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If Americans only hear the progressive left’s side of the story, January 6, 2021, was a violent attempt to overthrow the U.S. government. Many might assume that version of the chaos on Capitol Hill to be accurate if they only see or consider that one-sided explanation.

According to Democrats, a horde of radicalized, right-wing militants were urged to show up in Washington, D.C., and attempt to overthrow a duly elected government. President Trump was accused of having orchestrated an insurrection. They say it was all his fault.

This is what Democrats, including a pair of weak-kneed Republican frauds, would try to have the nation believe. But there’s another side to the January 6 story. It’s a story with a completely different progression of events that led up to hundreds of Americans entering the Capitol.

But this side of the story has a few peculiar details that most Americans don’t know about. First, this version of January 6 has hours of video surveillance footage that the country has never seen. Second, this version involves people who did things that are never mentioned.

The “other side” of the January 6 story is the one that a “so-called committee” refused to let the American people see. However, and even more disturbing, this “side of the story” proves the entire narrative the Democrats have been feeding the American people is a lie.

True accounts of what really happened on January 6 have been hidden from the public. Liberal Democrats knew things were going to get out of control. They wanted it to happen. The first clue is the fact that Nancy Pelosi refused to allow hundreds of National Guard troops to be present.

Another key piece of information not told to the American people is how terribly ill-prepared the Capitol Police were. Or were they? In fact, some people who were present on January 6 insist that law enforcement helped encourage the chaos.

Others swear that there were people directing the crowd to break the law. Capitol Police are seen opening the doors for protesters. There’s outright video evidence of one man urging protesters to march on the Capitol and enter the building.

The protesters knew what was going on. They smelled a rat. People can be heard calling Ray Epps out as “fed.” But a new report may be the most damning evidence yet of the horrible scam Democrats orchestrated to destroy President Trump.

Dozens of people who were present on January 6 swear that there were a number of bizarre people filtering through the crowd. They say these people seemed to instigate the otherwise peaceful protesters to become violent and break the law.

A new report proves that these accounts are true. The report shows a text message sent by the nefarious Ray Epps. Despite obvious evidence that he urged people to break the law, Epps has not been arrested. Why would that be?

Text messages found by Alex Bruesewitz show why he hasn’t been arrested. Ray Epps was an FBI plant. His job was to start a riot. He did his job. Now, the evidence proves it. On January 6, Ray Epps texted his nephew, “I was in the front with a few others.” “I also orchestrated it.”

This was an insurrection. January 6 was an orchestrated setup designed to smear President Trump. Democrats knew they cheated during the 2020 presidential election. The heat was on. Americans were mad.

They had a right to be. A feckless old man was propelled into the White House against the wishes of the people. The election was a fraud. Democrats had to have a backup plan. January 6 was that plan. They knew the protesters would be extremely upset.

It wouldn’t take much to trigger them. No one expected quite the chaos that ensued, but a totally chaotic situation was what they wanted. If they could trigger a “mob-like” response from President Trump’s supporters, they could blame the whole thing on him.

These crooked liars could then have a pathway to block him from ever running for public office again. The scheme was always a fake story to destroy President Trump. That’s why the so-called committee never allowed other sides of the story to be heard.

They couldn’t let Americans see the video surveillance footage of what really went down. Furthermore, they could never allow Ray Epps to be arrested. If he were forced to testify under oath, he might tell the truth to save his own skin.

Did these crooks really think that with all the technology available, something wouldn’t be found to blow up their story? So where is Ray Epps? Ray Epps is kicking back on a ranch in Arizona; angrily throwing any reporter who wants to ask him questions off his property.

When Republicans investigate what really happened on January 6, Ray Epps should be the first person they compel to testify. Everyone should be curious to hear what he has to say about his part in the biggest political scam in U.S. history.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The Democrats lying? No way…oh, yeah…THAT was exactly the reason I left the Party in 1971. Went Independent and NEVER went back.

    • ROFLMAO……..agreed except I left it in ’64 and tried the Repubs until they gave us ” I’m not a crook” tricky Dick. Then I left them and remain an Independent which my state changed to Independent American on my voter card.

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  • Lock Ray Epps up for Treason. He should be made to
    Testify under oath. Our government is a complete swamp and needs to be completely defunded. Start locking up all these Democrats that cheat their way to the top. And biggest crook is Joe Biden and wife and family. They should all be in jail for what they did to this country.

  • And what a surprise! Not one of the Democrats will be charged with anything! Or the two lying Rino’s ! None of the FBI will be charged either! Making this a huge SH#T show for the stupid while the Democrats robbed the country blind! And still are. When the people finally awake they will take bake every dime they stole And deport all these criminals. Then they will be screaming WELL WHAT ABOUT THE LAW????? The same laws they and the corrupt courts ignored for decades! And they will all wonder how this could happen to them! And the people will ignore anything that happens to them.

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