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Recently, there has been a lot of coverage devoted to California in the media, and it would seem that none of it has been positive.

The majority of the issues that we have been observing can be attributed to the energy crisis that the state is currently facing. At the very least, California has battled with a burden on the electricity grid for the second year in a row, but if I’m not mistaken, the issue stretches back even farther than that.

For whatever reason, their electrical grid is constantly being overwhelmed. During the year 2019, the New York Post reported that an old man who was powerless without his oxygen machine passed away after the electricity in his home was cut off.

The power company cut off power to millions of Californians in an effort to try to prevent wildfires from occurring during the dry and windy weather conditions that were occurring in conjunction with large forest fires. He wasn’t the only person whose power was cut off, but he may have been the only one who died as a result.

Now, California is in such bad shape that they’re now resorting to activating gas generators for the first time ever as their electric grid suffers.

“We have now entered the most intense phase of this heat wave,” said Elliot Mainzer, president and chief executive of the California Independent System Operator, according to The Sacramento Bee.

“The potential for rotating outages has increased significantly.”

He added that the grid faced “energy deficits of 2,000 to 4,000 megawatts, which is as much as 10 percent of normal electricity demand.”

Yet, this is the Governor who is making it illegal to sell gas-fueled cars by the year 2035 according to MSN.

If their grid can’t handle everyday life right now, what makes them think that they’re going to be able to handle tens of millions more electric vehicles in just over 10 years? Does he realize how much work needs to be accomplished in the next 10 years and how much money it would take to do this?


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  • The biggest problem CA has is its ignorant governor and his anti-American dictates. Why do Californians put up with him? He is as evil as his relative Nasty Nancy.

    • Marlopi California’s put up with him because there are so many on the government dole, drugs and the fact criminals aren’t prosecuted.

  • Few words adequately describe CA’s leadership or non-leadership, but ‘IDIOTIC’ comes close! A book written some time ago titled “The Death of Common Sense” provides one answer to why America has been in decline for decades. In America today, at all levels of government, there is a shortage of common sense!

    • Shortage of common sense, there is a shortage of intelligence period no matter what you want to label it. That goes for those that keep voting these people in.

    • The people that have fled California should have stayed and fought. The more good people that bail, the more power evil inherits and diminishes the possibility of correcting the situation.

  • OK, let’s just say for a minute that suddenly half of the illegals went home. Would that provide a sufficient reduction in demand to take care of the problem? Just curious.

  • OPPORTUNITY……I have one property in AZ with access right to California. 2000 MW of renewable, unlimited storage, Capacity, No Fatal Flaws, Sub Station Capacity, 110% Capacity Factor on Solar and 40% on Wind.
    Millions invested, Perfect Big Game Project, 10 years work for Developer….
    Jeff 1eii at comcast . net

    • 110%,,,,,at noon on a windy day with nare a cloud in the sky….At midnight with the wind not blowing the batteries are dead and if you don’t have a diesel generator you will be sitting in the dark.

      Speaking as an engineer with decades in DG, large backup and peak shaving generation,,,,,,Bullshit. There is NO system like he describes on the earth and there never will be one.

      People are waking up and we will be building scalable micronuclear plants and will completely forget about solar and wind. – Remember, Nore people were killed in Ted Kennedy’s car then were killed at 3 mile island. Nuclear has by far the safest record in the country, WAY better then Wind and Solar.

      Besides, In today’s world we need power 100% of the time. Not only on sunny days when the wind is blowing. Ask the family of they guy that dies when they cut his power. – Also one more then died at 3 Mile Island.

    • That comment is based on a belief that California elections have always been legitimate…….We know from previous proven acts of election fraud that 2020 wasn’t the first time an election had been stolen. More people are just starting to wake up.

  • Yeah, failing power grid, people leaving by the droves, ILLEGAL ALIENS by the Thousands, Homeless Drug addicts, Criminal Gangs, and buy an Electric Battery powered automobile 57K
    1. Failing power Grid
    2. People can’t afford to wire their homes,
    3. Battery needs replacement = costs almost as original purchase.

  • they have chased away their future! Taxed the entire state to death! All so they can swoop in and buy the state for nothing! Democrats are parasites! They will cut their own mothers throat to steal from her! But the people there are so brainwashed and down right ignorant they let them screw the life out of them and don’t say a word! And even though the lies are even more ridiculous than those told before. They just swallow it and ask for more! They have turned the state into a crap hole . And their vote counts for nothing as they are not allowed to check anything! Just obey their rulers!

  • The thing is the whole country will be in this same fix if they close down the fossil fuel power plants before they get something as good or better. Wind turbines and solar is not capable. If this administration have their way we will all be in the dark and either freezing or cooking depends on where you live. How is this happening? No one you talk to wants to admit voting for this group.

    • “No one you talk to wants to admit…..” because no one you talked to voted for this group of anti-American fuksticks……Unless you talk to peeps high up in the Chinese Comm Party or a union boss.

  • In California 95% of electric vehicles are still on the road. – The other 5% made it home before the batterys went dead.

    No prob, though. Newsance says you can get up at midnight and plug your car in,,,,as long as you unplug before 5AM.

    Great way to live, huh?

  • They saw that California leads and the rest of the nation follows. So. we can expect abysmal stupidity to be moving eastward.

  • California people used to be our neighbors and friends. Now the state loathes the rest of the union and her people feel we are the problem and the reason for their demise. We were envious of her warmness and her beauty and vacationed there like no other state in the union. I for one wish California would once again adhere to the ways that made her so favored by the rest of the nation. Why has California chosen to isolate itself from her country?

  • I’ll bet that Communist Newsom and his Evil Slime Aunt Piglosi along with the other Communist Demoncrats Waters, Schiff have plenty of electricity to run their multi-million dollar Mansions 24/7 a could Careless about the idiots who voted them back in.
    And when reelection time comes around they’ll vote for them again and again. It’s unbelievable how those idiots vote in Commifornia.

  • Gavin Newsom has no idea how to fix the electrical grid problem. He’s a total idea and thinks that campaigning it RED states is going to help California and the rest of the Democrat states, he is badly mistaken. It’s time for California to remove all the democrats and start replacing them with Republicans or conservatives, because what Gavin Newsom is doing is not working.

  • Gavin Newsom has no idea how to fix the electrical grid problem. He’s a total idiot and thinks that campaigning it RED states is going to help California and the rest of the Democrat states, he is badly mistaken. It’s time for California to remove all the democrats and start replacing them with Republicans or conservatives, because what Gavin Newsom is doing is not working. (I had to fix the misspelling of idiot)

  • CALIFORNICATION: Run by political idiots, {Gavin Newsome, & criminal *Demoncrat party!} Elected by a *demented electorate, that simply “keeps making the same mistakes” over, & over, & over….Until the residents are leaving Calif. like “RATS FROM A SINKING SHIP”! Who can blame the “tens of thousands”, of residents, moving away from an Impossible political future? ? ? :O{{{

    *Remember…Californians, has the chance to get rid of Newsome, & { failed}…to do so! **No sympathy here! Suffer with this stinking idiot Newsome, & “his Auntie”, from the corrupt ” washington mill” of criminal politicians! :O{{{

  • This is what happens when you vote for incompetents with a pie in the sky approach to everything instead of what logically correct for the people and the state as a whole. Liberalism is great to discuss over coffee but that’s where it should end for reality will beat it every time

  • Could the movie “Escape from L.A.” be a Portent of Things to Come? Every State, County or City “run” by Democrats is a Disaster! High Crime, High Taxes and Corruption is Rampant! Crisis after Crisis with No End in Sight! America is rapidly becoming a Turd World Country thanks to the Democrats! The Time to Act is Now!



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