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Former White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller has exposed the Biden crime family as the biggest foreign corruption scandal in American history. In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, Miller revealed how Joe Biden and his son Hunter have been enriching themselves at the expense of national security and American interests.

Miller cited a recent report that showed how Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from a Chinese energy company with ties to the Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army. The report also revealed how Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Chinese business partners in 2021, when he was still vice president, and how he lied about it to the American people.

Miller said that this scandal is not only a matter of ethics, but also of national security. He said that Joe Biden is compromised by his family’s dealings with China, and that he cannot be trusted to stand up to the Chinese regime on issues such as trade, human rights, Taiwan, and the origin of the coronavirus.

Miller called on Congress to launch a full investigation into the Biden crime family, and to hold them accountable for their corruption and treason. He said that the American people deserve to know the truth about how their president and his son have been selling out their country to a hostile foreign power.

Miller also warned that this scandal is not an isolated case, but part of a pattern of corruption that spans decades.

Stephen Miller: We’ve now received since we filed that FOIA and since we filed a lawsuit to compel document production, we’ve now received three tranches of emails that have been stunning.  Whether it’s been showing the vice president’s use of personal email, which is of course, forbidden, but also showing extensive, continuous collaboration and communication between the (then) Vice President’s government office and Hunter Biden and his advisors. You cannot tell where Hunter Biden’s consulting firm ends and where Joe Biden’s office begins. They communicated and coordinated press statements, on official foreign travel and foreign visits.

You had Hunter Biden meeting with and talking with Tony Blinken before major foreign trips abroad. And you have to ask yourselves, what were they talking about? What were they discussing? What is Hunter Biden discussing with Joe Biden’s advisers? And that’s something that’s going to have to be determined if the House is able to get these individuals under oath in a deposition to ask those questions. But clearly, these conversations were not about the weather. They were not about childcare, they were not about vacation plans…  This is about enriching the Biden family using the power of the state…

…You combine that with the shocking revelations that James Comer has put forward about the web of LLCs that has apparently been used to get around US tax law, Hello, IRS! And that has been used quite clearly to enrich the Biden family. 10% for the big guy! You combine the money-making scheme with what we have uncovered in these emails and you can read them all [email protected]. We’ve put them all out there. And what you may have is the single biggest foreign corruption scandal in American history that now reaches all the way to the Oval Office…

There’s a very real chance that Hunter Biden will be indicted on very low level, insignificant charges as a distraction play both to shield Hunter and to also, more importantly, to shield Joe Biden from accountability. Don’t put that past DOJ. As to the second point, they’re going to have to, in my view, pursue impeachment against the Attorney General of the United States if he does not fully cooperate and comply. And the context of that impeachment will give you enormous powers to bring people in for depositions and to compel discovery and the courts will give the House enormous discretion to compel discovery.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • If all this is true, and we have no reason to believe it is not, WHY ARE THESE TWO CRIMINALS ALLOWED TO WALK FREE ???? There seems to be a problem in our government with prosecuting LIBERALS, You people have No problem with prosecuting President Trump at the drop of a hat, even with absolutely NO evidence, but when a Liberal breaks the law, even if there is ABSOLUTE PROOF BEYOND ANY DOUBT, they are given a FREE PASS, This practice MUST END, Now !!!!! LOCK the biden Criminals UP, FOREVER, and make them pay back every dime that they have STOLEN from US !!!!! Liberal Criminal Hypocrites !!!!

    • So true. More and more evidence coming to light. Read the article about “Lawfare” and how the left/dems/libs use it and how it corrupts the U.S. justice system.

  • They have the bank records, the wire transfers, the e-mails, some confessions, common sense business practices that weren’t used. What more does America need before Garland does his job? A non-partisan special counsel that both sides can trust to reveal the truth would be nice but there isn’t any no partisans in DOJ anymore.

  • Prosecution of the Biden family is long overdue. All must remember that impeachment is not the proper punishment for these crimes. The penalty for Treason is Execution and that is exactly what Joe and members of his family deserve. In addition, we must also remember that any and all participants responsible for hiding Biden family crimes should also be tried for treason and that includes all the corrupt DOJ, FBI, CIA officials and they rest. They also must be held accountable and executed for Treason. Firings and Impeachment is not the proper punishment. In addition, let’s not forget , The Obamas, Clintons, Soros, and all the rest who both knew about these crimes and supported them and who also grew wealthy while serving in office.
    This is the solution for cleaning up the Swamp. Try and Execute every corrupt Democrat who enriched them selves over the years or supported Baseless attempts to overthrow our Government by falsely using taxpayer monies to impeach President Trump while in office, when they all knew they had zero evidence . Any attempt to falsely overthrow a sitting President with no proof in my mind is nothing more than another treasonous act and all involved should be executed for their crime.
    Freeze all corrupt Democrat supporter and Politicians assets. Take the funds and pay for the trials and the executions and pay back the American people for all the monies wasted by the Dems Presidents by giving free handouts to people who didn’t deserve a dime.
    We the American People will have no problem bearing the expense of building the gallows and paying for the rope, even though we’ll need a lot. I chose lynching because they all deserve a painful death for their actions. A firing squad is to fast and less painful!!

    • Right on TJ. We have a country to save. Our Forefathers never gave a thought to risking their lives for our country and those of us that want to preserve it for future generations. We the people need to clean it up, we let it get out of control.

  • Hunter has ZERO credentials for any REAL job so why were all these foreign leaders and companies giving him money and diamonds? Anyone with a working brain (who is not a swamp RAT) knows the obvious answer!! More money going to the other white trash family members!

    • Sorry man!! He has the best credentials in the world ..He is an ‘eefin’ Democrat!! completely above the law like the Clintooooooooooooooooooooons…That is Me and My wife!!

  • At present not a thing being done about it with evidence out and verified. The MSM celebrating the ability to hide Biden and the DNC. This will go down in history as the end of law and order in the USA. Action always speaks louder than words.

  • I knew this before he railroaded himself into office. He is a cheat and a money hungry piece of crap
    that does not deserve to be representing the great USA.

  • “The report also revealed how Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Chinese business partners in 2021, when he was still vice president”

    I believe you got the year wrong. Joe Biden was President in 2021. You need to correct this.

  • The problem is you cannot even select non-partisan special counsel anymore. But Republicans, at least, are trying to move along the law lines. Democrats, on the other hand, always rush to accusatory conclusions without even a shred of real evidence. All President Trump which hunts were half-baked or totally fabricated and hence, all of them were duped. So, Republicans want to get undisputed facts to get Biden indicted for high treason and get him out of the WH office and into jail cell, hopefully.

  • The Bidens, Sorros, Obama’s, the Clinton’s, and G.W. Bush all need to be lead to the Gallows and Hung by the neck until pronounced Dead.
    And force all Communist Democrats to stand and watch while their turn comes next.



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