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Right now, there is a massive court case going on in the Supreme Court. A case so big that it could change our future forever.

This case is being heard by the Supreme Court and is regarding the Mississippi law that would put strong restrictions on abortions.

The law would ban nearly all abortions past 15 weeks of gestation. This has the potential to save tens of thousands of innocent lives, if not more.

Justice Clarence Thomas asked a question during the proceedings that has sent the left in a tizzy. He asked, “Does a mother have a right to ingest drugs and harm a previable baby? Can the state bring child neglect charges against the mother?”

This has the Baby Κillers outraged. They don’t like it because they don’t have a good response to that question.

The left is so absolutely insane that they are actually out in front of the Supreme Court protesting by shouting things like, “Abortion pills forever!”

It really is just horrifying at how evil these people are. They are even celebrating it by taking abortion pills.

Are all of these women actually pregnant, or are they just purposely trying to wreck their bodies by taking this drug that they don’t need to be taking right now? Either way, they’re absolutely demented.

If you’d like to hear the oral arguments made on Wednesday, you can listen to them below:

The truth is that this case could turn control back over to the states to make decisions for their own state. Some states would outlaw it entirely. Some would impose different restrictions as to how long it can take place or special situations in which it can take place. Because in reality, it should be able to take place in the rare instance that it does endanger the life of both the baby and the mother. I’m thinking of ectopic pregnancies where the baby is not going to survive and the mother wouldn’t either if the pregnancy continued.


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