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There’s nothing wrong with being environmentally conscious. Advocating for a cleaner and more efficient way of life is a noble objective.

However, in recent years, there’s been a rise in an unhinged push towards a greener planet. This radical environmental ideology originally used “global warming” as a way to forecast pending doom and gloom for the planet.

Many of the projections never materialized. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop them. Now, a faction of the progressive left is pushing a more subtle, “climate change-driven” catastrophe is looming on the horizon.

Like global warming, this climate change science is more about instilling fear than it is about an actual threat to the planet.

But that hasn’t stopped the radical left from pushing every single effort to supposedly “confront the global climate crisis.”

There’s another huge problem. It seems that the only large country on earth that will have an impact on this perceived crisis is the United States. Three of the world’s worst climate criminals do little or nothing.

In fact, China and India are getting worse. Joe Biden’s administration is packed with these climate kooks! From the “climate czar,” John Kerry, all the way down to the peons who work for the energy department, they’re screaming for an immediate dismantling of current norms. The initial target was gas stoves.

While the administration appears to have backed off from this insane idea, it hasn’t gone away completely. You can bet on that.

But Biden has come up with a new scheme to make Americans miserably uncomfortable, all in the name of a climate crisis. New regulations are going to put the squeeze on how Americans clean their dirty laundry.

Biden’s Department of Energy has proposed new efficiency standards for washing machines that mandate all new appliances use less water.

Industry experts don’t believe this will have any visible effect on climate change. However, Americans will be stuck with more expensive machines that leave their clothes dirtier and stinkier.

This is yet another brainless example of the Biden agenda to push unnecessary regulations to advance progressive green initiatives.

Besides the proposed ban on new gas stoves, Biden’s energy geniuses also proposed excessive regulations on refrigerators. Eventually, Americans will not be able to afford to replace appliances that fail.

No one is considering this very critical part of the process. But that’s the way the left has addressed every environmental cause they’ve taken up.

React with illogical senselessness. The problem is that illogical senselessness usually makes the problem far worse but fixes nothing. These are radical ideologues who can’t see the forest for the trees!

All these radical pushes for climate-related regulations do nothing more than make the “feel-gooders” feel like they are doing something.

If sensible people don’t curtail this radical ideology, soon Americans will be cooking over campfires and washing their clothes in area creeks and streams. Talk about an environmental quagmire!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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