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How long before this woke culture is annihilated? How many victims must be harmed and molested before these idiots are willing to acknowledge their mistakes?

Defeating this stuff will require extreme measures.

The Florida Department of Education has ordered schools to notify parents if their children must share a restroom with someone of the opposite sex after learning that a little girl was sexually assaulted in the bathroom by a transgender girl who is biologically a male.

The Florida Department of Education’s director of communications, Alex Lanfranconi, stated:

“We find this allegation deeply disturbing and troubling. Clearly, if Brevard Public Schools had commonsense policies that separate bathrooms and locker rooms by biological sex at birth, this incident would not have been possible

“Unfortunately, some districts choose wokeness over the safety of their students. The Florida Department of Education will continue to take all steps within its power to protect parental rights and student safety by developing rules that will notify parents if their children are at risk of exposure to these types of situations.”

Rep. Randy Fine, a Republican from Florida, added:

“We should be able to trust Brevard Government Schools to put our children first. To not hide criminal activity that hurts our children. Brevard Government Schools should have openly and transparently addressed the concerns of these parents. But they refused, and even worse, gaslighted the public when I brought the issue to light.”

“We should not be surprised, they believe boys should use the girls’ bathroom.”

The Daily Wire reported,

Parents who reported the incident to Fine initially said that the incident occurred at Johnson Middle School, the state lawmaker said, sparking strong denials from school officials. But Fine told The Daily Wire in a phone interview on Thursday that in actuality, the alleged incident took place at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School.

Brevard Public Schools spokesperson Russell Bruhn initially denied Fine’s reports, saying, “There was no attack. No victim, no witness, no parents coming forward, nothing. Rep. Fine owes our staff at Johnson Middle School an apology for making this baseless allegation.”

But on Thursday, Fine obtained and publicized redacted police case reports indicating that a girl had told someone with an office at the school that she was sexually assaulted by a transgender student on June 20.

While I wish they would do more than just send out a letter to parents that they’re children have to share a bathroom with the opposite sex, I understand that they’re hands are somewhat tied. So the thing that parents then need to do is to pull their children out of public school. I’ll preach it until I’m red in the face if I have to, but this is THE biggest thing that most parents can do to fight the system. If we stop letting them indoctrinate our children, then they won’t hold to their crazed ideologies when they grow up.

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  • Find the girl wannabe then cut off all male protrusions and other junk. He wants to be a girl, make him one.

  • The “wokeaticians” at every level continue to ignore or protect their woke ideology. This is about as insane as the Captain of the Titanic claiming all is well and not to worry. Do these liberal air-heads think everyone is stupid or we are woke?

  • The little girl is lucky that she does not face charges for hurting the feelings of the poor transgender. In the US Marine Corps, such insensitivity could earn her a dishonorable discharge.



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