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After the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States, millions of Americans lost trust in a cherished part of our democratic process. Too many incidents of suspicious activity have been revealed. The mainstream media continue to refuse to report on the obvious.

Without any evidence to the contrary, they insist anyone who questions the 2020 election as a right-wing conspiracy freak. Fake news media hacks call it the “big lie”. They are the “big lie”. Continuing to proclaim that the most recent presidential election wasn’t rigged is insane.

Thousands, potentially millions, of suspicious ballots have been discovered. Suitcases full of ballots were unearthed from under tables in Georgia. Arizona has produced enough questionable activities to flip the final vote count for President Donald Trump.

Criminal probes into voter fraud have led to more than two-dozen charges in North Carolina. A sitting United States Senator from Georgia is under investigation for voter fraud. The Heritage Foundation has kept an ongoing database of voter fraud cases.

The number of cases has ballooned to well over 1,000. The impact of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election is real. However, liberal operatives oversee most municipalities and voter precincts. They have no desire to discover the truth. Likewise, Republicans seem reluctant to step outside their comfort zone.

Phil O’ Halloran of Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity believes his agency has discovered how the fraud went down in Detroit. O’ Halloran feels the same blueprint to cheat President Trump out of a second term was used in other places across the country.

Most Detroit area voters assume the transporting of ballots is a securely monitored process. Surprisingly, in 2020, it was not. In a video produced with Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up and Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit, O’ Halloran revealed disturbing evidence of fraud.

O’ Halloran explained how his investigation has revealed dozens of situations where mysterious people had dropped off blank ballots. When asked about the authenticity of these ballots, they avoided answering the question.

One man insisted, “I have been doing this all week.” When poll workers were asked about these mysterious blank ballots, they said they were too busy. Whistleblowers, such as O’ Halloran, were asked to leave. Nothing to see here was the insinuation.

There was something to see there, a lot. No one can pinpoint how many thousands of fraudulent ballots could have bled into the system. It’s almost a guarantee that every single one of them was for Joe Biden.

Other exact types of incidents occurred behind different election headquarters. At one point, a man was caught on camera wheeling in a dolly stacked with five boxes of ballots. There are dozens of similar confrontations all across precincts in the City of Detroit.

Similar incidents of mysterious boxes of ballots were witnessed being transferred between satellite centers to the Detroit Department of Elections (DOE) on West Grand. Watchers also saw the same happen between the DOE and the TCF Center on Washington Boulevard.

The mainstream media continue to lie to the American people. They are covering up the most heinous political crime in the history of our great nation. Joe Biden and his radical liberals stole the 2020 Presidential Election.

As the mounds of evidence proving the election was a fraud mount, it’s not so much if something should happen, but when. Agencies such as the Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity continue to fight. They refuse to concede Joe Biden is our legitimate president.

He is not. However, albeit in the minority, Republicans seem reluctant to pursue the truth. Could this change after they sweep back into control of both Houses of Congress in 2022? Americans can only hope. Believing the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen is not the “big lie”.

Ignoring the facts behind the truth is. Joe Biden stole the 2020 election. Evidence from places like Detroit, Michigan proves that fact. Hopefully, someday there will be consequences to be paid. Until Congressional Republicans get some backbone, don’t hold your breath.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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