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After the bombshell was revealed regarding a draft opinion that might overturn Roe v. Wade, there have been more subtle leaks in Washington.

There are currently no other big opinions that are circulating regarding the court case, according to the trickles of information coming out of the court. Roe v. Wade might yet be overturned by a vote of 5-4 or 6-3, much to the dismay of Democrats, as the Supreme Court justices are not showing any signs of changing their minds.

For the time being, we are unable to predict what the Supreme Court will decide, but it is clear from the results of recent polls that the antics of Democrats have turned off many Americans.

According to a survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group, 75.8 percent of American citizens do not endorse the practice of disclosing the addresses of Supreme Court Justices or the practice of protesting at their houses.

It’s not just Republicans that oppose the tantrum being thrown by the left, the poll found that 67% of Democrat voters find the antics unacceptable:

The White House’s view that it’s perfectly fine to protest outside Supreme Court justices’ homes is not shared by a significant majority of Democrats, according to a new Trafalgar poll.


While 76 percent of likely voters said no and 16 percent of respondents said yes, when looking specifically at Democrat voters, 67 said it’s unacceptable to protest in this way. Twenty-one percent of Democrats believe it’s OK to protest at the justices’ private homes.

In addition, the survey discovered that 52 percent of potential voters believed that the decision made by the White House to not denounce the protests was inappropriate and could lead to more acts of violence.

Because the Democrats want to talk about abortion and make it their primary issue heading into the election in November, this is a terrible blow to them. Instead, they are going to be forced to discuss inflation, which is the last thing on their list of things they want to do.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This is what happens when you elect a criminal to POTUS. We used to have a real two party system known as Republicans and Democrats. Now this has changed to Republicans and Terrorists. This is the God’s honest truth and yes, some Republicans are even worse than the new Terrorists. We are allowing all of these crimes to happen, not doing a damned thing to stop it and they know it. A know terrorist gets arrested or taken out. Does this happen to our government? NO! They just continue to create more and more crimes against us and we are all suffering for that and the worst is yet to come when you have NO food or money because of these Congress Terrorists! You so-called Patriots are no longer Patriots. You joined the Terrorists!

    • Not all of us yet. DC has an uniparty, mostly, yes, but there are still a FEW patriots in the House & Senate; look at which members are under near constant attack, that’ll tell you who the patriots are, whether they list as D’s or R’s, or some other party designation. Look at voting records, including who is BLOCKING bills you know to be bad for America from being passed. THOSE are the Members who are AMERICANS, not just US citizens!

  • Faithful Dems compartmentalize their “concerns.” The same Dems who do not approve of protesting at Judges homes, and people breaking that law, are thrilled that the Biden admin has thrown away the immigration laws.

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    • True, & like all other defense mechanisms employed, clear evidence that 1 is in the thrall of a mental illness, & in need of psychotherapy, especially when they’re employing more than 1 such device routinely: projecting, deflecting, denial, compartmentalizing, & suppression of truth are common defenses employed by such persons.

  • It really isn’t a matter of what anybody “thinks” — picket the homes of justices, an explicit violation of federal law (Title 18, Section 1507 of the United States Code).

  • Those are some very promising numbers, actually, among voters. That the WH , DoJ, & police are NOT treating those “protestors”as the CRIMINALS they are (the law is on the books, it’s a FELONY!), while treating the protestors they went out of their way to entrap & charge at the Capitol last yr, who were not committing crimes, is not only thoroughly disgusting, it’s criminal behavior on their parts. If your local police set a trap for someone, even who IS committing a crime, they have to get warrants, & can only operate against that 1 person in a specifically outlined way; violate it & they are the ones in trouble! Yet there were no warrants ’til after the fact, all extremely broad & non-specific, & included people just innocently near the bldg, on a particular day, or contacts of people who were there. What this tells any thinking person is that there is no justice in the US, just revenge against a particular group of people who don’t agree with those currently in power! That’s not how a Constitutional Republic operates; it’s how a TYRANNY operates!

    • It is about time that right wingers start protesting outside the homes of POTUS, Pelosi, Schumer et al

  • TRUE! Not very inviting to serious conversation. At least install a means to report or block them.

  • Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is too ignorant to get hurt. The only way corrupt Quid Pro is going to get hurt, is if someone bops Corrupt Quid Pro on the side of the head w/a baseball bat.

  • They are ALL just playing, bait and switch, just like before. Hide the failures and get rich. The American People, are NOT on their mind, we have ALL been left, betrayed and behind! With all the Fake News, and the stolen election, was their first BIG step, in their Communist selection.

  • If bad behavior is not dealt with properly & promptly, it will be repeated. Often, although not always, it’s a cry for someone to love the perpetrator enough to stop him doing such things, but in all cases it’s a test for how much evil can be gotten away with, before the hammer drops!

  • Treasonous Demo☭rats must …NEVER be allowed to run for, or hold elected office …EVER AGAIN!

  • The problem is most of us are too busy making a living to take time off to protest. We will wait for the elections to make our mark. Hopefully the republicans have managed to put a stop to the illegal voting activity.



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