After the chaotic event of January 6, 2021, leftist politicians and their corrupt parrots in the mainstream media have worked diligently to convince Americans that what happened was an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government. The left “said” they were determined to investigate what were otherwise peaceful protests, which turned chaotic.

The so-called bipartisan January 6 commission vowed to prosecute everyone involved. There was only one thing they failed to tell the American people. They’re the ones who helped plan and tactfully orchestrate the whole thing. Federal law enforcement was planted inside the protest groups and, along with Capitol Police, helped coach the protesters.

Newly released video shows law enforcement luring them into the Capitol and talking to them as if they were their friends. It was as staged an event as any Hollywood cinematic production! January 6 was not a radical right-wing protest that turned violent. It was a perfectly scripted scheme to silence a rival political group and a former president. January 6 was an “inside job!”

Everything since January 6 has been nothing but the next act in an orderly, fabricated plot. Democrats in Congress lied about January 6. They’ve continued to lie. Full video footage is gradually being released at the behest of Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Americans are slowly getting the real story behind what happened that day.

What the “Stop the Steal” protesters did on January 6 was not an insurrection. However, what radical Democrats and their co-conspirators within federal law enforcement did was nothing more than a government coup. The left concocted a supposedly violent uprising to cover up an investigation into Joe Biden’s manipulative theft of the 2020 presidential election.

It was like the old shell game. Watch what’s happening over here, so you’ll take your eyes off what’s really happening. The Capitol Police provided some of the biggest support for the scheme. Now, Americans can see why Nancy Pelosi refused an offer from President Trump to provide the assistance of the National Guard.

She didn’t want any outside law enforcement present. Pelosi and other Democrats had a scheme in place. An essential cog in that plan was a cooperative effort by Capitol Police to look overwhelmed by a violent assault. It never happened. In fact, Capitol Police were like “on-site movie directors,” helping to orchestrate each scene.

One Capitol Police officer, who has since been fired, spoke out. Tarik Johnson told Fox News that he helped evacuate the Capitol during the January 6 riots. But what Johnson said was bewildering. He said that his supervisors went radio silent. When he spoke with Tucker Carlson, Johnson said he put on a red MAGA cap in order to make his way through the crowd.

But Johnson also insisted that his bosses within the Capitol Police Department were not prepared for the chaos, or at least that’s how they wanted it to appear. When he was attempting to evacuate the Senate side of the building, Johnson was unable to get an answer to repeated communications, much less authorization to do anything.

Johnson said he tried multiple times to gain permission to begin evacuating the Senate building. It never came. He explained to Fox News, “The person that I thought was going to authorize the evacuation, didn’t do it.” Johnson was never interviewed by the House January 6 Select Committee during its so-called 18-month investigation.

For wearing the pro-Trump hat, Johnson was later fired. Possibly, the thought that he may have supported the former president caused the sham committee to decline interviewing him. But during the recent interview, Johnson said that he voted for Joe Biden in 2020. Tucker Carlson pointed out that the newly released surveillance video proves what Johnson is saying.

The footage that Carlson released on Monday is part of more than 40,000 hours of previously unreleased security video. It proves many things, one of which is that Democrats are lying. While there were some isolated incidents of behavior that warrant criminal charges, most of the tape shows peaceful people moving about respectfully.

In fact, there are dozens of situations where law enforcement can be clearly seen assisting people and opening doors. This wasn’t a riot. January 6 was a perfectly staged set up. Democrats knew a full investigation into the 2020 election results would prove massive fraud. They needed a diversion. They created one, and up to now, far too many Americans have bought into their sham. But it appears that the cat may be out of the bag!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Adults know it was a criminal act by our government. What we want to know is when the heads of those who ran it are going to roll.

    • If they don’t this Republic under God our once great United States is washed up! In which case people can prepare for Communist China to rule with our corrupt Congress!
      They’re already involved in our elections.

  • You know it, I know it but apparently, there are still plenty of Republican politicians along with a bunch of the braindead population that don’t believe it was all a setup. Of course, the real fault of that belief lies with the mainstream media that refuses to investigate anything that would make the democrats look bad.

    • Nope, you can’t even blame the mainstream media for it. The real culprit is the “braindead” population who keep believing the lies, even when they SEE truth before their own eyes!
      Perfect examples: George Floyd death. Yes, he was in custody, on the ground with Officer Chauvin’s’s knee on him & complaining he couldn’t breathe, BUT he was still fighting Chauvin, whose knee was positioned on Floyd’s scapula, not his neck, precisely as police are trained. Criminals often use the excuse they can’t breathe, as a means to coerce officers to loosen up, so they can then escape custody. Since Floyd failed to mention the massive fentanyl OD he’d taken before trying to pass the bogus $20, Chauvin naturally assumed it was the “usual escape effort”, having no logical reason to think otherwise. The cops did nothing wrong there; they aren’t doctors. But the city gov’t & the public did do wrong, based on EMOTIONS, & media lies.
      Jump ahead to J6, Officer Sicknick, allegedly killed along with 4 other cops… Officer Sicknick left the Capitol alive & well that day, & died of occlusive CVAs in the medullary & cerebellar regions of the brain, the next day, which were entirely belated to the events of J6. The 4 who did die were 2 male Trump supporters who suffered medical events, & 2 women who were murdered in cold blood by Capitol Police, both unarmed & non-threatening. None of them was a police officer anywhere, so far as I have heard.
      In the 1st instance, the cops were restraining a career criminal apprehended following the attempted commission of yet another crime, using non-lethal, prescribed techniques. That Floyd died is on his hands, because he chose to not mention his OD, prior to their 1st contact with him.
      In the 2nd instance, the cops did, in fact, commit murder. What was different? In the 1st case white cops, black PERP; in the 2nd, black cops on white victims (those women were not committing crimes, they had every right to be near or in the Capitol bldg, which we citizens own, not Congress). The white cops were prosecuted for a non- crime; a tragedy, yes, but not a crime. The 2 black cops received no discipline whatever. Where is the “equality” or justice there?

      • Sandra I agree and knew all of this since the events as I did scrutinize all available facts and arrived at the correct logical conclusion! Most of the public doesn’t do what you and I and some others do; which is to “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”― Edgar Allan Poe
        Especially in today’s modern fast information highway time with so many corrupt concocting word magicians and outright liars abounding!

        Now I still conclude, all of what we get is still smoke and mirrors and ask “are we to believe that Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Cheney, Schiff, Pence and so many other actual responsible Traitors are going to be locked up anytime soon and America will be restored to its once greatness of generations past?”
        Not happening!

    • MSM and our Congress are well aware of who and what was involved but they are all so corrupt they are not about to put any noose around their own necks, so on this LIE goes and we are shafted!
      All is smoke and mirrors now to keep the fiasco moving along and the frog in the kettle (US) is going to be boiled alive!

  • the d…. rats are panicking, pigloser wants to leave America and work overseas, she knows it is only a matter of time that all of her lies will be exposed, many have already been outed and it shows just how evil and corrupt pigloser and the d … rats are, evil corrupt liars, haters, cheaters, intimidators, manipulators and complete and total hypocrites.

    • Soros, Schwab and many of the globalists are directly involved too! Are we to think any of them including Pigloser are going to be even reprimanded let alone prosecuted?
      Not happening no way no how, and as you know Soros has been deeply involved in installing bought puppets into our judicial system and government throughout!
      Too far gone and as corrupt as hell! The fall of an Empire!

  • This needs to get his job back ASAP! Those that fired him need to be investigated. Notice that the chief of police during the event has got an interesting job now . She is being repaid for keeping quite.

  • The coup occurred in November, with the stolen election; J6 was an effort to persuade gov’t to undo that coup. But the gov’t instead set up an entrapment scenario, to attack those who want America back, to make them out to be the “threat”, when the real threat is our GOV’T! They even resorted to cold blooded MURDER of 2 innocent, unarmed women, just to “show how violent” those at the Capitol allegedly were.

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  • The appropriate thing would be that ALL members of the “SELECT COMMITTEE” along with Madam Pelosi would be banned from ever holding public office again and that they would lose their pensions for trying to the destruction of the U. S. Government.
    I hope the voters in the home districts of these committee members remember how they failed to serve and fulfill their oath of loyal service . Voters, learn to know your candidates!!! Vote for candidates who have your value system.

  • The shell game continues, Now everybody is watching the Banking game worried about their money and forgetting about the Jan 6 footage Tucker showed everyone. Divert Divert and Divert some more. The entire nation has ADD…



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