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The liberal left likes to try to shove their ideology down everyone else’s throat. Customarily, most Americans don’t complain about anyone’s chosen lifestyle. However, they also appreciate that they have an equal right to refuse to grant personal approval of such choices.

One of the most contentious debates between liberals and conservatives centers on “same-sex marriage” and gay rights. Again, most staunch conservatives aren’t inherently hateful or bitter towards the LGBTQ community.

Nonetheless, they also feel strongly about their personal beliefs. In America, they have the right to refuse to condone behavior they deem immoral. It’s really not that difficult to understand. But that hasn’t stopped the radical left from trying to force their beliefs on everyone else.

The left claims that anyone who believes same-sex marriage or a homosexual lifestyle is wrong is either a bigot or a homophobe. That’s simply not true. America is a nation built firmly on the foundation of Christian values.

Not everyone is a Christian, but the overwhelming sentiment of the country leans towards such. One tenet of Christianity is an aversion to the homosexual lifestyle. Americans, especially Christians, do not wish ill-will or harm on the LGBTQ community.

Nevertheless, they also believe such choices are morally and spiritually wrong. Again, that’s their right. But the landscape of our nation has changed. Rightfully, discriminatory practices against anyone because of their sex, ethnicity or sexual preference, are roundly denounced.

However, despite being given the same opportunities as everyone else, the left wants the gay lifestyle to be more than just acknowledged as a reality, as unpleasant as many believe it to be. The radical liberal ideology believes these people should be placed on a pedestal.

Even though they make up a minimal part of our nation’s population, liberals push for them to be treated as if their viewpoints are predominant. They are not. Less than 5% of the U.S. population identifies as LGBTQ.

There isn’t really much of a gay population disparity between individual U.S. states. One comparison does sort of jump off the page. The District of Columbia almost doubles the percentage of LGBTQ residents of any other state, including California.

That might seem odd, but it’s true. And that leads us to one of the more prominent figures in the country from this “alternative lifestyle” community. He’s known as “Mayor Pete”. Joe Biden appointed Pete Buttigieg as the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Mayor Pete is gay.

That’s okay. But basically, Mayor Pete has done a horrible job. All we have to do is take a look at how Buttigieg’s staff has handled our country’s crippling supply chain crisis. Mayor Pete has been focused on how the names of America’s roads promote racism. We’re not kidding.

But a recent video has emerged that shows a darker side to what Buttigieg’s true intentions might be. The theme of this video has many Americans saying, “Whatever this is, we don’t want it.” What it does, is reinforce Buttigieg’s true colors.

Mayor Pete, like virtually every radical liberal, wants to force their ideology on all Americans, especially young children. The Log Cabin Republicans of Richmond aren’t having it. What angered this conservative group was how Buttigieg and his partner tried to manipulate children.

Basically, it was creepy. Again, the vast majority of Americans will not belittle or attack anyone based on their personal beliefs. But do not try to cram these bizarre beliefs down the throats of innocent children.

That’s what Mr. and Mrs. Buttigieg tried to do. We’re not sure which of the Buttigieg couple identifies as the husband or the wife, so we’ll call Pete’s partner, Chasten, the husband.
Chasten Buttigieg, “the husband”, was speaking in front of a kids’ camp.

Oddly enough, he was wearing a t-shirt with a bold statement stenciled on the front, “Not Your Typical Gay Camp”. If that’s not weird enough, what Chasten did certainly qualifies. He led the children in a mock version of the United States Pledge of Allegiance.

Now, proud Americans would have an immediate problem with such a disrespectful act. But Chasten Buttigieg took it one huge step over the line. His version bastardized the Pledge of Allegiance by inserting “heart of the rainbow”. They pledged allegiance to the gay lifestyle.

Of course, when the Log Cabin Republicans spoke their opinion, some leftists decided to make illogical insinuations. One reaction on social media said, “I’m so sorry you hate yourselves so much.” The Log Cabin Republicans of Richmond replied, “We’re not the groomers here.”

Again, your personal beliefs are just that: your personal beliefs. But do not force them on young and impressionable children. That’s just creepy. But that has been a trend for both Buttigieg partners.

Chasten Buttigieg also attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. “The Husband” tweeted, “He didn’t care about the kids; he cared about the picture of himself with the kids. But hey, what do you expect from the guy who’s best known right now for bullying kids.”

This description of what happened at the University of South Florida between Governor DeSantis and a group of students is so wrong. It doesn’t even come close to truthfully portraying the events. But to talk about bullying kids in such a flippant manner is pretty rich.

This lame rebuttal statement comes from a guy, we think, who “bullies” young and impressionable children into thinking that a bizarre alternative lifestyle is cool. They, and especially their parents, may not agree. But if you disagree with the gay lifestyle, you’re a bully.

That’s simply not true. But when you try to stuff the minds of children with your garbage, you are one very bad thing. You’re a manipulator. That’s the trademark strategy of the left. Good for the Log Cabin Republicans of Richmond for not wanting any of it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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