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Technically speaking, there are now two new people in charge of New York City since last year.

The first one is more direct since she is the new mayor. This, of course, is Eric Adams. The other is the new governor, Kathy Hochel.

So far neither one of them has really amounted to anything and has thus far not benefited the city at all. They may be a little better than having Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo in charge, but just barely.

Mayor Eric Adams essentially ran on a platform in which he was promising to address the skyrocketing crime problem that has been going on in New York City for the last couple of years. Because of the ridiculous mandates and rulings from the liberals, especially Bill de Blasio, an increase of crime has been happening because our government was essentially paying these criminals to be criminals. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Mayor Adams apparently feels like he is being treated unfairly by the media and he says that the reason for that is because he’s a black man. It just has always seemed insane to me that the default position that black people fall to is that whatever negative things happens to them was because they’re black.

I can remember a lady I used to work with, and she told me that she got pulled over on the way to work one day and that she said the only reason she got pulled over was because she was black. She was also speeding but that obviously can’t be the reason that she got pulled over. It must be that she’s black, there’s no other option, right?

But here is a guy calling the kettle black because while he’s blaming everyone else of being racist, he is in fact racist himself and we have it on video. Just take a look at this video below:

Again, think if the roles were reversed and this was being said by a white man about black people using the n-word. This guys would be gone in a heartbeat.


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