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Any time someone attacks an old person, it’s a terrible thing. It’s actually bad whenever anyone gets physically assaulted. The situation is especially egregious when a lunatic breaks into someone’s house and smacks them over the head with a hammer.

It’s not something that occurs every day in America, but nonetheless, that’s what happened to poor old Paul Pelosi. Pelosi, if you’re not aware, is the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi was violently assaulted during an October break-in.

For reasons still unknown, David DePape broke into the Pelosi’s San Francisco home. Evidently, DePape wanted to speak with Nancy. She was not home. Reports say he told Mr. Pelosi that he would “wait until she got back.”

He wanted to have a conversation with her about her job performance, apparently. At some point, after the police arrived, DePape slammed Pelosi in the head with a hammer. The husband of the House Speaker has since recovered, but that doesn’t make the situation any less serious.

But other than the name of the assailant, the name of the victim, and the weapon, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding this terrible event. One huge question is why NBC scrubbed an initial report that said Pelosi answered the door for police, as yet, unharmed?

There were other unsubstantiated reports that a third person was in the home. No one has ever confirmed that rumor. But, as well, no one has ever denied that Pelosi answered the door. According to reports, he then walked back towards his assailant.

This is a strange story that just keeps getting stranger. Now, to add a little more palace intrigue to this crazy story, the Pelosi’s daughter is a filmmaker. There is no indication Alexandra Pelosi is planning to documentary this tragic event.

But if she did, it would seem logical that she’d want to see and review “ALL” of the evidence. That’s what a former girlfriend of the alleged attacker wants as well. Oxane “Gypsy” Taub told The Epoch Times back in November that she doesn’t feel things “add up.”

Taub disputes a number of the claims being made. First, she says DePape believes in progressive ideology. The former girlfriend doesn’t think her ex would harbor ill will towards any fellow liberal.

This refutes a mainstream media narrative that DePape was a radical right-wing freak. He’s not. David DePape is an emotionally disturbed, progressive-leaning oddball. His political beliefs have nothing in common with those of conservatives.

According to The Epoch Times,

During an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning,” Alexandra Pelosi, who’s the youngest daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her husband, provided an update on her father’s condition.

“He is getting better every day. Thank you for asking,” Alexandra Pelosi told CBS. “The scars are healing. I mean, he looks like Frankenstein. The scars are healing, but I think the emotional scars, I don’t know if those ever heal.”

She said she hadn’t slept since the night of the attack and claimed that some officials made light of the attack. While she avoided naming certain figures, she said that “nobody should think it is funny that an 82-year-old man got attacked in the middle of the night.”

Some insist that DePape already knew his victim. How did he waltz into a home that had to have intense security? Did Paul Pelosi truly answer the door? If he did, why did he supposedly walk back over to a person he felt threatened by?

But, like many others who are following this story, Taub is curious about the reason for the secrecy. If authorities want people to feel secure with what truly happened, why not release all the video? Where’s the bodycam footage from police officers the night of the attack?

If the story the Pelosi’s are telling is true, these items would lend credence to that story. But what if everything isn’t as it seems? That would give them good reason to conceal the facts. Does David DePape adhere to progressive or conservative beliefs?

This might prove motive. But if not, why did he pick the Pelosi house? Of course, top San Francisco prosecutor Brooke Jenkins had to put a political spin on the story, despite the real chance that it had nothing to do with the attack.

Jenkins said, “It’s very sad to see that we are once again at the point in history where people believe that it’s OK to express their political sentiments through violence.” This is obviously an attack on conservatives. But DePape isn’t a conservative.

A strange story just keeps getting stranger by the day. We smell a rat. If there isn’t any peculiar detail the Pelosi’s are trying to hide, then America should see all available video footage. That resistance shows a lot. Something is on that bodycam footage the Pelosi’s don’t want revealed.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This huge story just gets stranger more and more each day. Lets believe that Depage broke the window to break in. Breaking the door glass, the glass would have fallen inside the house instead of outside of the house. That would have happen if someone broke the glass from the inside, the glass would have been outside. It was not. The area and the house has security cams and would be very highly unusual that the security system was completely shut down at 2-3 Am.. Could it be that Paul did not want any video of what was going on inside. . Back to the break in. Depage was in his underwear and no one notice a man at night in his underwear walking down a street and went to Paul’s house and make a break in. The police stated that Paul open the door wearing only under wear and instead of saying i need help he went backward to Depage. This is strange, if Paul called the 911 from his bathroom for help than he must have been concern for his life and if so any human fearful of getting hurt he would want to walk outside to the police for protection but he didn’t. If Depage did break in with his cloths on than where did they found them in the house. Why didn’t the police take Paul’s cell phone and see what calls were made and sent that evening. There was mention of that. The big question why was two grown men doing in Paul’s bedroom at 2-3 AM and both in only under wear. I have a theory just based on my thinking. Paul call Depage to come over at 2-3 am after all the bars had closed. Paul made shore all the security cameras where turned off and all alarm systems were inoperative. Than the two went to Paul’s bedroom and the two did something. Anger and fight started, Depage in anger broke the glass door throwing something at him or something else. If you follow the logic set by step everything falls into place. There have been to many questions, little information given out and at times the information the police gave one day changes the next day. I would love someone to offer a million dollars to Depage for him to state was really happen. I just have a feeling that Depage is some how going to died. There is a huge cover up, a lot of people being paid off with a lot of money. Hope the people will continue to push for the whole truth.

  • We don’t know the full story about Pilosi and we never will. No 82 year old deserves being punished like what happened to Paul Pilosi. On the other hand his wife is the queen of mean and pure nasty. This woman has done more damage to our country than any politician in our modern era. She is the prime example of why we need term limits and using insider stock information. If anyone of us had insider stock information, we would be in jail.

  • If you look at it like a ” Lover’s Quarrel ” things make more sense. No one who feels threatened would walk back in the house when Police are at the front door and ” Could ” provide you safety.
    Did we ever find out who was in a vehicle with Paul when he got his dui ?
    Jealous Lover ?

  • “For reasons still unknown, David DePape broke into the Pelosi’s San Francisco home. Evidently, DePape wanted to speak with Nancy. She was not home. Reports say he told Mr. Pelosi that he would ‘wait until she got back.'”

    Actually, we don’t know if any of that is true, or if it is just the narrative the leftists involve want to peddle. This is just what we’ve been told…and it doesn’t add up. If DePape broke in why is there a bunch of glass OUTSIDE and not inside? Why didn’t an alarm go off? Why was no one monitoring the surveillance cameras as was usually the case? Why did Paul Pelosi open the door and then go back to DePape? Why was DePape in his underwear? Why aren’t we allowed to see the body cam footage? …and many other questions.

  • The whole narrative is a lie to smear conservatives, to project liberal violent tendencies onto peaceful people and have the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists push the narrative of lies!!!!!!!!!!

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  • BINGO you hit it right on the nose. Another stunt more than likely brained by Nancy herself. She has been caught to many times in her devilish ways, so lets create something that will take our minds off what she and the Democrats are doing to our country. Good one Pelosi, but you can’t lie forever, remember one lie leads to another and before long you forget which lie you started with.

  • When something bad happens to someone, at lest 50% of the time it is of their own doing. With so many other lies coming out of all the Pelosis’s mouths, we know that all initial accounts are lies and the truth will be squelched in the end.

  • Daniel is very amateur when it comes to writing.
    Why don’t you write about how long are we going to let the Trump family get away with things and finally arrest the whole clan of thieves.

    • Ever since the 2020 elections I’ve wondered what mental level of voter could possibly vote for such an obviously demented, provably crooked candidate to the highest political position in the world? What IQ level, for example , would Stanford-Binet assign to such an unenlightened person? Hmmm…

  • Let’s face it! Piglosi is one fugly old crony! Paul’s a freak and was seeing this guy on the side, when the old crony was away! They (Paul and his secret lover) were having a spat and things got a little out of hand! The rest we already know about! The left is, and always have been a bunch of deviant freaks! The more liberals we put behind bars, the better we’ll be!

  • More Pelosi Lies. All because they don’t want the world to know Paulie P is Bisexual.

    The more they concoct more stories, the more convinced I am this was a spat between two Homos.

  • He was getting hammered up the bung hole by a male prostitute and there was a dispute over drugs. All else is a cover up.




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