Amendment that the Prog-Dems are about to take from us.

    • Dems will quickly find that trying to confiscate firearms will only reduce the amount of Leftists tasked with collecting them. Who’s going to do it after the first dozen or so are shot or blown up? Maybe Beto O’Rourke will come to your house. Check it out: Biden wants to ban 9mm handguns. That will make the manufacturers of those guns very happy as sales will increase dramatically. I never had much interest in 9mm, but now of course, I want one.
      The success of the government with their war on drugs should be an example of overreach. Our government made the Mexican Cartels rich beyond their wildest dreams. Now the Left is offering up opportunities for even more highly profitable criminal enterprises.

  • I hope the liberal commie Democrats are satisfied. All the last election was about getting rid of Trump, and if the liberal commie democrats thought they were getting a free ride by voting for this corrupt senile old fart politician with one foot in the grave, guess again. every ill will towards the U.S. has been intentionally caused by Corrupt Quid Pro, so if the gullible Democrat voters thought they were going to screw the Republicans, the Democrats are too stupid to realize, they are going along for the ride. This is what the Democrats voted for. They voted for defunding the [police, open borders, massive inflation, and on the foreign side, Corrupt Quid Pro’s foreign policy isn’t so great either. If one knows a Democrat, make sure that one thanks a Democrat. They voted to put America in the toilet.

    • This should be easy to circumvent if you pay with CASH. Except for filling up at Costco, I AWLAYS pay with CASH. Yes it is quite possible the pump shut off at the point that customer reached his/her credit limit.

      • Try reading the image – it says “fueling limit” not credit limit. This is imposed by the gas station. Years ago, I used to fill up my truck (32 gallons) and about 8-10 ea 5 gallon gas cans because I live in a rural area and store fuel for generators and farm/garden equipment. The pumps at some stations would stop at a certain number of gallons (not at a specific cost), but if you pay by cash, the attendant overrides this by entering a dollar amount.

        Fuel amount limit will eventually be a government mandate, much like when stores limit toilet paper, canned goods, etc.

  • And this why the Founding Fathers wrote the # 25th. Amendment to do away with Bassturds like China Joey !

  • OMG………..well….seeing the state of our president and government, it is little wonder as this is part and partial of what a full blown communist country is like. AOC and her sick cohorts are to thank for sending the USA into par with Venezuela it seems.

  • I have ran into this before. The limit is not the gallons it is the dollars. System requests a pre-authorized amount of in this case $125. Once you reach it, the pump stops. Complete the sale and start again. Back under Obamination, the price of fuel rose and the pumps were programmed for $75. They upped the preauthorized request to $100. Evidently here they were ahead of the curve and preauthorized $125.
    Of course then there is the daily bank limit on the cards. Not sure what the bank has mine set at, would have to ask. Idea is to prevent fraud and protect the consumer.

    • Replying to Ron: I agree in theory with your comments, but the $ amount on the pump is odd, and so is the number of gallons. Do it leads me to believe that either the pic was doctored, or there was a problem with her card. Now, being a reporter-type, I can’t explain why she didn’t ask the attendant to end the sale and start a new one, just to test a theory.

  • All of China Joe’s acts are nothing but the continuation of the Obutthead’s plan to destroy our Country prior to allowing the Mullahs to take it over. China Joe was selected because he was not strong enough or have any ideas on how to run the Country. For the 47 years he lived in DC he contributed NOHING of meaningful importance to improve the Country. He has been the classic Government PARASITE! Also, he just wanted his name in the history books and Jill wanted a position she NEVER earned. Citizens be damned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fu#% AOC (ASSHOLE OF COMMUNISM) and Fu#% that Communist Prick & Cheif Biden he’s not America’s President he’s China’s ally and plant. They will have a Hell of a fight if they try to take away our guns in Texas. We need to defy the Communist and begin oil and natural gas production here in Texas.. We have plenty of it enough to go around and ship to Red States only, let the Blue shit hole States continue to pay for their Communist ways.

  • Anarchy and chaos have ensued, War will ensue shortly. I, keep asking the Question, Ya’ll seen enough yet? Ya’ll know what needs to be done, Git r Dun! The Whole Global Cabal, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. NCSWIC ” Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming”, P.A.N.I.C. “Patriots Are Now In Charge” , WWG1WGA ” Where We Go 1 We Go All.” FJB, FKH, FNP, FCS, FJN AND THE WHOLE SQUAD. I’m not a BOT. I’m a pissed off American Veteran, Trucker and GreatGrandpa. President Trump’s still my President. Yahweh save our poor souls, Amen.

  • I will buy as much gas as I can afford and it’s none of ANYBODIES business how much that is !!! I will not ASK how much I can have, this is a FREE country, mind your own dam business or answer to ME, and I FIRMLY BELIEVE IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT !!! F**K JOE BDEN !!!!

  • Still think open season on the leftist, elites, Illuminati democratic peodophile b@$t@*d$ is the way to go. Taking too long to get rid of these rejects.

  • When are some of the younger people going to start standing up to the Dems? You can’t be that slow that you don’t see the EVIL they are doing. Don’t forget that God is watching who is doing what, and some will really pay the price.

  • Shows limit at 125 dollars but the purchase was 55 dollars. Maybe her bank card was overdrawn or there is a scam going on at that station. I would report it to the federal trade commission

  • What’s strange is that no one has come up with an explanation. Well most fuel rewards programs limit # of gallons rewarded discount and will stop pump when limit reached. ? should be addressed before making this a big deal.

  • They want gas prices high as a forced lockdown. They don’t want things back to normal. They don’t want you to be free. They waste more fuel and live high on the hog, but God forbid you personally want to work, go on vacation or take a drive somewhere. Wish we could bottle the air that comes from these idiots–fuel problem over.

  • We had purchase limits in 1970 as well. In order to control prices we were only allowed to buy 10 gals at a time. i traveled for a living and drove a large Buick
    V-8 getting 9 miles a gal at best. In order to visit every customer I had to fill up in every city on my route. I think the Oil Patch states should Rebell and take over the petroleum industry as a state governing project., and tell Biden/Obama their friends in China and Russia to go to Hell !

  • I remember in 70s there was a gas shortage. It was due to OPEC running out of their “easy access” oil fields and the panic that ensued. The price of gasoline soon went to over a dollar and that was a problem because the pump only showed room for up to 99 cents. Some pumps had a paper $1 taped onto the pump once the price was permanently over $1. After that cars got smaller and had better miles to the gallon. However there were no “limits” imposed. You were expected to only “gas up” when your take was near empty. It was disapproved of when people that would constantly “top off” their gas tanks.

  • This has been going on for a while now. I have seen signs posted on pumps stating that banks are putting a limit on how much you can buy. If you notice under the note saying she has hit the limit, it says $125.

  • O Great-another hypocrisy demand to save the planet from fuel. More fuel is burned when starting up than driving steadily. So now, you have restart with an extra trip to the pump. Of course the gas stations will make a little more this way.

  • All this scares me. Trump started so much shit when he was President (and before that) and the GOP is still doing his bidding. No rights for women or anyone who isn’t male, white, and Christian. Also they want to end Social Security and Medicare along with so much else that helps the poor of this country. Biden cannot undo all the evil that Russian Trump and the Trumpets have done. Also, Biden has nothing to do with gas prices or what happens at the gas stations. But, of course, all you Trumpets seem to think he’s the right hand of your god even though most of what you believe is against your Bible.



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