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Democrats continue to prove to the world just how far separated they are from reality here in America. That, or they’re just showing how big of liars they are. Or maybe it’s just a little combination of both.

Just this week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made one of the most ridiculous statements that I’ve heard all month.

“We have seen some important progress for the American people. A couple of things that I will lay out: We’ve seen real disposable income and real consumer spending both increase in part thanks to the strength of our job market, gas prices are down over $1 per gallon since their peak this summer,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Is this lady serious? How on earth does she think that disposable income has gone up? People are paying 11% more for everything and they did not all get 11% raises in their wages. Even if they did get that much of a raise, that’s only a break even level.

But let’s just forget that 11% and be more generous. CPI numbers came out this week hotter than expected at 8.2%. That means that year over year, the prices of consumer goods is up 8%. THIS IS A FACT! How on earth do we have more disposable income? We don’t. She. Is. A. Liar.

Gas prices are still up, but here she is touting the fact that gas prices are down more than $1 per gallon since the peak this summer. So what? They’re still up a lot since Biden took office.

And let’s consider a moment why gas prices are even down to begin with. The war is still waging on between Ukraine and Russia, so they should still be higher. Inflation is still up. Production has gone down. So the only reason that they are coming down is a slight reduction in demand since summer is over and because Joe Biden has severely drained our strategic oil reserve.

In just the last year, Joe Biden has depleted our oil reserves by approximately 33%, and he is still continuing to send oil to all of our enemies while preventing us from being able to drill for more oil in our own country. He has really shot us in both feed and the head.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Looks like Camela has competition in putting an end to dumb blond jokes. Where do they find these mental midgets?

  • This lady is a prime example of the Biden Administration, unable to tell the truth to the American people, or rather unable to know what is really going on, to be able to tell the truth. However, like her boss, President Biden, she only says or tells what certain unnamed “advisors” tell her to say. It’s a real shame that the Administration is unable to tell the truth without blaming someone or something thing for mistakes the President or his Administration makes. Hell, the Press Secretary continues to blame everything on President Trump and the “former Administration” when what’s his name has been president for going on two years.

  • Pierre is nothing but a tree swinging , trim eating , lying liberal puppet !!!!! She , just like Suk-Dickie , have no problem looking you in the face and LIE to you. Puppet Pierre and the socialist democrats REALLY do think that people are STUPID !!!! Vote ALL Republican in Nov. and kick these liberal , Socialist , U.S.A. hating fools to the sewer !!!



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