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The things that liberals come up with sometimes are borderline insanity. What I mean by that is that it’s worse than what we normal people would consider to be insane, but it’s maybe close to the line where it would ONLY be insane.

Seriously though…where do they come up with some of this crap?

Do they all get together and have a couple of bottles of whiskey each and then just start saying whatever comes to their mind? because that’s what it seems like.

I mean, I’ve heard of some stupid things in my life. One of the first I remember is when I saw a news article about “racist asparagus”. I kid you not. It was probably about 15 years ago that I saw it, but I remember going to the grocery store and seeing asparagus and thinking to myself, “Don’t they have something better to do than to label asparagus as racist?”

The obvious answer to that question, is no. Liberals don’t have anything better to do which is why they continue to pull this same crap even today.

Well, not apparently there is something racist about trees. And it must be really important because Kamala Harris felt that it was important enough to interrupt someone giving a NASA presentation so she can ask about tracking trees because of racism.

This really is one of the dumbest things that I’ve heard recently, and I hear some zingers in my line of work.

Twitter users had a field day over this. Here are some of the things that they said,

“Too many White (Supremacist) Pines, not enough gender neutral Black Walnuts!” wrote a Twitter user, adding the creative hashtag: “#BlackTreesMatter.”

“Are we now headed towards #BlackTreesMatter?” asked another Twitter user.

“Officer Harris is just trying to figure out whether trees are racist or not,” wrote yet another.

“Yes, the world’s most inauthentic, unnatural politician Kamala Harris made news yesterday by pressing NASA on its ability to sort trees by race as part of an ‘environmental justice’ push,” another wrote.

“So the [vice] president Kamala Harris with NASA yesterday, able to ask any question about our universe, she asks if they are able to ‘track trees’ by race as part of ‘environmental justice,’” wrote one Twitter user.

“She’s going to keep dividing, nothing will stop them from creating a new, segregated society,” yet another wrote.

“Waking up to Kamala Harris statements on tree race & environmental Justice,” wrote another. “We’re doomed,”

“It looks like black communities will receive reparations in the form of trees,” another wrote.

“So Kamala Harris with NASA today, asks if they are able to ‘track trees’ by ‘race’ as part of ‘environmental justice,’” wrote yet another. “This is VP of USA, ladies and gentlemen.”

“The world laughingstock continues,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Breaking News: Kamala Harris realizes that Trees are inherently racist,” wrote another Twitter user.

“So people no longer have biological genders but trees, a plant, have races?” asked another. “If I didn’t know Harris is ok with PC on steroids I’d give her some slack & say she meant species.”

“When Trump tried to explain a real experimental UV disinfectant light therapy, the press turned that into him ‘telling people to drink bleach’ and ‘inject Lysol,’” wrote yet another Twitter user.

“Kamala Harris asking NASA to ‘track the number of trees by race’ is just good hard science,” a Twitter user mocked.

“This is what they mean by ‘TRUST THE SCIENCE,’” quipped another.

“Everything has to be about race with Harris…. Even the trees,” wrote  another Twitter user


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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