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What do you do when you’re being attacked by an enemy that can’t be seen?

There really isn’t much you can do unless you know a lot about that enemy. But that’s exactly what’s happening to several U.S. officials and has actually been happening for years.

I’m not talking about a virus or anything like that, I’m talking about something that almost seems like science fiction, but I assure you it’s real. I’m talking about microwave radiation.

I don’t mean stuff like microwaves or our cell phones or anything like that. What I’m referring to is an actual weapon that is designed to cause neurological problems.

It was recently reported that several U.S. officials at the Columbian Embassy have come down with what is known as Havana Syndrome which is a mysterious illness that comes as a result of pulsed microwave radiation attacks.

“One U.S. official said there were at least two known cases, both American citizens, but several more are thought to have been affected,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “This official said that at least one family was flown out of the country for treatment and concerns have grown ‘more serious’ in recent days.”

“There was definitely a family including a minor hit,” a source familiar with the matter told the Journal. “Adults sign up for what they sign up for and the risks that come with it … . Targeting or even incidentally hitting kids should be a hard red line.”

This isn’t the first time this has come up either.

“Well U.S. officials say there are now 130 suspected victims, mostly CIA operatives and U.S. diplomats being treated for brain injuries, debilitating headaches, and vertigo,” Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin reported on Thursday. “The targets they believe of a directed energy microwave weapon. Fox has confirmed two individuals working on the NSC during the Trump administration believe they were targeted in 2019 and in 2020 in the days following the election. One was near the White House and one was walking her dog. The Russians have been working on mobile microwave weapons for years.”

These microwave weapons cause sudden, serious brain damage. In 2019, University of Pennsylvania brain specialists tested 40 U.S. officials who were attacked by these weapons. Their reports show that the victims showed “tangible neurological changes.” Perhaps most concerning, the specialists reported that these injuries were like nothing else they had ever seen before.

A culprit has not yet been named, but numerous reports show that the Russians have been using this type of technology for years. The GRU, a secret Russian military force, has technology capable of carrying out these attacks. In addition, GRU presence is known in the areas where officials were targeted.

The question remains, who is targeting Americans and how are they doing it? Do they have some sort of cosmic rifles that deliver a straight-line microwave that harms them? Is there really something to this 5G theory? If so, then what about the older reports? Hopefully, we can figure out what is causing this.

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