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Why is it that politicians who lose elections always seem to want to run for even higher office positions later on?

You’d think they’d get the message and realize they have no chance of winning the big race if they can’t even win the smaller one.

Nonetheless, Liz Cheney, who was recently defeated in her home state, may yet run for president in 2024, but this is only speculation at this point. If she does run, she’ll get wrecked almost immediately.

According to NBC News,

Asked if she plans to run for president, she first deflected and argued that the GOP needs to be taken in a different direction. “We’ve now got one major political party, my party, which has really become a cult of personality, and we’ve got to get this party back to a place where we’re embracing the values and the principles on which it was founded,” she said.

Pressed again about whether she’s contemplating running for president, Cheney said, “That’s a decision that I’m going to make in the coming months, and I’m not going to make any announcements here this morning — but it is something that I am thinking about.”

Well, wouldn’t you know it, fellow RINO Sen. Mitt Romney had something to say about it. He flat out said that if Liz Cheney ran for president, she would not become the nominee.

“I’m not going to encourage anyone to run for president. I’ve done that myself, and that’s something I’m not doing again. I don’t know if she really wants to do that. She would not become the nominee if she were to run. I can’t imagine that would occur,” Romney said alongside Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Rep. John Curtis, UT-03, the Deseret News reported.

I fully agree with Romney. It seems pretty obvious to me that she wouldn’t become the nominee because she failed majorly in her own state of Wyoming. This is a state where according to her own words, she won with 73% of the vote when she was first elected. This last go around, she only received 30-something percent.

If Liz Cheney ran for president, it would be a huge waste of money because everyone knows that she’s not well-liked by the Republican party.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • In poker, everyone starts off with the same amount of chips. It should be this way in politics but that’s for another debate.
    The point being in that what you do with your own chips is entirely up to you.
    But, when you have clearly decided to use your chips to seek an unfair advantage over your opponent(s), then it is time for you to be shown the back or side doors out. It wasn’t always this way, so fortunately for many, we have become civilized.

    Which is precisely what the good folks there in Wyoming have done.
    Thank you Wyoming, for showing her the door out!

    • Sincerely those 3 are truly done. After what Daddy did on nine-11 the whole family ought to be hiding in shame!!!

  • Mitt Romney has already lost my respect and I voted for him. It is time the Rhinos get out of our way and that includes Mr. Romney. I give him credit for stabbing Lizzy in the back but it isn’t enough as far as I’m concerned. It is clear that Romney also doesn’t care about the American people and just wants to keep some relevency. Trump was the best president and the best for the American people. It is called Peoples President! Got it. You all work for us but you would not know it.

  • I hope by Utah’s next Senatorial elections, that state comes to
    their senses and kicks Romney to the curb!

  • On the Ukraine corruption the talk is that John Kerry’s son, Mitt Romney’s son and Hunter Biden are all involved in the Burisma energy bribery/payoff crimes/China payoffs and other treasonous crimes. Also, Pelosi took her son to Taiwan to meet some people about cashing in too.

  • Come on Liz! Listen to Mittens! He knows exactly what it takes to lose an election.

    But if Liz does try for the Republican nomination, she’ll make Cackala Harris look like a superstar.

  • Liz is not very well liked by her former constituents either, which is why she’s out of a job! These career politicians need to learn they’re in office to serve US, not the Party! We, The People, who (supposedly) elected them to their lofty positions, can just as easily take them out again, as Liz and a couple of others were recently reminded!

  • Here’s a thought on it. If Liz Cheney runs for President she will probably switch to Independent, so she can try to divide the Republican/Conservative vote. That way she can keep Trump from winning, if he runs or is able to run and if he wins the Republican nominee. She hates him so much she would help the Democrats/Liberals win the Presidency if she thought it would hurt him. She already is helping them as they try to destroy him.

  • I will agree with her on one thing and one thing only! We don’t need politicians elected based solely on personality. It does not matter how likeable or unlikeable they may be. The question is where do they stand on the important issues? And if elected will they follow through with what is expected of them? Are they capable of doing a good job of defending the Constitution and the American people? Will they work to preserve our liberties and freedom? Will they be good stewards of our nation and the funds we provide them to work with? It is not their personality that counts but their intentions and abilities.

    • most of Amerika disagree with you. Arizona (John McCain’t) and Delaware (sleepy Joe) both need to be nuked because of stupidity. facts don’t matter

  • Its all about all those political donations. they cannot just spend them on living the high life they have to squander it on running and being candidates. the scum are all lawyers and know the rules inside and out.



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