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If there’s any truth to the suggestion that money buys power, George Soros is a stunning example. His wealth is undeniable. However, the power George Soros wields is frightfully anti-American. Of course, when you’re worth billions, socialism has a nice ring to it.

Soros’s wealth has him insulated against criminal prosecution or even public scrutiny from the radical left. George Soros can donate money with impunity, even if the money is clearly electing officials that are undermining the rule of law in America.

George Soros is a treasonous mega-billionaire. Soros hides behind two major political groups that mask as supporters of democracy. They are anything but. The Center for American Progress and Free Press are the definition of an oxymoron.

They stand for principles completely opposite of what each name might imply. They voiced support for the Affordable Care Act, which made healthcare for millions of Americans anything but affordable.

Each of these radical groups, advocate for the federalization of our national elections. They don’t want honest and secure elections; they want to rig elections to keep their liberal candidates in power for decades, maybe forever.

This is not democracy; this is the wolf of socialism disguised. It is George Soros using his immense wealth to help his minions gain power and keep it forever. The Free Press aspires to do more than just rewrite journalistic integrity. Specifically, they want to erase the word.

They blast news agencies, which disagree with their ideology, as racist. Recently, they took their threats to a new and disturbing level. In a letter to the FCC, David Lyons, a Free Press member, called for the sh00ting of Republicans. That is the socialistic way of erasing dissenters.

These radicals do not want orderly democratic debate; they want to arrest power through violence. This is the path George Soros thinks America should follow. This isn’t democracy. This will put the United States of America on the doorstep of communism. That would seem perfectly in line with George Soros’ sadistic strategy.

Photo Credit: Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung


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