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Since the Biden administration has virtually decided they won’t do anything to address the escalating issue at the Southern border, several Republican-led governments have made the decision to take action.

In particular, Governor Greg Abbott has been transporting illegal immigrants who Joe Biden is releasing into his state of Texas to liberal cities like New York City and Chicago.

To be really honest, I don’t believe that this is a bad plan. Because of their lengthy border with Mexico, Texans bear the brunt of immigration. While liberals voted for and supported this mess, they voted against it. Then they ought to extend a warm welcome to immigrants in their own cities if they are so in favor of it.

Nevertheless, folks like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and reportedly New York City Mayor Eric Adams are criticizing Gov. Abbot’s actions because they are shipping them off somewhere else.

Yep, that’s right. They have called him racist for sending immigrants to another city because he doesn’t want them there, but then they are turning around and doing the VERY SAME THING.

According to Fox 5 NY,

New York City officials claim that many of the migrants who are being bused from Texas did not want to go to New York so they are helping them get to other states.

The New York City Commissioner of Immigration Affairs appeared on the FOX 5 NY morning show “Good Day New York” on Wednesday.

Commissioner Manuel Castro says that a lot of the migrants are fleeing Venezuela and are.

Castro says, “Many want to go to places like Florida where the largest community of Venezuelans live.”

He says they have family and community ties in Florida.

“We’re helping them get to their actual final destination,” Castro says. “We’re doing our best.”

Mayor Adams said that this influx of immigrants is a “real burden on New Yorkers”. Oh, but it’s not a real burden on anyone else?

Kamala Harris has decided to go the route of playing dumb. If she doesn’t see it with her own eyes, she can at least pretend that it doesn’t exist, right?

To this day, nearly two years after being sworn into the office of vice president, and she still hasn’t visited the bad part of the border. But guess what just happened? On Thursday morning, she got a taste of the problem as well as two busloads with more than 100 illegal immigrants were dropped off at Harris’ home in Washington, D.C.


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  • Horizontal Harris, (the cackling Hen) has decided to go the route of playing dumb. Is this sentence a joke?? She is NOT playing dumb! She IS!
    Between “Babbling Braindead Brandon” and her, I PRAY the USA will survive!

  • So why isn’t the press asking Litefoot why she is so racist? Deporting these poor people she doesn’t want cause they cost money! HOW RACIST OF Chicago!

  • What’s good for the goose,
    Is good for the grander,
    send the Immigrants there,
    to wander and meander.
    Sanctuary cities,
    Just can’t be wrong,
    so send them ALL there,
    Where they ALL belong.

  • now That is Awesome, i laughed my head off. give em hell boys, I would love to see more pictures of Immigrants being dropped off in sanctuarycities. get a clue kamala, you want the job but not the responsibility, how in the hell did you get elected anyway?

  • Every border state should bus, fly, taxi every illegal they possibly can to Martha’s Vineyard and every other rich community in sanctuary cities. Let the rich leftists start taking responsibility for their very policies instead of making red States take care of millions of illegals that #1 the country cannot afford #2 they shouldn’t be here in the first place according to United States LAW #3 the rich trash can afford to build them housing and hire them since it’s the rich trash that are pushing the illegal invasion of the country.
    What happened when they showed up at the leftists front door? All hell broke loose! They in NO way wanted those dirty non American speaking trash from other third world countries in their communities and they immediately Demanded they be removed by the leftist government that sure as hell don’t want them in their neighborhood’s either!



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