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The January 6 hearings are a sham. The panel is purposefully made up of far-left Democrats and turncoat Republicans. This so-called committee is using fabricated lies to trick Americans into thinking the chaos at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was all President Trump’s fault.

It was not. These hearings are obviously one-sided and totally biased. When in American history has a legal proceeding silenced all opposition opinion and denounced any contradictory evidence? It’s happening now. The commission entrusted the production to an ABC executive.

It is an orchestrated, made-for-TV sham. As proof, this commission refuses to discuss or present startling evidence about why the “Stop the Steal” protests were allowed to get out of hand. No one will talk about the radical activists who infiltrated President Trump’s supporters.

No one wants to discuss how federal agents blended in with protesters, encouraging them to break the law. But as bad as omitting these facts is, denying the American public a true accounting of the weeks leading up to the protests is criminal.

There’s a trove of evidence that proves Nancy Pelosi knew well in advance that security at the Capitol was not prepared for January 6. Why did Pelosi and members of the Capitol Police ignore pleas for heightened security?

If President Trump was pushing for violence, why did he approve over 20,000 National Guard troops? Using this same logic, why did Nancy Pelosi refuse the additional security? She insists that she never wanted violence, but did she really?

Pelosi, like liberal D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, was warned to beef up security at the Capitol ahead of the protests. They refused. Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund asked House and Senate security officials for the authority to place National Guard troops on standby.

His request was denied. Why would these people deny even the suggestion to place extra security on standby just in case they were needed? The Capitol Police were also well aware that there was potential for violence ahead. They did not prepare.

Both U.S. Homeland Security and District of Columbia authorities tried to warn Pelosi and others of a potentially dangerous situation. They failed to act. President Trump is not responsible for January 6, no matter how hard this sham commission tries to convince people he was.

The people responsible are the ones who allowed it to happen. They were forewarned about potential violence weeks ahead of time but did nothing. This led to the chaos on January 6. It was all done on purpose. Radicals infiltrated the Trump supporters and started the mayhem.

Law enforcement allowed people to walk right into the Capitol. There was always a corrupt plan to frame President Trump. America is watching as it unfolds during these bogus January 6 hearings. Nancy Pelosi and other liberal lawmakers knew exactly what they were doing.

If they could incite violence within the “Stop the Steal” protest, they could falsely attack President Trump again. Someone needs to produce a counter documentary, one with all the factual video evidence of what really happened on January 6. Americans must know the truth.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I went to rumble to get the link for the above video, but it said no such video existed. This makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps you could give us the links to videos cited in your articles? Thank you.


    • That’s because the democrats control everything right now. The House, the Senate and the President. Not to mention the DOJ, FBI, CIA and all the Bureaucracies in Washington. If the Dems really wanted the truth and this wasn’t a shame, then why did Nancy Refuse certain Republicans on the committee. She wanted to make sure she had control of the sham and no one could bring truth to her sham.

    • All those who have control are leftists, & RINOs; there are insufficient numbers of actual conservative citizens in Congress to stop any of it. How do you not get that? Or that the Constitution is just a nice parchment locked away in the National Archives’ vault, no longer a pertinent body of law to be followed by the unaccountable rogue corporation aka the US Gov’t? The Satanists have assumed control globally, & will not relinquish it easily; only the return of Jesus Christ Himself will accomplish that, at Haregiddo.

  • The january 6 hearings are a sham? Tell us something we didn’t already know. It all political theater of the sort one might expect to find in the old Soviet Union. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Adan Schiff is the scri[t writer.

  • I have to be sarcastic on this one. really? No kidding. The liberal commie Democrats, weren’t about to let Trump get a 2nd term. Trump is not part a member of the club. He doesn’t belong to the good old boys and girls club of corrupt politics, like the Obama’s, the Clinton’s, Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING joe, commie Kerry, Bolshevik Schumer or Pelosi. Trump is an outsider. They all wanted Hillary. Hillary is a member of the swamp and wouldn’t make waves, Hillary would be among her own kind, like the band of 40 thieves. The Democrat Party, the party of Corruption, Anti-Semitism, and Racism, and they certainly live up to it. The politicians that claim our Democracy is at stake, read between the lines they are worried about their Democracy, they don’t give a crap about the average person’s Democracy. These same politicians are the ones that want to limit one’s freedoms and liberties. if our democracy is at stake, it is because of the elitist snobs, like Gates, and Soros and the liberal commie Democrats. Team Hillary concocted a scheme to remove a sitting president. The Trump and Russia collusion. This was Hillary’s deflection onto Trump. If anyone colluded with Russia, it was Hillary. Hillary approved the sale of Uranium One to the Russians and then received $145 million from Russian Oligarchs for her corrupt Clinton Foundation, and then has the nerve to state, our Democracy is at stake. When was the last time anyone ever herd of a Republican politician, concocting a scheme to remove a sitting Democrat President? If one wants to save the Republic, then one needs to vote all the Democrats out of office, all the American hating politicians, like the Squad, and all the RINO’s. These are the politicians that are detrimental to the survival of America.

  • We all knew that these disgusting liberal liars were going to stir up trouble and blame it on Republicans weeks before the event ever happened at the capitol, everyone was warned that there was going to be a “false flag” attack that was set up by Pelosi and the FBI !!! The TRUTH WILL NEVER BE TOLD BY THE LYING LIBERAL CRIMINALS, BUT WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AND THEY WILL PAY FOR IT AT THE BALLOT BOX FROM NOW ON !!! The FBI WILL be disbanded when OUR PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP is legally re-elected again in 2024, MARK THESE WORDS !!!!

    • No, they won’t; they control THAT too. There will never be another honest election here, unless & until Jesus establishes such a system.

  • There is a video that went around February or March of 2021 by the FBI. They had arrested an ANTIFA member who was video recorded saying that it was NOT Donald J Trump that started the so called insurrection. That man definitely stated that it was Nancy Pelosi that did it. He said she phoned the heads of ANTIFA and BLM to have them have their people go to the Capitol on January 5, 2021 dressed as Trump supporters, then on J6 they were to wait for the rally and start rioting, destroying, maiming people and killing if they could. What does that tell you. I bet the FBI destroyed that video and are hiding the truth. the FBI needs to be arrested asap.

  • Everybody KNOWS it’s a Sham! Just wait until the RED Tsunami hits them in November! “Brainless Brandon” and his commie partners will get the crap knocked out of them!

  • Who out there is still in denial about them claiming and swearing that they’re there for the little guy?

  • That was a TRAP, intended to do exactly what it did: lure conservatives in , to hide their own leftists’ criminal acts behind as “no different” than what “right wing nut jobs did in DC”. 2 unarmed women were murdered to provide bodies to “show proof” of the “right wing violence”, & the lies being told in their kangaroo court now were carefully crafted to equate J6 to Seattle & Portland from the summer before, as “just the same”.
    Moral of the story: be extremely cautious about joining any group function! Vet the organizers carefully & SCRUPULOUSLY act only within the laws while engaged with such groups! Don’t even assume similar past events mean the new ones are secure; infiltrators & traitors are everywhere. Ms’s Babbitt & Boyland found that out at the cost of their lives!

  • Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi is a perfidious rat. She virtually created the J6 riot for the sole purpose of blaming Trump. This is another Democrat dirty trick like the Clinton “Steele dossier,” the FBI accusations of Trump’s Russian banking, the dirty Blasey-Ford accusations against Kavanaugh, and many others. Democrats are the Party of hate, division, lies, and dirty tricks.

  • This article is well written. Nancy, Chuckie, Muriel, etc. all knew that there was a group planning to go to DC. And, they used this time (and I think they encouraged Antifa to go) planning to falsely accuse Trump again. These people knew what was going to happen. It has always looked and sounded orchestrated to me. From the time the Antifa people started climbing the wall to the entrance, I told my husband that those were Antifa people. Did Nancy leave the Chamber to tell the police that it was time to open the doors? If not, why did she leave the Chamber? And, what ever happened to the “supposedly” bomb that was outside? Did they ever catch who placed it there, did they already know, or have they even looked for this person? It’s time to drop this FAKE “investigation” and the hatred that goes with it!!!

  • The “Stop the Steal” protest was infiltrated by BLM & ANTIFA members plus FBI agents! I was watching the entire event from home on TV! I saw them, the BLM & ANTIFA mbrs, being bused in, leave the buses and head straight for the Senate bldg. and start All the commotion! I saw the Capital police stand back and to nothing! In fact they opened the gates that were set up!! What about the FBI agents!?! What, did they lose the film that would have documented all of this?!? You can’t see it on TV if they weren’t filming it. I also heard President Trump tell the protester to peacefully head over to the Senate bldg after he was done speaking to them. There was no intent by the protesters to cause any commotion nor to charge the Senate to gain entrance either. This was definitely set up by Pelosi and her minion puppets! They need to release every protester they arrested and arrest Pelosi, Schumer all who were involved with these Treasonous actions against not only the people but against the sitting President of the United States of America, President Donald J Trump!

  • “When in American history has a legal proceeding silenced all opposition opinion and denounced any contradictory evidence?” Specifically, I guess the answer to the question of whether contrary opinion and evidence was ever ignored or suppressed in a US legal proceeding might be never, although the same description applies to most of the rest of everyday life in the US. And the “Red Flag” laws that are coming soon to a kangaroo court near you will all ignore any evidence other than that provided by the prosecution as a matter of course. The defendant may not even know about the legal proceeding until the Tscheka shows up to confiscate his weapons. But because the US today is ruled by a hostile, alien elite, American history isn’t relevant — the history of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain countries is.

  • What gets me is how hundreds of people were arrested and never charged for months! They ruined peoples lives jailing them with NO DUE PROCESS! People were jailed in sub par places weren’t allowed visitors barely given legal counsel! Is this America or a some corrupt third world country where they just lock people up?
    The FBI so does the bidding of the Democrats it’s flat out scary and we need to be worried!

  • John Solomon is telling many of the things I have thought caused the Jan 6th incident . I still think Pelosi, the FBI, and Soros planned the whole thing. Why else would the Capitol police opened the door and left people in { it was supposed to be Antifa members}. Let’s all pray that Pelosi gets voted out of office , she is one EVIL -itch.

  • There is only ONE reason for the whole Jan. 6th dog and pony show the conniving Demmunists have been broadcasting–and that is to ban Pres. Trump from running in 2024. They know they can’t beat him, so they are trying to keep him off the ballot. I don’t doubt for a second that any “violence” or “disorder” that was caused was done by BLM, Antifa, and FBI PLANTS in the crowd at the Capitol. The FBI is now nothing but the GESTAPO for the conniving Demmunists. The DOJ led by Merrick Garland is their personal police force to harass, arrest and declare anybody who dares disagree with them or speak OUT about the way they have STOLEN control of the government with an ILLEGITIMATE and profoundly fraudulent election as “domestic terrorists.”

    Too bad the Republicans there that day were so DUMB they took the bait and helped the conniving Demmunists concoct this LIE about the “insurrection.” Seems to me they should have KNOWN it was a SETUP from the get-go by the way they were INVITED IN by Capitol police!



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