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After Sleepy Joe Biden took over the White House, it’s not ironic that it took almost exactly one year for Vladimir Putin to make a military move. This is not a coincidence. Putin’s mental preparation for an invasion began the day the crooked 2020 presidential election results were posted.

Putin now knew he had a patsy in the Oval Office. When Biden severed the Keystone Pipelines in the U.S., Putin salivated even more. Then, Biden waived sanctions against Putin’s own pipeline moneymaker, Nord Stream II.

These two horrific energy policy decisions have helped fund Russia’s war machine. Putin now had a way to bankroll his invasion. Finally, the straw that broke the camel’s back, Putin watched Biden tuck his tail between his legs and scamper out of Afghanistan like a frightened little rat.

Within weeks, an invasion, certainly something that had been in the works for many months, if not years, began to fester. As Russia amassed troops on Ukraine’s border, Sleepy Joe threatened the hardnosed authoritarian Putin with empty threats.

They didn’t work. Many experts tried to tell Biden they wouldn’t. He didn’t listen. When it comes to foreign policy, Joe Biden never does. Just before 06:00 am Moscow Time on February 24; the Russian army began its assault on Ukraine.

It has been a catastrophe. Thousands have died already. Millions of people are desperately trying to flee the war-torn nation. It did not need to happen. Furthermore, President Trump insists that it would not have happened if he was still rightfully in the White House.

President Trump made this crystal clear in a conversation with his friend, professional golfer John Daly. President Trump was overheard discussing the Ukraine crisis on speaker phone. He told Daly, “I say, Vladimir, if you do it, we’re hitting Moscow. I said, we’re gonna hit Moscow.”

President Trump insists he would not have used idle threats like Joe Biden has. His ability to maintain an amiable relationship with the volatile Putin would have proven practical. Joe Biden went on national television and called Putin a killer.

While he may be, it takes a buffoon to say it during a worldwide interview. It was an ignorant comment, true or not. Now, we can all see how dangerous such stupid talk can be. President Trump said that Putin may or may not have believed his words.

But the former president said as long as Putin had the slightest inclination the U.S. might target Moscow, which would be enough to make him rethink an invasion. For the record, Vladimir Putin has invaded another country during three out of the last four presidential administrations.

We all know which one he chose not to defy. Putin knew President Trump meant business. The radical Russian President knows that Joe Biden is a patsy. He knew Barack Obama was a patsy. Joe Biden was Obama’s “wingman”. What a truly abysmal pair of foreign policy stooges.

Now Vladimir Putin sees a man in the White House who he envisions as a coward. We’re not sure how Putin views Biden’s pitiful excuse for a VP, Kamala Harris. It could not be any better. Vladimir Putin is not a good person. He is a ruthless killer and an authoritarian pig.

However, President Trump knew how to maintain amiable relationships with dangerous leaders, keeping them at arm’s length. If President Trump was still in the Oval Office, you can bet the horror we’re watching unfold in Ukraine would not be happening, at least not without consequences.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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