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Portland police were called to the area of Portland around the Capitol Hill section due to shots being fired. One person was hit with non life threatening injury. But what they found there was very disturbing. It was a bag filled with riffle magazines, Molotov cocktails and other explosives.

That is a serious escalation and could lead to more violence as police will have to protect themselves against lethal weapons from the leftists. But, it also brings up the question as to who is financing the riots? When you look at all the rioting, you have to wonder who is paying for all of the material expenses and food and shelter for the out of town agitators.

Sunday made the 60th consecutive days of riots. Mayor ted Wheeler blames the violence on federal agents who have been in town for just 8 days, so who is responsible for the other 52 days of riots? How about Wheeler who has marched with the rioters and allowed them to loot, burn and assaults throughout the city?

Antifa rioters have managed to get their hands on press passes (Gifts from the mainstream media?) and they use them to fool the police into thinking they are the press and not rioters. They are also getting more violent by the day. They are assaulting police officers who are afraid to respond in kind due to the woke mayor and city council.

President Trump has sent federal agents into Portland to protect federal property, specifically the Mark O. Hatfield building where the federal court for Portland is located. It is the only part of Portland that anyone is doing anything to keep the peace. They have arrested rioters who will now face federal charges that the Democratic DA can’t drop.

From The Blaze

The Federal government has begun a counteroffensive in Portland that is designed to bring order to the area around the Hatfield Courthouse, which is under federal jurisdiction and has served as the epicenter for the worst of the violence. Dozens have been arrested and charged by federal authorities.

Still, the unrest raged on Sunday. When federal authorities erected a fence to protect the courthouse, rioters with power saws attempted to cut down the fencing, claiming it was an unsafe obstruction of a bike path, which led to more fierce confrontations with police.




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