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The deadliest pandemic in more than a century has claimed the lives of millions. Over 800,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 related symptoms. However, there may be thousands of more deaths created by terrible COVID policy, not the deadly virus itself.

Most of these deaths could have been prevented. Too many people are dying as a result of forced COVID-19 vaccinations. No one can put an accurate count on the thousands of preventable deaths from substance abuse, triggered by Draconian COVID lockdowns.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are seeing an alarming rise in seriously ill patients whose illness has nothing to do with COVID-19. Months upon months of confusion created by government bureaucrats is killing people. People are showing up sicker and sicker.

Recently in California, another person died because of COVID law, not because of the virus. EMS paramedics arrived at a healthcare facility in Southern California. The call was in response to a reported cardiac arrest.

When the EMS team arrived, however, they refused to enter the facility because of California’s cockamamie “COVID-19 laws”. FOX11 Los Angeles obtained the EMS body cam footage from the call. What was revealed is shocking.

Healthcare employees were pleading with the paramedics to come and help the man. “Please come help. He’s having cardiac arrest,” one officer reported. EMS personnel insisted that the man had to be carted outside to be treated.

Rightfully, the healthcare facility staff went into a frenzy. The EMS team could see the man having a heart attack. They still refused him treatment until he was brought outside. They made no effort to save this man.

By the time healthcare workers could wheel the man to where the paramedics demanded he be to secure lifesaving treatment, it was too late. His life was gone. It was yet another reprehensible death, not caused by the COVID-19 virus, but by senseless policies.

The mayor of Rialto, California said the body cam footage was “difficult to watch”. The incident has been reported to Rialto city attorneys. Both paramedics have been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation. They deserve far harsher consequences than this.

According to San Bernardino Emergency Medical Services Authority spokespersons, the paramedics could be liable. EMS responders must perform services unless otherwise blocked by law enforcement because of grave impending danger.

The paramedics cited an April 2020 memo the San Bernardino Fire Chief’s Association. While the memo does say that EMS responders should “request” long-term healthcare patients be brought outside, they must still act if such cannot be accomplished.

In fact, the same memo instructs at least member of the EMS team to enter the facility and interact with the patient. These paramedics did not even adhere to the policy they say is the reason they refused treatment.

A man died unnecessarily. Many people have died because of COVID-19. Because the virus leaked from a Chinese virology lab, virtually every one of these deaths could be deemed unnecessary. However, to allow people to die because of insane COVID laws is negligent.

We can only hope these paramedics face harsh consequences for their stupidity and cowardice. Unfortunately, this poor man is another of the thousands of COVID deaths that really did never have to happen.


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