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Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews, a Marine Corps sniper, gave a chilling testimony before Congress on Tuesday, March 8th, recounting the events that took place during the Kabul airport bombing in August 2021. The suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghan civilians.

Vargas-Andrews testified that he had his rifle trained on the suicide bomber and requested permission to take the shot, but was denied by his superiors. He explained that he knew he could have stopped the attack if given the green light.

“Every day I think about it,” Vargas-Andrews said during his testimony. “I dream about it at night.”

The Marine sniper’s testimony has reignited criticism of Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and raised questions about why Vargas-Andrews was not allowed to take action against the suicide bomber.

Vargas-Andrews also spoke about how his unit had warned commanders that they saw two suspects in the chaotic crowd outside Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport prior to the bombing, but their warnings were ignored.

“Plain and simple, we were ignored,” explained Vargas-Andrews. “Our expertise was disregarded. No one was held accountable for our safety.”

The Marine Corps sniper’s testimony has sparked outrage among many Americans who believe that more could have been done to prevent this tragedy from occurring.

In response to Vargas-Andrews’ testimony, Republican lawmakers have called for an investigation into why he was not allowed to take action against the suicide bomber.

“The American people deserve answers as to why Sgt. Vargas-Andrews was not allowed to do his job and protect his fellow service members,” said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

As we continue to mourn the loss of those who died in this tragic event, it is important that we honor their memory by ensuring that our military personnel are given every opportunity to protect themselves and others in harm’s way.


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  • Our current President made the US a laughing stock in front of the other countries of the world! This specifically re: the withdrawl of American troops, workers and allies from that country that were promised a way out before the Taliban took power!
    And I read afterwards that there are still ? Americans stuck in that horrible country!
    We all must answer to God for our sins and boy, biden has a long list…..

    • I agree. America has been humbled by the lack of wise god-fearing leadership at this time and our current unelected President has a lot to answer for. I suspect he is only a puppet and I’m not sure who’s calling the shots. Except that I know the evil one who is the father of all lies is involved.

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      • He is, in fact, the 1 calling the shots, ultimately, but there are a lot of humans in between going along with it, too, every one of whom had free will to refuse to do so.

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  • Biden has no military skills. Jill probably has to tie his shoes and the commanders who rejected the sniper’s request fit in the same box fit in the same box.

  • Affirmative Action and corrupt morals are all the references these, “confused” traitors require.

  • Biden’s “expertise” is being able to Consistently LIE to the America People and get Rich from his Sons dealings with Our Enemies! Was Our Sniper ever told WHY he could not take the shot? Our Military “leaders” appear to be more concerned with Climate Change and Gender Identity than Killing Our Enemies! This government is a JOKE and the JOKE is on U.S.!

  • Show me any of Biden’s useful skill. Low IQ, corrupt to the bone, certified plagiarist and liar, fake Catholic, and complete selfish sellout.

  • The sad reality is that HE has to live,for the rest of HIS life, with his superior’s poor judgment, too, & all those unnecessarily dead on his conscience, not for his own failure, but THEIRS! That’s just WRONG!



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