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If you caught a glimpse of Chicago’s mayor, without knowing who she is, your first inclination might be, “no way”. If we had to criticize anyone based on their physical appearance, Liberal Lori Lightfoot does not look like the mayor of the third-largest city in the United States.

Sorry, but Lori Lightfoot has an undeniably bizarre look. Evidently, not all looks are deceiving. A few recent comments associated with Lightfoot impress upon us a clear reality. There’s a more bizarre side to Lightfoot than just her looks.

Lightfoot’s comments relate to a story that has developed in the Windy City over the last couple of years. In the midst of the nationwide George Floyd protests in 2020, Lightfoot ordered the removal of two Christopher Columbus statues from two of Chicago’s public parks.

It was a questionable decision, but one that didn’t immediately generate much pushback. However, eventually it did. It seems there’s a healthy Italian population in Chicago, and they weren’t favorable to the notion.

So, Lightfoot instructed the statues to be removed and hidden away in storage. Case closed, right? Well, not until shortly before Columbus Day in 2021. Certain Italian-American groups in Chicago wanted to display the statues as part of their Columbus Day tribute.

Attorney George Smyrniotis obviously didn’t get the response from Lightfoot’s office that he wanted, so he sued. Well, “Big D” Liberal Lori threatened to pull the group’s parade permit. That doesn’t sound very democratic to us, but alas, that’s Lightfoot the dictator.

Yes, there is a unique combination between Lori’s Big D definition of herself and the little d word dictator. One and the same, we suppose. Her bizarre sense of self-importance recently bubbled to the surface. Lori Lightfoot thinks her powers are enormous, among other things.

The notion that Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot might have the biggest “D” in Chicago might be plausible. During the initial negotiations to find a settlement, Lightfoot cautioned these peons not to, “do a f***ing thing with that statute without my approval.”

Apparently, it was at this juncture in the dialogue when Liberal Lori, the “Biggest D in the Windy City”, went off the rails. Lightfoot screeched, “Get that f***ing statue back before noon tomorrow, or I am going to have you fired. … What the f*** were you thinking?”

Lightfoot continued her rant, asking, “You make some kind of secret agreement with Italians?” But then she drifted way off course and into the totally bizarre. Lightfoot pronounced, with boastful pride, “My d*** is bigger than yours and the Italians. I have the biggest d*** in Chicago.”

Documents in Smyrniotis’ lawsuit also contend that Lightfoot said, “You are out there stroking your d*** over the Columbus statue, I am trying to keep Chicago police officers from being shot, and you are trying to get them shot.” Maybe Lori Lightfoot needs to dial back her caffeine intake.

Or better yet, possibly she needs to read instructional manuals on how to be a city mayor in a free and democratic society. Lori Lightfoot thinks she’s a “Big D” for dictator. Nonetheless, she frequently acts like another “D” word followed by the suffix “head”. Perhaps what Lori said is true.

However, we really don’t want to entertain that rather bizarre mental image. The reality would prove entirely too nauseating. But in the sense of the “D-word” as a reference to someone’s personality, Liberal Lori’s got that one nailed. She’s truly a “Big D”, whether or not she’s got one.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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