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Political narratives often include the big question of, “who knew what and when did they know it?” History has taught us that many times, far more people knew far more than they were revealing. Dirty politicians are sort of like cats.

They’re good at “covering up their dirty business”. During the Richard Milhous Nixon administration, this seemed to happen with an unnerving frequency. But there’s a current investigation that pales in comparison to the Watergate Scandal of the early 1970s.

Watergate was a botched burglary, as unethical as it was. What happened to the Donald Trump presidential campaign, and ultimately to Donald Trump the President, is far worse. Richard Nixon tried to pull off a political caper to cheat.

Hillary Clinton and her minions used “Third-World” country tactics to spy on and manipulate a democratic election. In talking about the ongoing revelations released from John Durham’s Russia collusion investigation, President Trump pointed out how serious this is.

President Trump was 100 percent correct when he said “in another period”, these crimes would have been punishable by death. Barely 80 years ago in the United States, the Treason Act of 1939 called for the death penalty if found guilty of treason.

However, the Criminal Justice Act of 1990 removed the death penalty for this ultimate crime against country. Punishment is still life imprisonment, with no chance of parole for forty years. The United States of America takes treason seriously, and well we should.

But what about all the recent revelations about the crooked scandal Hillary Clinton pulled before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election? Shouldn’t the crimes being alleged justify the charge of treason? Clearly, President Trump believes so.

Likewise, millions of Americans do as well. The raucous chants of “Lock Her Up!” aren’t just for campaign rally excitement. Somebody needs to go to jail for the heinous crime that was perpetrated on a presidential candidate and then a sitting U.S. President.

What Hillary Clinton did is treason. But now back to “who knew what and when did they know it?” These new reports from John Durham’s investigation begin to expose how deeply the corruption really went. The trail of evidence has led right back to the White House.

Carefully tracing a trail of evidentiary breadcrumbs, Durham’s investigation has tracked its way right to the Oval Office, namely the desk of Barack Obama. Allegedly, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was handed various transition files from Clinton operatives.

Durham’s investigation indicates that Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann handed over documents to the CIA during the presidential transition period in late 2016. These documents were in the hands of the Obama White House. Barack Obama knew what was going on.

Furthermore, there are reports of a member of the Obama administration stealing other documents from the Trump transition team and giving them over to the CIA. The crooked scheme to destroy Donald Trump’s run for the White House had failed.

So now, these corrupt political crooks needed a backup plan. They put into action a scheme to disrupt and undermine a sitting U.S. President. While this is clearly corruption, it’s something else as well. It meets the definition in the U.S. Code for treason.

It’s the thing that happens in Third-World countries. There are dozens of people culpable and therefore guilty in this heinous scheme. What happened to President Donald Trump makes Watergate look like a shoplifting crime.

Members of the FBI and the Department of Justice should face charges. Undoubtedly, Hillary Rodham Clinton should be charged with treason. However, there’s a famous old saying with respect to presidential responsibility. “The buck stops here”, Mr. Obama.

If Barack Obama knew what was happening and actually helped carry out the fraud, he too should be charged with treason against the United States. Wonder how that little tidbit of information will reflect to his self-cherished presidential legacy?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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