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Joe Biden recently declared that he would not be visiting the southern border “because there are more important things going on”. This statement has sparked outrage from many who are concerned about the current situation at the US-Mexico border, as well as from those who find it hypocritical for a president to not address an issue as serious as illegal immigration.

The Biden regime insists that the current surge of unaccompanied minors and families crossing into the United States is due to seasonal migration patterns and increased violence in Central American countries like Guatemala and Honduras. However, some argue that Biden’s own policies have made it easier for people to gain access to the US. One example is his decision to revoke a Trump-era policy that required migrants to stay in Mexico while their asylum claims were processed. This decision was seen by many as an invitation for thousands of migrants to come to the US without fear of being turned away.

Furthermore, Biden’s refusal to visit the southern border may imply that he does not take this crisis seriously enough—or worse yet, that he doesn’t care about it at all. People want accountability from their leaders, especially when it comes to issues like immigration reform and border security.

Joe Biden’s comments have only served to add fuel to an already contentious debate over immigration policy in this country. It is clear that there is much work still ahead if we are ever going to resolve this issue once and for all. Hopefully, Biden will take a more proactive role in leading us towards a solution—otherwise, we may never get one.

Only time will tell what kind of impact his words will have on our future immigration policies. But if we ever really want to get something down about the border, we’re just going to need to elect a conservative president.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • What can I say when there is a Dementia Ridden person in the White House
      pretending to be the leader of this country? He has no business in the People’s House. The day he fell going up the stairs on that plane I knew he was doomed
      just as this country was. I don’t feel he is capable of this job and others are running this country, who, obama. sanders, rice, perhaps hillary etc. This country is being Destroyed on purpose and it started with obama for eight years. Things changed when President Trump took over this country and was blooming we even were self-sufficient with Energy and now we are begging for oil from Communist Country Venezuela. Biden is the worst president this country ever had and makes Jimmy Carter look like a Genius. As far as that wife of his who thinks she is a doctor and a doctor of What maybe she should take him to a nursing home and play doctor there.

      • “DITTO” everything you said, and as far as ‘Dr.’ Jill goes, she probably got her degree out of a Cracker Jack box.

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      • I agree Ann Marie! One thing I must add is that Biden is ridden with pure Evil which has had its grip on him for over 50 years so that should spell out what forces are at play in this madhouse scenario! Also you’re right about what I’ve called for the last several years “the 8 darkest years in America” the “Fraud Obama” presidency! That man is the epitome of evil full of him-self and lies coming out of his ears!

        I mean come on, look who he was paired with for those eight years, none other than the evil bastard Biden who we are stuck with again; and make no mistake about it, this was not by some remote freak accident of chance or fate; it was a designed evil plot from hell! So looking at how long these diabolical, pathological liars have been in the top echelon of our “US Government power grid” should spell out to anyone with a clue just how sinister and destructive the plan or underlying agenda actually is; Annihilation!

        Is it any wonder now that we have a so called president who states with a hot open mic nearby that “nobody f-s with a Biden!” That evil traitor should have been executed decades ago but yet here we are!!!

        “President Biden stunned viewers of a Hurricane Ian recovery briefing Wednesday by saying into a hot mic that “no one f—s with a Biden” shortly after he told devastated residents of southwest Florida that he can commiserate due to a minor house fire that destroyed an “awful lot” of his own home almost 20 years ago.” nypost

        The gall and vile arrogance to this degree from anyone calling themself the president points out a clear and present danger for America how this is a sign of absolute madness and the working of a wicked tyrannical soul; truly diabolical. The emperor truly has no cloths or a human heart!

        As far as any trials and culpability being held to account; I won’t hold my breath, I have “slim to no,” faith in our Government!
        Sorry, this scenario is sort of “up the creek without the proverbial paddle!”

        As I see it, realistically speaking as far as our leadership and system goes, “too little too late!” They were and still are too busy “passing the buck!” They love their “gravy train” too much! I mean “come on,” look at scoundrels like Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell; that is leadership? Yea, sure if it’s about making oneself filthy rich off the system and backs of the taxpayers, sure it is, they “lead their own SCAM!” But a small group of them being taken down and fried for their crimes? Can’t happen, if you do it to several you’d have to do it to almost all of them, because that is how crooked most of them are being in the game to start with! This is why I believe we see such arrogance and outright “in the open corruption!” Say for example Katie Hobbs in Arizona who obviously lost an election but won because she was able to rig it and doesn’t care what anyone thinks; because she figures she has it all covered and is invincible being a “Grade-A Liar Insider Crook,” playing the game!

      • Since the day of that fall, we havenot publicly seen the real Joseph Robinette Biden, III; I don’t know who this man is, nly that he began standing in for Biden during the last few months of his campaign, & is the only 1 we’ve seen since that fall up the boarding ramp, except a few times another stand-in was essayed, but failed abysmally, as he was too dissimilar. There are features that grow with age, but don’t essentially change: ear shapes, attachment points, noses, eye socket positions, teeth shapes, etc. It’s by those we can tell this man is someone no America citizen ever voted for. Where the real Biden is, whether even still alive, I don’t know, just that this is not him.

      • Couldn’t be more true. By the way she is a doctor in education.!!!! A shame she doesn’t read about dementia and stop the elder abuse of her husband.

  • I am well aware that most of the Dems & all of those on the left
    absolutely do not care about any of We The People. In their eyes
    all we are to them is revenue. Whether we live or die, get robbed, assaulted, murdered , or raped is of no concern to them. As long as they remain in power , that is all they care about. I can’t help but wonder what the new world order types promised them if
    they continue to destroy our national identity & sovereignty.
    Jesus is coming back soon. They need to repent in a big way !

    • Margaret; I totally agree and you hit the nail on the proverbial head!

      They or those in power do not care one miniscule bit about any of us the common citizens!

      Remember during the height of the “Covid plandemic” how Pelosi so arrogantly walked into a hairdressers to get her head and ugly mug attended to! That while in public pushing the mask mandate upon the citizens, and whenever in the public view while in the Congress standing for that order constantly!

      You and I with many citizens know the real deal! “Do as I say and not as I do!”

      We are back to the Middle Ages!
      “Rules For Thee… But Not For Me!”

      The makings of Tyranny!

    • AMEN. Does something have to happen to their family to wake them up? Oh yeah pelosi husband was hit with a hammer(?) by a person illegally in this country. So I guess it really doesn’t matter. One story said he over stayed his visa and then another story said he left and returned thru the southern border once. What does it take to happen to their family to get them to wake up? I guess they have so much government protection that they are not worried. Or maybe something has happen that we will never hear about. So in that case they really don’t care about anything but power.

  • Biden is severely dazed and confused. His priorities are backwards, sideways, and upside down. He has no focus, continuity, common sense, or concern for anything other than himself. He is a selfish, angry, bitter, mentally challenged freak. Why we continue to let this man continue to destroy everything is absurd, frightening, and dangerous.

    • Rick, I want to say it again like I have to others, I do agree with everything you said here; but what does that make him besides all of those vile disgusting things that a human being should never allow themself to become! EVIL!

      Folks I keep driving this one point throughout the internet where I can for now, because it’s the formidable force at work in this upside-down perverted and thoroughly corrupt world now!

      Diabolical Evil is at work here in a society that is becoming more secular and pagan by the hour and people need to realize that and pray while seeking God’s Spirit to do the best they can before it’s too late.

    • First of all, biden us Not in charge. obama as much as just openly admitted in one of his last speeches. Heading for one world. Which Communist leader will be in charge? Or what were they promised if they could pull this charade off?

  • Can someone please put Biden and his Reich out of our misery, hasn’t he done enough damage to us and our Republic?

    • Most Rev. Gregori, I agree 100% but you see how that isn’t going to happen now, don’t you? He is operating as such because the system allows it, and he is within “A House of Cards!” You know the old “Domino Effect!”

      The Devil has infiltrated so much and is embedded into our entire system now, even in the Catholic Church of which I was raised in!

      Who is there in our society and system that can get all of the guilty to admit their evil, and then sign up for the “Go To Jail Program!”
      Biden even appointed Satanists to government positions! Bergoglio, who is no legitimate Pope, has been up to similar tricks in the Church!

      Jesus Christ is the only one who can fix this evil mess now!

      God help us!

  • This president needs to be removed from the White House ASAP for committing numerous acts of treason against the United States.

  • Biden’s always been a moron. That paramount function of that job is the protection of the country and it’s people. That’s enough treason to get him hanged.

  • Joes words are his true feelings. By saying he has more important things to do than visit our border explains it all. This POS took an oath to uphold our constitution and our LAWS!!!! Yet every single day someone ILLEGALLY enters our country!!! He caused this invasion at our southern border!!! Now he’s too busy to protect America/ Americans from said invasion!! So again as usual joe lied when he said he’d uphold the constitution of the United States!!! He’s a liar a thief and the worst president EVER!!! He passed Obama on day one!!

    • Ron! Of course, he is a pathological LIAR because he is working for Satan!!! Don’t think I’m screwing around here! He appropriated 468 $Billion for abortion up to full term during his first 100 days in office; something he stated he was very proud of!!! Wake up and understand why that happened; he is serving Satan and the babies are a human sacrifice and Biden is working for Satan just like Obama was and is; who is still playing his tricks no matter what he says don’t believe these devils or take anything they say as worth a damn; Nothing!!
      People need to understand that actual diabolical evil exists and is at work in these matters, so the only thing each person can do is pray to God though Jesus our Savior who brings the Comforter the Holy Spirit of God to help us! PRAY! Amen.

      • See by his priority in those first 100 days in office what is most important to him, Obama and the whole leftist, atheist, communist and pagan cabal that now occupy our highest levels of government!

  • American people were never important to Biden. He has lived off the taxpayers money his whole life. He lies about things he never did. The only thing he has done is screw over America for his greed and kissing our enemies butts. But Congress does nothing but let him destroy America. Congrats to the people who thinks he doing a good job, I call you people lazy, stupid and unamerican.

  • Biden’s priorities are different than most American citizens. His biggest concerns all deal with his green energy plans and depopulation. He views the influx of foreign nationals as a means of destabilizing our economy and society in general. He also expects them to vote to keep his political party in power in support of the NWO.

  • Biden not caring for Americans safety then why would Americans care for his safety? Myself, I have never cared for Binden or for his safety….

  • Neither “Biden” nor his régime gives a hoot for our safety, or health! Unvetted, uncontacted invaders are pouring into our nation by the hundreds of thousands, sharing their dangerous diseases with us, without the least concern from our gov’t. That said, it’s only the numbers that have changed over the past several decades; this is not a new problem! Chagas, chikengunkya, mutiple drug resistant TB, & more have flooded in unchecked & spread to Americans, over the past 4 + decades. Of course, not much gets heard about it, because it doesn’t fit the narrative we’re supposed to believe that this invasion is, somehow, “good” for America & her citizens. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening, or costing us heavily… it just means we’re supposed to ignore those costs, because “it’s ‘good’ for us”. Are you feeling lied to & abused yet?

  • norm have 6you read the article obama published 1 yr ago? he states cleary that he is the one running the country with susan rice behind him.dont whreather to belive him or not.

  • This POS and his Marxist sycophants don’t give a damn about our national security. I will bet that these chip manufacturing jobs that this buffoon is pushing will be filled with undocumented democrats who swam across the Rio Grande. This character is an open book.

  • it’s so sad to watch the leftist Democratic party continue to use name calling instead of action to fix America election deniers is not a lie it’s a fact they just won’t admit it because they’ll lose their jobs or have to change to the Republican party. are real Democrat in their state would be pushing to stop the influx of the illegals that are flooding into California the west coast and heading well I guess up from Texas unfortunately for them they don’t realize they’re moving in the areas where deer hunters rain everyone I know grew up hunting learning to live off the land and if illegals are coming sounds like there’s going to need to be a new tag made at The hunting office I wonder what the limit will be if they start bringing illegal drugs into our state I bet they’ll let you bag a pretty hefty limit if they start hauling weapons and drugs that are killing children and people in the Midwest. time for the Democrats to wake up including Cherise David in Kansas we voted her in because she’s nice to look at charming well-educated and unfortunately she tends to side with Biden 100% of the time why she can’t with her intellect understand the dangers these illegals are causing flooding the border daily instead of spending some of the trillions they’re wasting for their underground Subway they want to build or whatever from the west coast to the East Coast or canister cars like banks used to have the silly ideas that California comes up with no wonder they’re losing every battle and murder rates are 500 times higher than before. we keep praying as Christians that somebody will wake up before all of America wakes up and realizes it’s time to protect our country. first thing that needs to be done is to revitalize the military get off this stupid woke crap that’s continuing to be told to one first graders and second graders things that they should never hear until they’re in junior high at the earliest and never should be a choice God makes You the Way You are when you’re old enough to decide if you like women or men that’s a different story it has nothing to do with changing your sex that’s against all Christianity and we are a Christian country one nation under God remember? Wake up America!!! ?

  • Our Arsehole in Chief.

    He does not believe one of his fundamental responsibilities to the country is important.

    He is a maggot crawling in sh………



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