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John Boehner, the RINO former speaker of the House, recently got a bit emotional while attending Nancy Pelosi’s portrait unveiling ceremony on Capitol Hill.

Boehner, a Republican, succeeded Pelosi as speaker after Republicans won the House in 2010. He stepped down in 2015 and was succeeded by Paul Ryan. Pelosi became speaker again after Democrats reclaimed the majority in 2018. She announced last month that she would step away from leadership as Republicans prepare to retake a slim majority in the House.

“No other speaker of the House in the modern era, Republican or Democrat, has wielded the gavel with such authority or with such consistent results,” Boehner said at the ceremony. “Let me just say: you are one tough cookie.”

Boehner said that he and Pelosi “disagreed optically on many things, but we were never disagreeable to each other.” Boehner published a memoir last year in which he described his exasperation with the divisions in the House Republican caucus, particularly on the far right.

Boehner noted that he at times got into trouble with some of his own members for some of his friendly gestures toward Pelosi. When he took the gavel in 2011, he recalled, he leaned in to give Pelosi a kiss. When she backed away, Boehner said, “I thought to myself, I can’t let her rebuff me so I kind of moved in and planted that kiss on her.” He said he heard about the moment for months or even years afterward.

“Leaders lead, and you, Madame Speaker, have led,” Boehner said.

The portrait, from artist Ronald Sherr, will be hung in the Speaker’s Lobby, which is just outside the House chamber.


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  • Give me a break! Boehner is a poor excuse for a male – can’t say man because he does not have what it takes. He should follow behind Pelosi’s skirt – out with him as well.
    Cannot write further because I have to go vomit.

  • OMG, little Johnny needs to go back to the bar in Ohio & stop embarrassing the Republican Party & men in general.

  • Merciful heavens, you could maintain a farm of well over 10 million acres with all of the BS that this poor excuse for a man regurgitated during his ‘tribute’ to old what’s her name!! The day that ole what’s her name vacates the chamber, will be a red letter day!! Don’t go away mad, just go away!!

  • That two-faced slithering snake phony should only cry about the evil he perpetrated in Congress and how he will pay for it all when he is dead!

  • John Boehner. Another useless RINO crybaby like Adam Kinzinger. The useless RINO (former) Speaker of the House was brought to power by John Boehner. Under John Boehner and Mitch McConnell it is no wonder that the (Republican) Grand Old Party is in such a shambles!!

  • Good riddance to the truly venal and vicious pit bull! That is one portrait I would like to throw a rotten egg at.

  • A tribute to that old Democrap traitorous scumbag??? She better get back to San Fran quick to check if Paul is soliciting his homosexual prostitutes again!!! Democraps never learn.

  • Boehner was always recognized for his ability to turn on the tears at will. It’s too bad that when we had such a solid majority in the House, we also had him. He never fails to disappoint………..

  • Crybaby boehner is a TRAITOR!!!!! Nutty nan has not led, she has ruled and boehner and his ilk have helped her destroy the greatest nation ever established!!!!! pelosi is as crooked as a coiled up snake, using the Air Force as her personal taxi service, benefiting from insider trading in companies congress is supposed to oversee, and has taken bribes from the likes of Nazi war criminal george soros to do his evil bidding!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boehner/ Banner, Boner needs to be tried and convicted of Treason. Although treason didnt start with him, he helped facilitate this current Liberal Immoral Brain and Heart Damage for America.
    He was no Conservative.
    He was never a Republican.
    He is a treasonous piece of Dog waste and should be hung or executed for Treason.

    • this is being done by military tribunal… I believe that is why BONEHEAD is crying. He knows that we know, and ALL his Demonrats, politicians, movie stars, and most with big money are gonna die. They all bought into Satan’s lies… also, I believe the Tribunal has done their job and the BONER & PELOSI you see is ARE fakes and have been, for quite a while!

  • boehner is crying because he knows their fate for Treason… the military is arresting all and sending to trial, and putting these devil owned psychopaths away. What you see on TV is BS, just a show with fake people with fake names. ALL who have made big money are goin down, seems Freemasonry has connected the dots. They are the pedophiles, serial killers and they are the people behind the demise of mankind. Call them Deep State, Illuminati, The Pope or SHIT… they all come from the pit of hell! Nancy Pelosi has never been worth shit to a ‘good and decent person’, she doesn’t know any good!



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