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If you’re looking for a handout, California is the place to be. They give away money like it grows on trees. But they don’t just give it to anyone.

In an effort to address historical housing discrimination, the California Reparations Task Force, a nine-member council formed by Governor Gavin Newsom, estimates that Black state residents could be eligible for as much as $223,200 per person.

The figure is based on the claimed “housing wealth gap” that Black Californians have reportedly faced as a result of discriminatory laws that were in existence between 1933 and 1977. The task team calculated the annual cost to black residents of the policies at $5,074.

The task force passed a motion in March outlining eligibility based on “an individual being an African American descendant of a chattel enslaved person or the descendant of a free Black person living in the US prior to the end of the 19th century.”

It is anticipated that about 7% of Californians will be eligible for reparations, meaning the state’s total allocation for housing discrimination would be over $569 billion.

However, several people were upset with the task force’s final lineage-based strategy because it might have excluded people of color, like recent immigrants. According to a March article in Cal Matters, there were 5 votes in favor and 4 votes against the motion.

The Daily Mail reported,

That is more than California’s $512.8billion expenditure in 2021 – which included funding for schools, hospitals, universities, highways, policing and corrections.

However, discussions are still underway, and the panel is continuing to consider how payments should be made – some suggested tuition and housing grants or cash.

The task force has also identified four other causes for reparations: Mass incarceration, unjust property seizures, devaluation of Black businesses and health care.

It has until June 2023 to submit its final recommendations to the Legislature.

However, several people were upset with the task force’s final lineage-based strategy because it might have excluded people of color, like recent immigrants. According to a March article in Cal Matters, there were 5 votes in favor and 4 votes against the motion, and this is exactly why I’m going to tell you that this isn’t going to be enough to stop the reparations talks. If everyone in the group doesn’t get a ton of money, then they’re not going to be happy and will continue pushing for more money.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • There has to be something in the air in California more than smog to turn out fools at such a high rate!

    With their logic, the Jews should be able to get Reparations from Egypt for hundreds of years of Slavery.

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  • REPARATIONS: The DemonRats Proverbial ‘Carrot on a Stick’ to keep Blacks on the ‘Plantation’!
    People owning Slaves has been a normal, and at the time, a legal part of life throughout the entire world, during the entire period starting over 100 Centuries before the African slave trade to the New World began… One of the earliest known written records, slavery is treated as an established institution over 37 centuries ago, in The Code of Hammurabi (c. 1760 BC)
    Leftists are deliberately pretending that only European white people engaged in “slavery”, a practice as old as humanity itself. They are ignoring the fact that almost every White and non-White nation on the planet has engaged in slavery at some point during history, and some still do.
    This is yet another left-wing attempt to falsify history to instill a malicious “White guilt” in ordinary citizens, completely ignoring slavery throughout history, such as the Arab slave trade.
    Slavery is STILL happening in Muslim Countries, Africa, and in China along with their many other evil institutions! However, you will never hear any Leftists whining about that!

    There are around 181 verses in both the Old (122) and New Testaments (59) [depending on version], with some form of the word ‘Slave’. Yet not one-word condemning slavery! But you never hear this mentioned.

    Posted by American Cultist on November 24, 2019
    With so much discussion in America regarding the aftermath of slavery, we surprisingly tend to be reasonably passive as a society about current forms of human marketplaces. Take, for example, Kuwait, where 9 out of 10 households have a “domestic worker”. Most workers come from the poorest countries in the world. “4Sale”, an actual slave marketplace app, features pitches such as “African worker, clean and smiling” and “Nepalese who doesn’t dare to ask for a day off”. Most vendors advocated confiscating women’s passports.

    In the majority of circumstances in the Persian Gulf, workers are brought into the country by agencies and then officially registered with the government. These are countries the United States provides with attack helicopters, ballistic missile defense systems, and a cave of wonder’s worth of precision-guided munitions. The Gulf War was started by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Ethical standards for friends always become ambiguous when 8 percent of the world’s oil is involved.
    (Yet there is not one-word condemning any form of modern slavery from the MSM)

    We should strive as a nation to Move Forward; NOT rehash a time that NONE of us living now had anything to do with…
    The DNC has been infamous for ‘promising’ on what it has NEVER intended to deliver!
    Reparations have been a buzzword in leftist circles for decades, and they mean it to be a massive transfer of wealth from those who did not perpetrate the crime of slavery to those who were not victims of it. Practically, reparations have been paid in the form of “Great Society” welfare — for more than 50 years.
    One of the Democrats’ most absurd strategies is offering “Reparations for Slavery”, which is nothing more than a fake “cash-for-votes” scheme to be supposedly billed to American taxpayers.
    “Reparations” are used as a normal, yet forever to be an UNFULFILLED “Empty Promise” by Democrats to Blacks every Election Season, to secure the Black Vote, then after Voting Day, it is promptly ignored and put back into cold storage until it is once again revived and brought out for the next Presidential Election Season.

    Great Britain was the first country in the world to officially end slavery.
    As recompense, when they ended slavery on their shores, they paid reparations… to the former slave OWNERS!!
    As their laws stated then and still state today, the British government must pay for all confiscated private property. Slaves were “property”.
    I believe our own Constitution says the same thing, so… do we track down and pay all the former slave owners’ progeny for their loss of property?

    Democrats opened this can of worms through their pushing for Reparations for slavery as a ‘legitimate’ idea. This proposal has gone mainstream despite the fact the last person born in America as a slave, died off, over 50 years ago. One of those Black African Native Tribes that captured, and sold other Black African Natives into SLAVERY, were the Ashanti Tribe, of whose Royal Kente cloth garb Nancy Pelosi and company wore, while they ‘took a knee’

    “Reparations are both condescending and counterproductive, and to go down that path perpetuates a harmful racial stereotype and further divides our nation. … First, it is impractical and logistically impossible. It is also unfair and heartless to give Black Americans hope that reparations are a reality. Second, debates on reparations do not represent the rich history of a proud and tenacious community, who, like those of my lineage, worked, studied, and overcame to live the American Dream. Third, reparations teach separation and convey a narrative that Black Americans are a hopeless, hapless, and oppressed race entitled to handouts. The core of the debate certainly does not represent Black America’s potential, nor the 150 years of legal, social and economic progress achieved by millions of American minorities.” —Burgess Owens

    The Democratic Party of today argues that all African Americans, (only SOME of whom are descended from slaves) all deserve reparations. (Their ancestors being slaves is something we cannot whitewash or forget). This idea has obvious problems, with some of the most salient, being that:
    1. No one alive today in this country has ever been a slave and no one alive in this country has ever owned slaves.
    2. This whole proposition is immoral for many reasons. But in calculating anything like a claim for recompense there should be some form of calculation of the damages and harm done by the “guilty” parties, not to harm those whose ancestors were innocent.
    3. Slavery has existed in every civilization throughout history. The only question, therefore, isn’t who had slavery, but who was willing to fight and die to abolish it?
    4. The Democrat’s ‘Jim Crow Laws’ STILL Exist When it Comes to Blacks Owning Guns in Some States!
    5. Democrats want to steal money from people whose own ancestors fought, bled, suffered, and died to end slavery! 360,000 Union Soldiers, mainly white men suffered and died and paid “reparations” with their blood to free 4,000,000 slaves.
    6. The progeny of the White Conductors on the Underground Railroad who risked their lives if they were caught should not be held responsible for Reparations.
    7. Many Civil War Veterans were maimed for life, by the loss of arms, legs, or vision.
    8. White People in the 1960s died to give Blacks their Civil Rights! Google: The Onion Field
    9. Over 1000 Free-Blacks in the South OWNED Slaves too.
    10. Many Blacks fought for either the North or the South during the Civil War.
    11. Many Whites and people of other races were immigrants who came to the USA, AFTER the Civil War and they produced millions of children! How are they to be held responsible?
    12. There are some TWO Million African Blacks who got off the boat, AFTER the Civil War until today, and they produced many millions of children! How are any of them owed Slavery reparations?
    13. Yet, Southern Democrats whose own ancestors OWNED the slaves would pay an equal “share”!
    14. Many Blacks are Mixed Race, some going back generations, what kind of financial gymnastics is that called for? There would need to be Nazi-like ‘inquiries’ into the claimant’s racial background, to determine share. Or would fake “Blacks” like Rachel Dolezal collect?
    15. A Black man named Anthony Johnson was the very FIRST owner of Black slaves, in the USA, he came here to make more money raising tobacco by the use of slavery, because slavery was the most lucrative business (and it still is in Africa and the Middle East, they are STILL selling their people into slavery.) He had four white and one black indentured servant. The black indentured servant, John Casor demanded that Johnson release him after his allotted seven years of indenture. The court ruled in Johnson’s favor and made Casor a slave for LIFE. (It’s not clear if Anthony Johnson also kept his white indentured servants as slaves for Life)
    16. (The very first slaves in the US that were Irish children, shipped here by the British, arrived four months before the first black slaves arrived… Irish adults came later… most of them died before they made much of an impact on US history and are mainly forgotten. Search term:
    17. Muslim slave traders from Africa and Arabia sold MORE whites into slavery by raiding Europe than they did from raiding the black African people.
    18. Black African Tribes such as the Ashanti captured and sold other Blacks to both Muslim and White Slavers, sometimes the Slave Trading Tribes then became the hunted… It was the Ashanti’s own Kente Cloth that the Democrats wore in the halls of Congress when they ‘took a knee’ for George Floyd.
    Search term:
    19. Democrats claim that “DACA” kids should not have to pay for their own parents’ crimes. However, ALL White people are still responsible for the actions of pre-Mid-19th Century Slave Owners?
    20. Vice President Kamala Harris, when asked about her family’s history of owning slaves, says “That was in the past and has nothing to do with me”. This throws cold water on the whole argument!
    21. Can you say: “Equal application of the law”?
    Southern Democrats first and foremost, then all other Democrats… INCLUDING BLACK Democrats, because Free-Blacks in the South OWNED Slaves too!

    So, the Black Dems get to “Pay” themselves… after the usual obligatory Governmental “Slight Charge for Shipping and Handling”!

    Bottom line: don’t let the Democrats change America for the worse. Remember November!

  • If the person was NOT a resident of CA in those yrs, he should neither be penalized nor benefitted; he suffered nothing, nor was benefitted, by the policies then. Inother words yet another insane notion from looney Lala land!

  • Well, that might be one way to keep the Blacks from robbing businesses, banks, individuals,etc,etc. Even if only for a short time.

  • When are the white people of California going to stand up for themselves and vote this ? out? Do you like being called racist by the biggest hypocrite in California? Do you like this idiot giving your money away? Wake up ! Get rid of this dic head!

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  • Newsom wants to run for President in the next election. Yet, another political gesture to try and get the Black vote.

  • There were more men killed in the civil war than all the other wars combined that the U.S. fought in. Bet if those men could have seen the future there wouldn’t have been a war or Lincoln would have followed thru and sent the slaves back to their home land.



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